Thursday, January 12, 2012

still more fabulous this week!

The painter is in my kitchen (I totally wanted to make you all think I'm painting my own kitchen, but there's this wicked high ceiling and let's face it, some rooms require professional work--see: any room with vaulted/cathedral ceilings) and a blizzard is upon us. Last night J, our painter, called and told me "I'll be there tomorrow morning at 7:30." In the last 12 hours I've rushed and bought the paint, tore apart my kitchen, unscrewed about 70-zillion switchplate/outlet covers and assured Mr. G that no, we're not moving. We're only painting the kitchen. This, on top of our regularly scheduled programming.

Meanwhile, the comment box cracked me up--but you all mostly knew my fave BFF's from fiction:



And many of you have dropped by Jen's to enter her book giveaway.

But WAIT! There's MORE!

Kat over at Seeking Sanity--Brave, Fellow Cheesehead, Fellow Packer-loving, Kat who has 3 gorgeous boys and an adorable little girl, Kat who Jayne (my neighbor gal) and I would lovelovelove to meet (seriously, I need to host a Wisconsin blogger get-together, one with brats, beer, cheese and some kringle...), Kat whose blog I've been reading for years now--you know, that Kat, is giving away a copy of Whipped, Not Beaten.

I feel so darn lucky to have such sweet friends.

And I'm floating on all the lovely reviews people are giving Whipped, Not Beaten.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hot date with a snow shovel.


  1. wow - you are so blessed... snow, a painter, and great friends. hehehe!

    you know i have to go enter there, too.

    loved nancy drew books, too.

  2. So many giveaways! Congrats on the great reception. I hope I win one!

  3. Neither daughter liked the Nancy Drew series, but they dislike Jane Austen, too. (This indicates a general literary lapse on their part.) I'm not even going to offer them a copy of Whipped, Not Beaten until they demonstrate better taste- and are both old enough to read through certain situations not found in Keene or Austen.

  4. the freshly painted kitchen sounds wonderful. i can't wait to read your book!

  5. A Wisconsin Bloggers Meet-up? I'll bring the coffee! Or maybe the beer. Depends on the season.

    As for novels, I idolized Jo March of Little Women. My husband is still trying to figure out why I had so many guy friends when I was young. I blame it on Jo.

  6. I'd love love love to meet Kat. Let me know when the WI gathering is! :)

    Throw me the name of your painter...I want my kitchen and living rooms painted and my Mr. Fix It doesn't want to do it.

  7. those are my favorite books, too. and GREENSLEEVES, and WITCH OF THE GLENS.

    are you really having a blizzard? how did it miss us again? i am craving snow.

  8. I cannot believe I didn't get Anne of Green Gables.

    My house is due for a whole-house repainting . . . which will happen in about 5 years when the last kid is done with college!

  9. Oh I'm hoping to read WNB this three day weekend. Finding time is the magic spell I need. . . just about now.

  10. Congrats on the book and the fresh, new kitchen! Where might I be able to purchase a copy (of the book, not the kitchen---LOL)?

  11. I sort of like the Hardy Boys the best, but only because I saw a few tv episodes & got attracted to Parker Stevenson.
    I was lame, I know. ~Mary

  12. And then, there were the Bobbsey Twins, my favorite. Sounds like things are moving along for you Melissa. Right on!

  13. I know, we should really get together. This is getting ridiculous! ;)


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