Thursday, February 2, 2012

about the girls, groundhogs & giants

not those girls, Stacy and Clinton. Though, were I to write about my girls today, I'd tell everyone I'd prefer Planned Parenthood's help over Susan G. Komen's if I needed to screen them for cancer. But don't fret, those girls are fine--I had them grammed a few months ago and according to the radiologist, they looked normal. Normal in a non-surgically enhanced way. Normal-normal, not Hollywood normal.

But I digress.

I want to tell you about the girls. A few months ago Mr. D bought a couple dozen pheasants to plant on our land. A couple weeks ago I began seeing tracks in the snow--all around the house, on the front porch, behind Jax's kennel, through the fence and out the other side. Thanks to my extensive tracking experience, I knew the tracks were pheasant, not turkey or morning dove, grouse or goldfinch. And the tracks were side-by-side--two pheasants were strolling around our property. A couple days later I started to see them quite regularly:

Hanging out beneath the bird feeder, eating whatever the cardinals, jays, sparrows and wrens knocked down. These two dames are back there all the time. Once in a while Jax passes by and they notice him (who can't--big black shaggy beast on white snow)--they eyeball him and take a few steps in the opposite direction.

What kills us is that Jax has never gone after them. Not sure if he sees them (his eyesight isn't what it could be--if I had a buck for every time he came running towards me and slammed into my legs...) or if they're just not interesting to him. But he ignores them and these two broads waddle around our yard, park beneath the feeder and I imagine their chatter. In my mind the two girls have British accents (no reason for this--they're birds raised on a pheasant farm twenty miles north) and they say things like, "You know, love, I'd sure enjoy a nice pile of cracked corn." "Did you see what he was wearing?" "Lovely day, isn't it? Let's take a stroll past the propane tank." "That cardinal--flitting about all day while his wife has to stay home and watch the nest. What a rogue!"

I tell you, nature is so entertaining.

And today it's sunny, so the groundhog saw his shadow. Which means 6 more weeks of winter as opposed to 6 more weeks until spring. You can see from the photos above how our winter has been--mild, dry and warm. Just melting snow clumps and temps in the high 30's all weekend. Under these circumstances, I think I can make it 6 more weeks.

In other news, I bought beer for Sunday's game. Since the Packers choked, I'm cheering for the Giants. My rationale is simple: I cannot stand Tom Brady, I think Peyton Manning is awesome and little brother Eli takes after him, the Giants played with heart and their defense has been phenomenal in the last few games. I think they're going to bring it Sunday.

Spill it, reader. Who will you root for during the SuperBowl?


  1. DOTR is rooting for the Patriots because he went to high school with AND played football (HS and college) with a certain very short, undrafted player who was cut by the Jets and picked up by the Patriots. And our travel baseball teams were the Patriots so we have a bunch of t-shirts. Although we could go either way, since Eli has that Ole Miss connection for J3. And I love the Mannings--I always think they must be a pretty fun family. My favorite commercial ever is the one for ESPN where they are touring the offices with their parents and Peyton kicks Eli in the butt and their mom gives them the evil eye. We got invited to 2 parties and are going to neither....diets. Ugh.

  2. Duh, just reread that.....DOTR went to HS with the Patriots player's DAD.....we are old.

  3. Funny, we're rooting for the Patriots, because we can't stand Eli. Although, really, my family is mostly ignoring all things Super Bowl, since the Packers lost (heartbreaking, I tell you).

    I love that you imagine the pheasants chatting. As soon as you mentioned the side-by-side footsteps, I started imagining them, but with a New York, coffee talk style accent.

    I can't imagine not living in the city, but I love the idea of having chickens or pheasants. I shall just live vicariously through you.

  4. Ha! Of COURSE they have British accents! Too funny. :)

    Not huge Super Bowl fans over here - we'll probably go over to a friend's house for the social aspect though. And since my youngest two children were born in early February, everyone always asked stuff like "Is your husband going to watch the big game in the delivery room if you have the baby on Super Bowl day?" Fortunately neither of them came on the day of the Stupid (I mean Super) Bowl. :)

  5. I am not sure who to root for. I like your reasoning but I lived in Boston for several years... Honestly? I don't care. And since we don't have TV, this year's Superbowl will probably pass me by.

    And yes, nature is so very entertaining. I could sit in my windowsill and watch it all day long.

    On a side note; I was looking at your header. Did you ever update it for the season or does this "winter" not warrant any snowy pictures?

