Wednesday, January 4, 2012

signed, sealed (by a notary public), delivered

True story: until about 8 years ago I thought "notary public" was a "note republic," which made sense in my mind since it involved stamping written documents, i.e. "notes" and we do live in a "republic" of sorts, according to my son's social studies textbook. If you ask me, "notary public" is a dumb looking phrase anyway. But I'm also someone who sung the lyrics to "Blinded by the Light" in a douche-y kind of way, so there you go.

What did I get stamped/sealed/authorized by a notary public? My paperwork making me an official candidate for school board. I'm making a run for public office this spring. I've put my money where my big mouth is. Well, actually I haven't put down any money. In fact, I left the form about campaign finance blank because will not accept any PAC contributions (unless Mr. Colbert wants to spring for some 7-course meals for my supporters). I won't be the candidate who sells out to special interests. I plan to run a clean campaign, no smearing the opposition, no mudslinging, just plain old stating my position on the issues so people know I'm really the best person for the job. (Actually, I barely know the 2 guys running for the seat, so I'd be hard pressed to say ANYTHING about them at all, other than one seems nice and helps coach...)

"All in," that's my motto for 2012. No more fretting and sweating on the sidelines (except at baseball games--I have no business rushing out on the field OR into the dugout. They can hear me fine from my spot in the bleachers). I'm not going to wish and kvetch this year, I'm going to push up my sleeves and twist back my hair and GET THINGS DONE. Our school district needs a little (okay, A LOT) of redirection. I'll get a seat on the board so I can spread around my awesome ideas.

That new motto also means my kitchen is about to get a makeover. It's blah and depressing. Not by the end of this month though! Stay tuned for a BIG REVEAL at the end of January.

I've got books to edit, a garden to fence, trees to plant, children to nurture and recipes to try. "All in" means less thinking and more doing. This means I'll need lot of energy to live up to 2012's motto, so I'm ramping up my cardio and spending more time praying. And I might start drinking more coffee, too.

"All in." Spill it, reader. What's 2012 going to look like for you?


  1. You're making me tired. :-)

    I think it's great that you're running for your school board --goodness knows we need sane people who value education on school boards. I can't vote for you, but I'll wish you lots of luck!

    BTW, I still sing "electric boobs" instead of "electric boots" to the Elton John song Bennie and the Jets.

  2. It's so good to hear you're running for the school board so you can do something and make change happen for the good. From what I hear politics can be a nasty game on any level but I hope it doesn't get so for you.

  3. Just reading everything that you do makes me feel exhausted. But it also makes me feel inspired! I am not always the most efficient with my time. Perhaps I can take a page out of your book and get more accomplished!

    I'd vote for you if I lived in your school district.

  4. That's a pretty high standard. I agree that decaf is for wimps, but I've decided to take the leap in any case.

  5. Good for you!! This year my motto is "focus, don't fritter".

  6. School Board? Really? Yay!

    I'm All in, but it's largely in a supporting role. Taking stock of What I Do, it's generally just making sure everyone else is equipped to be All in with whatever it is they do.

  7. good for you. I served our local school board for 2 terms a number of years ago. will this be the public school board? or the parochial school board your team goes to? here in this rural area the electioneering consists of an interview by the local newspaper person. of course the school district from k-12 only has 140 students, so not a huge population.

    have a good time, and don't stress out about the kitchen too much.

    he he, on another note, I am a Notary Public. and I agree it is an odd name.

  8. That's a huge decision to make and I'm excited that you're giving it a go.

    I'm not sure yet what my theme for 2012 is. I've been pondering it, but have reached no definite decisions.

  9. Go, you! 'All in' is a fantastic motto - I love it!

    I agree that 'notary public' is an odd, awkward title. Seems to me that 'notary' is all that's needed.

    I quit my job on 12/30 and will begin my adventure as a mid-life, full-time college student in 5 days. I am equally excited and scared at the moment!

  10. One day at a time. No expectations. Just do the best I can every day. If that means the best I can do is stay in bed, so be it.

  11. school board, eh? congrats and good luck!

    i did that one year. there were tons of people running and i knew that i'd be hard-pressed to win. lol i was correct.

  12. Great to be all in. That means no buyers remorse, right? :)

  13. Wow, impressed by your motivation. You go girl! I'll be watching for your acceptance speech. I'm still ruminating what 2012 will be all about but coffee will definately be involved.

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  15. Good luck on your kitchen! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Truth, I've been toting with the idea of running for the school board here as well. I think I'll start planning so I'll be prepared for the next round of elections. You're right, it's time to be heard.

    I'm all in for recycling now. The only thing I don't do is compost and I finally got a composter for Christmas, I was so pumped! Maybe Green Girl could give a little startup tutorial for newbies? Plus, can I start in the middle of winter or will it just freeze?? I guess I need to do some research.

    Happy New Year and good luck with your campaign!!

  16. Good luck with the school board election! I know you'd be an asset to your community's school system.

    I hope you will post before/after pictures of your kitchen. :)

  17. I like it! Still thinking of one for my 2012...

  18. It sounds exhausting. Politics, in any form, is exhausting to me. A bunch of big heads in a room not listening to anyone else. It's depressing. I give you so much credit for throwing your hat in the ring and trying to make people listen. Not giving up. Go you! :)

    I'm still trying to decide what 2012 will look like. Apparently procrastination in high up on my list. ;)


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