Monday, January 9, 2012

things that make me peevish (in run-on sentences)

Saturday I was flipping through TV stations and got briefly sucked into Braveheart on Bravo and I found myself really pissed off at Mel Gibson for wrecking some great movies because now every time I see him I don't see a former sexiest man alive/awesome actor, I see CRAZYCRAZYLUNATICMAN and it makes me a little sad, too.

Twice in a month I've gone to church (and to appreciate this story you must know the average service holds 800 people), I've sat on both sides of the sanctuary in front of the exact same two women who carry on a conversation in regular volume--all through the worship, all through the offering, all through communion, up until the sermon begins and I think they're mother/daughter and I'm trying not to be distracted by them but I am and then the one lady chews gum with her mouth open as soon as the preaching starts (after taking 5 minutes to unwrap it from endless layers of cellophane) and I want to turn around and punch them both for not taking a social cue from the rest of the 778 people sitting quietly or singing (including small children, for Pete's sake)--it took all my willpower not to turn around and ask them to exchange phone numbers so they could talk as they wish in a more appropriate place.

Once a week I want to watch TV, just one show, never twice a week or more, Sons of Anarchy is over for now and last night Downton Abbey started up again and I had Team Testosterone tucked in well before 8:00 and besides it's a school night, so I'm trying to kick it in my living room and watch this glorious Public Television programming and don't you know all three of the little twerps are popping out of bed and fighting and generally driving me up a wall and Mr. D's hidden away in our room watching football so I had to deal with them (he had offered to watch football in the living room but I chose the spot--comfy chair, you know) and for the love of all things holy, can't a lady just watch a freaking 2 hours of uninterrupted TV once a week when she lets you play hours of video games and watch hours of Disney Channel/Animal Planet/PBS Kids and hardly gets in your face except to call you to supper?

Spill it, reader. You can run on and on in the comment box. What makes you peevish?

(seriously, try the run-on sentences. it feels exhilarating to rant that way.)


  1. I'm not up for a rant of my own, but I have a plan for next Sunday.
    Whomever leaves you alone from 9 to 11pm gets an ice cream sundae.
    Got it?

  2. I love my husband dearly. Really, I do. So much so I am even working on market research project for him. He knows I cannot work in a messy environment. Being the eternal procrastinator, my house is cleanest when I need to get something done. And this project needs to get done. So what does he do? He rearranges the living room, leaving behind utter chaos, and tells me to be strong and look past it. He couldn't have put it back together? Even just a little bit?

    And I so hear you on Mel Gibson. What a waste...

  3. Well, today I'm peeved at myself. I am scheduled to take a trip to Oklahoma this week to visit my best friend. I'm peeved that even though I have not been away from my family for even one night in about four years I still feel guilty for going (and spending the money to go). And I am peeved at myself for worrying about leaving my children or possibly dying in a plane crash and leaving my children motherless.
    I'm crazy.


    And yes. Both the Mel Gibson thing and the talking in church make me peevish too. And the children getting out of bed, for that matter. ;)

  4. I love the word "peevish".

    I am peeved at an under-educated community spouting inaccurate, badly spelled, grammatically incorrect, rhetoric borrowed from the Tea Party that makes it hard for me to concentrate on the normally enjoyable task of prepping classes for the new semester.

  5. There's no way I could have kept sitting in front of the church ladies. What I've done before in similar situations is got up and moved and hoped they didn't like it.

    Since I haven't ventured out of the house yet, I have no rant. Maybe catch me this evening. :)

  6. Hahahaha. Wow, all of this I so get. Except for maybe the kids, but I can imagine (I do have 9 sobrinos after all).

  7. ahhh yes, the talking in church thing. there is a gal in our choir. who has a motor mouth, we have to continually remind her that there is a microphone, and just maybe the rest of the church can hear her. once she even leaned over to ask me a question while we were singing the Gloria.
    This morning during a funeral, I felt so embarrassed as there were choir members from a neighboring church who came over to help us sing and she couldn't stop talking.
    i have actually more then once turned around and glared at her. but felt guilty doing it.

  8. Peevish = one hour in the pediatrician's office when you have an appointment before you even get seen. Could be worse. At least we got in.

    I know what you mean about a little peace and quiet without interruptions.

  9. The talking at inappropriate times things drives me NUTS. Absolutely bonkers. And I would have totally turned around and given them THE LOOK the first time, followed shortly thereafter by a verbal request.

    I think that Blackbird's idea is pure genius.

  10. I'm right there with you on the Mel Gibson thing!! He is a raving lunatic in my mind now.....and I know this sounds crazy...but it has been completely peeving me lately that my family does not shove the stuff down the disposal in our kitchen sink....they just dump it there. Who do they think shoves it down and turns on the switch???? The disposal fairy???!

  11. When you're waiting at a crosswalk, at a light and there are cars lined up to make a right turn and you just KNOW they're going to try to turn as soon as you get the walk signal and none of them will let you get across the street even though STATE LAW, which is even posted on a SIGN above the intersection says that the pedestrian has the right of way over turning traffic. That makes me very, very peevish.

  12. I cannot stand walking behind people who walk slower than me. Even if I have the boys with me and they see someone walking slow, they know we're going around them without me even telling them. Maybe I'm teaching them to be fast walkers too.

  13. There's a Big School Board Meeting tonight. Recall Walker petitions are due Friday.

    'Nuff said. No run-ons, sorry.

  14. I'm trying to stay out of my rantypants. They were getting a little too comfortable. Those run-ons do make for ample opportunity to really drive a point all the way home though.

  15. My peeves weren't coming to mind so I decided to ask the boys if they could name any of my peeves. They began spouting off like a water fountain. I've been waiting for Downton Abbey but might keep waiting so I can watch them all at the end of the season.

  16. When the kids were little, Sunday night was our TV night--Sex and The City, Sopranos, etc. and they knew we would NOT be happy if they got out of bed.

    I'm not really peeved today!

  17. I just spent the day at Universal Studios/Islands Of Adventure/Harry Potter so I'm not at all peeved today.

    Those church ladies would have gotten multiple, hefty doses of my death stare

  18. I love everyone's rants and peeves expressed here! I have written before about NOISES during music concerts. I have no shame anymore and will turn around and tell people to be quiet. Glares don't usually work.

    What makes me peevish this week is how people who have been given instructions for how to register for an event, which involves writing down the information on a piece of paper or on a web form or in an e-mail and sending it to me, but they IGNORE these instructions and tell me in person and then expect me to remember who said what and what odd time they are planning to arrive which is not the usual arrival time and all their special requests and then three months later they say, "But we talked about this" as if I am some kind of memory bot.

    That was run-on, but I don't think it was a sentence.

    Thank you. I feel much better.

  19. People who talk in church really piss me off, and children who want to wonder out and interupt my tv watching are so frustrating........

  20. Bad drivers who steal my right of way.
    And other more personal peeves which I cannot discuss on a shared computer.

  21. People who repeat themselves EXACTLY the same way when you say, "excuse me?" Because I couldn't understand them the first time. And now you do it again. And I can't understand AGAIN. RANT!!!!!!


Spill it, reader.