  6. A stroll past the propane tank just always seems so right after your morning corn...

    Super Bowl? The instrument which could measure my indifference has yet to be invented. Unless there's snacks. Then I'm rooting for the cook. :-)


  7. I am hearing Maggie Smith as a voice for those birds.

    Deep dark confession here. We don't watch football. At all.

  8. I may regret saying this, but I'd welcome 6 more weeks of winter. It's been too mild and the bugs will be awful this summer if it doesn't get cold at some point.

    Cute pheasants!

  9. honestly? i don't even know who is playing. lol. i might watch a few commercials. amy and rex are going to a friend's house; keith is having a "thing" at his house. we'll probably stay home and do what we usually do. i might move some stuff.

    love the chatter - i started imagining them with mid-western twang, kind of like me. lol!

    our winter has been very mild, too but we are expecting blizzard-like conditions saturday. not fun. good think i'm not moving furniture this saturday!

  10. Since we spent the afternoon playing in the park yesterday ... until we got too HOT to stay, I welcome 6 more weeks of this as well!

    I'm not a big football fan, although if I had to pick a team, it would definitely be the packers (being as I'm half-Green Bay and half-Southern California).

    Since they're out, and since we are going to a couple of New Yorker friends' house to watch the game, I'm going to root for the Giants in the interest of self-preservation.

    And I always think how animals must be SO confused in outer countries when they are surrounded by people who don't speak English.

  11. There's a football game on this weekend?

    We've spotted pheasants once or twice in our woods, but they're not quite as friendly as yours :-) We mostly just have those wild turkeys scratching up the flowerbeds.

    Enjoy your beer!

  12. I have never been a fan of the patriots, so that leaves the Giants, but and I think Eli is a good QB, so will just have to wait and see. but then I watch the game more for the commercials since the Vikings aren't playing. and tatting, I will be tatting. he he he

  13. I can't stand Tom Brady, so I'll root for whatever team is playing against him. The Giants, you say?

  14. Go Giants! I'm not really an NFL fan but Himself loves the Giants and I...well, it's complicated but I'm rooting for the Giants.

    Of course the pheasants speak with a British accent. Pheasant is very British-y.

  15. Amigo calls the Patriots "the New York Yankees of the NFL" - a.k.a. the team we love to hate.

    'Nuff said.

  16. I don't know how I live without the Super Bowl every year, but somehow I mange. I suppose it has much to do with not really caring, which comes from not being a sports fan. However, the pheasants I would wait up for.

  17. WHATTTTT??????
    You're dissing my Tommy???
    You're uninvited to watch the Superbowl on the 52 inch where the Patriots will beat the stuffing out of the Giants.


  18. might be onto something here! A British Bird show, something like Wallace and Gromit meets Downtown Abby? I'd watch ;)

    Superbowl commercials are all I'm interested in, not like our Vikings will Ever go to that dance!

  19. My husband won't be home, so I'm thinking rom-com movie marathon with my daughter.

    It's not that I don't like sports, I just don't really care for football.

  20. Late last spring we had a couple of road runners nesting in our yard - enthralling. We left for vacation just about the time the eggs were due to hatch (we think) and we missed seeing the little ones altogether. They are no longer in our backyard but I do see one of them here and there, usually in the front yard or across the street. I hear they mate for life so am hoping for a repeat this spring.

    As for the groundhog, am happy to hear about 6 more weeks of winter. We Texans are in NO hurry for spring because it means summer is an eyeblink away. But mostly because we just finished up with June-uary, an especially warm month, and I'm feeling gypped of cold weather.

  21. The mysteries of American Football are beyond me!

  22. Our weather has gone all cold... Below zero and the puddles aren't even defrosting during the day. Dreadful!

  23. Without the Packers in the SB, I don't really care. I guess I'm rooting for the commercials.

  24. ha! love the "normal" caveat!! :)

  25. I think I will do the usual for anything I really want to watch - DVR it. That way if the dogs interrupt a good play I can rewind, or if it gets snoozy, I can fast-forward. Or do like I did in college for Monday night football - turn the sound (Howard Cosell) all the way down, and crank the tunes.

  26. The closest thing to cold we've had has been occasional wind chill. With temps in the 50's to the 70's, the bugs are going to be awful this year and too many plants have mistakenly started to bud.
    I'm not sure we're going to watch the Super Bowl at all this year.


Spill it, reader.