Friday, January 6, 2012

all the news that's fit to print

The last bits of snow will melt today and it felt like spring last night when I stepped outside. I don't recall ever having such a dry winter. Perhaps this will help ease the flooding in our woods.
Speaking of our woods, because of a highway project way over in Green Bay, about 60 acres of wetlands will be re-created in the farm field adjacent to our property. I can hardly wait--the wildlife will be wonderful! There is some speculation that it will create more flooding, but I don't see how--the field had drain tile and pumps forcing acres of water to flow to the creek behind our house. If you remove the drain tile and pumps, the water won't flow to the creek at the same speed and actually seep into this low-lying area the way God and nature intended. Now, this doesn't mean I fully approve of "wetland mitigation" projects, but I'm happy to benefit from some state money over in my end of Wisconsin.
On the wildlife front, I watched a small flock of turkeys this morning out of my back window while doing yoga. At first glance they looked like stumps or small trees, but they began moving. With the right rubber boots, it's a glorious time to tromp around out there.
In the dojo we've got a new assignment: create an original form. I confess to being kind of geeked out by this. I have my song selection narrowed down and I'm going to do a bo staff/open hand combo. It has to be 2 minutes minimum, but I figure with the light show and pyrotechnics mine will go closer to 4. KIDDING! Though it is tempting to incorporate as many elements as possible to distract from myself. I've been watching You Tube videos of bo staff forms and taught myself a couple nifty new tricks.
I also rolled my damn ankle again last night while sparring AND took a blasting kick to my face. Fortunately my face mask blocked most of the impact, but my chin is still tender--like a zit about to pop. I think a bit of make up will cover up the redness all right.
Book sales continue to be steady and yesterday I got to look at the press release from UWSP. They're kicking off an alumni book club and Whipped, Not Beaten is their first read. Among the events, a "Meet the Author" at the University book store. I haven't had so many excuses to dress up since I was interviewing for jobs after college!
Last night Mr. T told me I didn't need to tuck him in anymore. My role is reduced to opening his door and saying "good night." This means poor Mr. G gets doted on more than ever with hugs and cuddling and stories. Somewhere in the middle Mr. B takes a hug or two. Sunrise, sunset...
Speaking of sunrises, the days are lengthening and we have a little peek of sunshine by 7:00 now. The longer days boost my spirits.
I'm halfway through The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and it's making me melancholy. I need to find something else to temper it--but what?
Spill it, reader. What happy/funny/light reading can you recommend?


  1. Huh. Just realizing that the only funny reading around here over the past couple of months was your book along with the ramblings of Skater Girl. I'll be waiting to see the suggestions!

  2. Ugh, my light reading right now is Primal BluePrint...kind of blah, so far having a really hard time connecting it from eyes to brain. Oh well, can't wait to dive into Whipped, Not Beaten!!! (my total treat for making it through all of this!)

  3. I just read Nancy Mitford's "Christmas Pudding". Not only is it a tasty treat - light and funny - but it is also very well written.

    And just in case you haven't read it yet, "Cold Comfort Farm" will also do the trick to cheer you up in no time!

  4. I am concerned that December was so dry at our home here in California; can you think drought? I like that you will have a restored wetland near your home; all those water birds, turtles, etc.
    Try "In the Company of Others" by Jan Karon, very upbeat as Father Tim and Cynthia visit the Irish countryside.

  5. Ooooo! How exciting about your book! I am just thrilled for you! :)

    I am LOVING this warm, dry weather. So odd. But I love it! Although I know it is wreaking havoc of some businesses. :(

  6. For light reading I've always liked Louis L'Amour's books. I think I was reading Tijuana Straits by Kem Nunn at the same time I read McCullers.
    The wetlands sound like they will be fun for watching wildlife, but the weather is getting a bit worrisome with no rain. Watch. Now it will rain and I'll be whining away.

  7. I read The Heart of the Lonely Hunter in high school and loved it so dearly.

    Ouch, hope your ankle heals quickly!

    That is so SO cool about the wetlands!

  8. I'm loving the dry winter. I hope we don't pay for it with a wet summer.

    I got a Kindle Fire and 'borrowed' The Wedding Gift just to see how I like reading on it. It takes place at the end of slavery and its pretty depressing. I guess I'm still reading it hoping they get free.

  9. This cool weather is what gets me in the mood for a afternoon snuggled up to a good book. On that note...where can I order yours?

    Sweet wishes,

  10. I'm working on this really good book called "Whipped, Not Beaten."

    Oh wait, you've probably already read that.

    Okay, I'm also reading a seriously fun and gossipy history of MTV.

  11. I don't know if I can wait for your book to come out on Kindle. I might need to order it sooner.

    I'm reading Red Hook Road. Good but definately not light. It's about two families connected by a sad event and how they all deal with it.

  12. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Explosive Eighteen. Her first Stephanie Plum is coming out as a movie which I'm hoping does the book justice.

  13. You were my light reading--now it's back to heavy stuff for a few books.

  14. ANYTHING by Jennifer Crusie! I long for new books from her like a lover longs just one more sweet kiss. Her books are light, funny, sweet, and romantic and I love them all.

  15. Our weather is weird too. What little snow we have is just patches here and there. I'm ready to pull out my kayaks and head to the lake.

    And a bittersweet "awww" about Mr. T not needing to be tucked in. They grow up so darn fast.

  16. Ok I read this and wondered why the turkeys were doing Yes I know where is your head Jo-Anne I had to read it again to get it silly girl I am........

  17. Reading... That's where you sit down in a quiet place and make mind-pictures out of words, right? I remember that...

    I'd go with Hints from Heloise, from the early 1960's.


Spill it, reader.