Monday, December 5, 2011

many good things

We got a tree--not the biggest tree, not the most expensive tree, but a fragrant, tall-ish, full tree that hasn't tipped over. Without a single curse word or snappish tone the tree got lit and decorated. Bing Crosby and Andy Williams crooned over the stereo, we sang along (in our tuneless way) and hung ornaments. The children discussed how excited they were for Christmas. All the lights worked when we plugged them in. Nothing broke. No one fought. When we finished, I realized that with the help of my entire family the ornaments were decently spaced. I didn't feel the urge to reorganize the boys' decorating. It couldn't have gone more smoothly and I am thankful for that. Christmas is so much better when kids are older.

Mr. T is playing basketball. Mr. T is playing basketball. That's such a strange thing that I must type it twice. He's loath to play team sports and quit YMCA league in 1st grade. This year he was again invited to play for his school's team and he agreed. Poor boy doesn't have much of a clue about the game, looks pretty dazed out there during games, but he's gradually catching on and gaining confidence. He loves going to practice, really tries hard. Well, this week he made his first basket during a game AND got his first foul. He rebounds pretty well and his team took first in a local tournament. He's never won anything before. The triumphant feeling still lingers. Also? He keeps talking about going out for track in the spring because he really likes to run and has good speed.

Mr. T and I went to the town's Christmas parade Saturday night after the basketball tournament. It was a nice parade, full of happy people, clever floats and lots of fire trucks. We greeted many people by name, a good, friendly evening. And the rain stopped for the parade.

The boys are revved up for St. Nicholas Eve, which is tonight. Because we live in a heavily Dutch-populated area, we participate in the tradition of setting out stockings for treats. Little treats. Mostly chocolate-flavored treats.

Because of this, that and the other we haven't been going to karate classes. I was very thankful to hit mitts with a tough partner Saturday and work up a sweat.

Mr. B started basketball, which is totally within character for him, so I shall only type it once. He's always happiest when his day involves other guys and a ball of any sort.

Mr. G went to a fantastic birthday party for a friend who is an only child and therefore gets to have the sort of party that no one with siblings would get to have.

The Packers are still on their streak.

The Badgers got retribution.

I saw a skunk by our driveway and Jax never tangled with it.

There are leftovers in the fridge for tonight's supper.

I'm finally reading The Help and it's pretty good.

Spill it, reader. What good things happened over your weekend?


  1. Breakfast with Santa went well...noone was scared and Birdie kept going back for more hugs and waving.

    Mr. Man slept in his crib last more basinet. The boy slept well..Mumma kept listening for him and was very lonesome for him...even though he was right across the hall.

    Kitty totally gets the Nativity story. I told it to her while we set up the Nativity and she asked such great questions.

    Farmer brought home ice cream last night, without prompting or hinting...all on his own accord. Awesome.

    I bought myself a pair of skinny jeans and a long sweater to wear with my new boots and new makeup look. I'm feeling pretty mod...just wait until i get my haircut on won't be able to recognize me! :)

  2. We didn't do much...stayed at home by the fireplace, mostly! I read 2 books, The Marriage Plot and I am Half-Sick of Shadows. I love the library!

  3. Awesome basketball news :) And a tree that doesn't fall over?!? They make such a thing?

    My sister went to college in Grand Rapids..her whole dorm set out their little wooden shoes one night for St. Nicolas Eve...not being of Dutch decent, she set out her nikes ;)

    This weekend was a whole lot of needed nothing! More bags to go to the thrift, Santa rode into town on the Rescue Truck, and an entire day of football with Pizza (today, I'm swollen and crabby..dang carbs!)

  4. We got snow! And because you would understand my northern love of snow (yet my southern desire that it melt the next day) these are the pictures I posted:

    We got more help from our son, home from college, in putting up the tree than ever when he was at home.

    Ho, ho, ho, let it snow (today only) :)

  5. Got a copy of "The Help" and can't put it down. Which would be fine if I weren't in the middle of Christmas projects. I try to dole out the chapters so everything will get finished; perhaps I could use a little "Help" myself?

    In spite of no job and miscellaneous problematic events, I feel rather hopeful this December, like seeing the sun peek out after a storm.

    I find that seeing my children happy and doing well (and another grandbaby on the way) is pretty tasty tonic.

    Thanks for asking!

  6. Well... I'm sitting in the ER with Ron so can't say much good going on at this particular minute.

  7. I so agree about Christmas being easier with older kids. I pretty much let Emma do all the decorating now --she loves to do it, has boundless energy, and does a really good job. She decorated the mantel and put up our stockings this weekend.

    We enjoyed our little town's Christmas parade Saturday evening. It stopped raining in time for us to decide to attend, then started again about 1/3 of the way in. We all came home soaked, but changing into dry clothes and enjoying hot chocolate (or warm Kahlua & cream, depending on your age) makes getting soaked seem totally worth it.

  8. The tree is up, and the cats haven't knocked it down yet; though the dogs have mistaken the tree skirt for a comfy pet blanket.

    The Office Holiday Party was Saturday and not one of the attendees got drunk and loud. Amen.

    I'm with you on the, "Yay!" for Big Kids and Christmas. They're helpful and rarely break things or blab about presents.

  9. Glad your weekend was good. Ours was too. Ran a 5K with the older girl. We all trekked out to the country to cut our tree. We took a family walk yesterday. All in all, it was very nice.

  10. My weekend wasn't exactly exciting or eventful but I enjoyed it. It rained all weekend and I read books and actually ran out of blogs to read. I don't think as many people have been posting this past week. And then this morning everything was covered in about 3 inches of snow--so beautiful! The first thing I did was drive around in my car covered with snow taking photos of the trees.

    It seems to be easier for kids to grow up in small towns. I hope Mr. T stays with team sports. My son excelled at skateboarding and BMX racing but never was any good at team sports and I think that left him out of many good things for a few years.

  11. That school has been a blessing for Mr T in so many ways!

    I got taken out for dinner twice by Mr Sunshine and Sorority Girl decorated the Christmas tree.

  12. I made bird seed ornaments with my aunt and my cousin. It was fun and they turned out lovely. Hope the birds like them too...

  13. My daughter was neither sold into white slavery nor dismembered by a serial killer.

  14. I am so with you that Christmas is easier and more fun when the kids are older. We put up our tree, and for once I didn't hate it.

    Our weekend held two parties on Friday night--one a drudge at a colleague's house, followed by a gathering of five neighborhood families, which is the part of the evening we enjoyed. Saturday, we went out with two other couples for dinner at a brewery followed by Martha Marcy May Marlene. Thanks for asking!

  15. Good for Mr. T, and how fun that he made his first basket in a winning game! Basketball is a super sport to learn to play because you can find pickup games all over the place, even around the world :-)

    This weekend the kids and I spent an hour one evening singing songs to candle light. It was really relaxing and fun.

  16. We didn't do much, either. I watched the Packers win - again - at a friend's house, and I found out I'm not the only one (by a long shot) that gets loud during a game.


Spill it, reader.