Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I confess to be nervous and consequently a tad (okay, Mr. D, MORE than a tad) bitchy this morning as I fretted over a radio interview about my book. Happily, it turned out okay and now I'm my regular pleasant self once more. Now I can focus my fretting on tomorrow night's book launch party. (7:00 Encore Room, UWSP)

The whole experience so far has been great--the people at Cornerstone are lovely to work with, supportive and creative. Tomorrow I'll actually hold the book in my hands. People will get to read my work and react to it. Today is like intermission for me, before the second half begins. I think I'll go hang out in the lobby and eat Dots and drink cherry Coke.

Two of the Bumble Book Club gals are coming to Stevens Point with me tomorrow night--my very own posse, my homegirls. I'm glad to have company on the ride, really glad. Buried inside of me is a shy girl who flinches at the very suggestion of going it alone in a room full of strangers. Oh, and just like the main character in Whipped, Not Beaten, my face is breaking out in honor of this special occasion.

I spent yesterday churning out baked goods in my kitchen and tonight Mr. B and I have a karate test--self defense for both of us, an open hand complex for me. I'm reading a book by James Brady, who is like a more modern PG Wodehouse--how have I not heard of him before? And why aren't you all reading him?

In other news, my good bloggy pal and co-Eco-Warrior Jen on the Edge is launching her own huge writing career--check it out! Tell me, does she NOT look adorable next to Bubbles in that picture???


  1. you? bitchy??

    c'mon....I highly doubt you can take the excitement of your new book and ever have stress about it!

    that is so very exciting, and I have seriously no excuse why I haven't been over here to say hello....none at all....

  2. It's just all so freaking exciting!!!! I wish I could go to your book launch. I would LOVE to be there!
    I know it is nerve wracking, but in a really good way. Enjoy every minute!

  3. Oh look, you got comment spammed! That means you're really important. How very exciting. Enjoy every minute of it, break-outs or not.

  4. Wish I could've heard you on the air!

    Glad your friends will have your back. I'm an introvert, so it definitely would make me nervous too!

  5. Way to go Sister Green Girl!!!
    Break a leg!

  6. Soo cool you're a big time author now. WHAT does that feel like?? :)

  7. Per H., Cornerstone PressDecember 14, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    A quick note for you and your readers from all of us here at Cornerstone Press, your loyal publisher:

    I thought you might like to know that we will be going to pick up boxes of your book from the printer later this afternoon. Very excited to see how it turned out! Also very excited to see you at the launch tomorrow and put a copy of said book into your hands. Congratulations, Green Girl in Wisconsin!

    Now, quit procrastinating by reading comments on your own blog and get to work on your comments and reading for tomorrow night! A crowd awaits, eager to hear your every word... but no pressure or anything!

  8. Those kinds of social situations make me very uncomfortable as well, but between having two friends with you, and being the guest of honor, I'll bet it will turn out to be very enjoyable.

    What a great Christmas present it is, having your book published just now!

  9. What an exciting accomplishment. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU. I hope you and your posse have a magical evening. Congratulations, my friend!

  10. Good luck! I'm sure it will all go just great. :)

  11. "...I confess to be nervous and consequently a tad (okay, Mr. D, MORE than a tad) bitchy this morning as I fretted over a radio interview about my book. Happily, it turned out okay and now I'm my regular pleasant self once more..."

    ...and your tenses are all over the place...
    :::HUGS and MORE HUGS!!::

    it's okay though, I'm an editor, but I'm not your editor *HA&winks
    Greenie, I am euphoric for you. You have nabbed the brass ring, girrrl you got the rabbit in the HAT!!

  12. holding your hand here in North Dakota, have a great time at the book signing. you will do wonderfully.

  13. wish I could have heard you on the radio.

  14. I'm really excited about your launch. I wish I could be there in person.

  15. I wish I could be at the book party, but I have to go to the Grand daughters Christmas programs. I can't wait to see and read your book. Good Luck tomorrow.

  16. All the nerves let you know it is real. What a rush it will be. Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  17. Your book launch! Woo-hoo!!!!! Congratulations. That's so exciting for you.
    Have a BLAST!
    xo jj

  18. I wish I could have heard you on the radio. I'm sure sure you were great.

    And I also wish I could be up there with you for the launch of your book, but will just have to satisfy myself with reading it as soon as it arrives.

    And thank you for the link to me, which is quite unexpected and lovely.

  19. Okay, so sometimes things get to a girl. I'm just impressed that you're juggling Book Launch, Holidays, AND testing in Karate.

  20. All right, you've encouraged me. It's time to nudge "Chuck" into finishing our book proposal. School or no school, play-offs or none, we need to get this off thr ground.


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