Wednesday, January 18, 2012


* clean, crisp, clear day outside--I do love a sunny winter day.
* at last some snow cover! (my perennials are safe)
* a huge pot of pea soup
* a happy dog gnawing on the ham bone
* a blueberry muffin cake!
* the finishing touches on my kitchen
* awesome volunteers working with me on Tuesday nights at church
* funny children
* Mr. B's obsession with the Vietnam War--he keeps bringing home books and regaling me with a myriad of facts like how many people died in the NRV in 1968 and so forth
* Mr. G vacuuming his crumbs, then going on to vacuum the entire room!
* a dentist visit where he tells me, "everything looks great"
* drivers who let you merge in traffic
* starting the day with a cup of coffee and Mr. D
* all 3 boys making it to the bus stop on time

Spill it, reader. What's good in your world today?


  1. I'm working on a low-fat sugar-free Black Bottom Cheesecake recipe.
    Just thinking about it makes me smile.

  2. + My son didn't have to go to school so early today and he didn't have to carry as much stuff!
    + Half of a delicious breakfast burrito.
    + Found Doctor Who season 6 disks on Netflix!

  3. Ordered--and received--fabric to recover the loose pillow backs on my couches. One is sea blue zigzag, the other a multicolor print, that coordinate with a wonderful piece of art I found last year. I'm looking forward to sewing them--but they'll have to look perfect (zippers: yikes!), so that's a little daunting...They will really change the look and feel of my living room!

  4. Sounds like a cozy, productive, full, ordinary day! The best. :)

  5. That reminds me.... I need to get some soup bones.

    It's -50.8 here with the wind chill today. I'm editing photos. Can't complain.

  6. and my fireplace!

    It's cold here!!!

    Have a fantastically blessed day sweetie!!! :o)

  7. Hello:
    What is true about your list is that there is so much goodness in our everyday lives, much of which we take for granted. Life's simple pleasures are gifts to be treasured and it is good to be reminded of this from time to time.

  8. still being in my jammies doing housework :)
    that totally makes me happy !!

    and man did our packers get a whooping or what on sunday :(

  9. Good in my world:

    A fabulous run up and down a small mountain this morning.

    The completion (FINALLY!) of the 7th grade science project.

    Finally diving into a major clean up/purge of the toy room, which will soon be transformed into the Teens' Rec Room.

  10. Kitty ate an entire brat for supper...we had to call it a hot dog, but she ate it! Hooray! Another food she'll eat!

    Bird doesn't have an earache like we thought....just teething her molars.

    New students on Monday...can't come fast enough.

    Baby Boy is sleeping cuddled up on my chest right now. I love feeling his breath on my neck. :)

  11. Coworkers once again reinforced that they love me. I think (hope, pray) that my job is safe - for now.
    Happiness is also knowing that twice the number of signatures were collected toward the recall movement. You know what I mean.

  12. Youngest Daughter got her braces removed! ! !

  13. My favourite soup is pea and ham soup I love it........I had a great day doing not much of anything.....

  14. My husband coming home from Atlanta :)

  15. I hope you will show us pictures of you kitchen!

    What was good in my world on Wednesday is that the unit I "built" received its first stem cell transplant patient this week and nothing too awful happened--a few glitches, which are to be expected, but I don't think the patient was ever aware of the chaos behind the scenes.

  16. *Waking up on time despite staying up late to listen to Middle Child's news of the day.
    *Having tonight's dinner prepped and waiting in the fridge before breakfast.
    *Opening the front door to really see this morning's astounding sunrise.

  17. Ooo! That's all good stuff!

    I made chicken soup yesterday and I'm looking forward to eating some now.


Spill it, reader.