Friday, February 3, 2012

funny, funny, football

Funny story: we've been working on a bo staff module in karate. Pretty tame stuff, so I've tried to run a bit on the side just to keep fit. I ran yesterday, felt a bit breathless afterwards, but didn't use my inhaler (Yo! Mikey! A shout-out to all my asthmatic cronies!) figuring I'd get my wind back later.

asthma icon Mikey from "The Goonies"

Wouldn't you know we deviated from the regular bo staff routine and had a hard class. Many kicks, elbow strikes, leg throws and knee strikes later, I wheezed my way back home with my boys. Regrettably I'd opted to wear a "nice" bra to class, and now it was covered in sweat and stench. I spent the evening "feeling the burn" in my legs and puffing on my inhaler.

Next Funny: In the last month I've filled out the paper work to run for public office and to work as a substitute teacher. I've had to fill out FOUR TIMES the paperwork, establish my citizenship, get a background check and provide references to substitute teach. I had to provide my name and address to run for public office. People working with children are screened much more thoroughly than people wanting to run our government, which might explain why our government is filled with crooks. Maybe this isn't funny.

Football: A casual survey over breakfast showed all 5 of us will cheer for New York on Sunday. Unparalleled consensus. Heck, even last year we had a traitor in our midst. I know a fair number of my readers glaze over when I mention pigskins. For those of you who care, Green Girl Football Fun Facts:
1. I live near an NFL team--so near that when the plans fly over Lambeau, they fly over my back yard seconds later
2. I live with all men
3. Football (unlike politics) is a safe conversational piece in most circles around here--especially for men
4. Football is like chess and war, full of strategy and opportunity, brutality and power
5. I give a crap about college football
6. I care slightly more about high school football
7. I adore professional football because it's played at such a refined level--there's a reason why players do not leap from high school to the NFL.
8. It's complicated. The more you watch it, the more you realize this.
9. As you begin to understand the complexity of the game, you begin to appreciate it even more
10. I care madly and deeply about the Packers.
11. I am a selective NFL fan. I care about Detroit, Indianapolis, New York, New Orleans and Pittsburgh. Frankly, if any other teams are playing in the Super Bowl, I'd half-watch it. If Dallas or Cincinnati or St. Louis were playing, I wouldn't even turn on my TV. Swear to God.
12. The excitement of the game aside, I also enjoy the camaraderie of the fans. Any time you bring together people sharing a passion, whether it's music, literature, politics or sports, it's powerful.
13. It's the only sport I watch. I take in baseball because that's the law around my house. I think basketball is full of thugs and don't spare any time for the NBA or NCAA. I'd rather bowl or golf than watch them on TV. I really don't understand soccer. I have no interest in car or horse races. I ignore figure skating, gymnastic, swimming and skiing unless they're part of the Olympics.
14. There's something so jaw-dropping about that perfectly placed pass, that perfectly timed reception, that perfectly coordinated tackle. Sure, you'll have fumbles, penalty flags and interceptions, but when football is played flawlessly, it's artistic and moving and inspiring.
15. There's also something pretty cool about generations of fans watching their sport together.

I hope your Sunday is super, reader, however you spend it. Go Giants!


  1. I hear you on feeling the burn! This week is timed rep challenges....kicking my Butt!!!!

    As far as football goes, I live in a house of boys too. Pro football (and some bowl games, but they lose my attention pretty fast) and March Madness rule the roost. I guess that I'm lucky that they love to play baseball and not watch it (total snooze fest in my book).

  2. We LOVE College football here. My husband & I met in college, at Auburn, an SEC school. He was raised in Alabama, as a fan of Alabama football, so Saturdays here in the fall are spoken for. We don't watch pro much, because well, you need one day on the weekends to get things done and here, that day is not Saturday.

    My daughter however, is becoming a pro football fan. Seems she sits near some boys at school who were so impressed with her college football knowledge (thanks to us), that they talk to her about all sports. Rather than say she doesn't know anything, she has set out to educate herself on these things. I keep finding her in the den on Sundays, watching games, and having serious Monday morning bus stop conversations with her buddy Will, from across the street about those unbelievable plays from the day before. Sounds like she'd be right at home in your house.

  3. This winter has been harder than usual for asthma I think.

    No football for me ;-)

  4. I spent my 9th grade here in the US (Boston) with an American family. My temporary dad took me and my temporary sisters u to a college football game once and explained the basics. I have truly come to love the sport. I love watching the game. The folks back home don't get it, just like you don't get soccer. I love both and miss the latter but only when the Dutch national team plays.

    What I really miss is watching speed skating. I know y'all think it's like watching grass grow (even though the top US skaters are from Wisconsin!!) but it's not. In the winter there's always this ache. Only once every four years, during the Olympics do I get my fix. Two more years...

    Happy weekend!

  5. Hey girl, I care madly and deeply about the Packers, from my home in California, and my husband cheers for them too (through osmosis from me).
    I watched many games at Lambeau Field, some from the press box.
    Love that team, what can I say!

  6. this has been an interesting allergy winter which brings on the asthma. a prescribed inhaler and nasal spray everyday keeps me breathing. allergies to lots of farm stuff, so I marry a farmer, go figure..... anyway. have a good weekend. and enjoy the game, whoever wins.

  7. The thing I like about the superbowl is somebody usually has a party and you get to eat good food and drink good beer. Sometimes there are funny commercials on the TV.

  8. Agreed - all of the football facts of life. Definitely.

    Now; you're running for office? When?! Where?! Which?! And can I help?!

  9. I'm a mediocre football fan but an avid Packer fan. I'm from Wisconsin, 'nuf said.

  10. HEY!
    Mom of Serious Chronic Asthma Boy here, and you probably know this but: take a puff BEFORE class next time so I don't worry about you.

    My collective boys/men don't even KNOW there's a football game this weekend.

  11. Perfect is a Packer fan, and he, too, is rooting for the Giants. Since almost nobody at our house enjoys watching the same team sports, we have a tendency to just watch none.
    The girls at our house are all avid sports fans, but we're focused on running, gymnastics, and figure skating.

  12. - I love me some football.
    - I adore my Packers
    - I can't stand either team that is in this year's Superbowl. I hope they both loose.
    - I love going to baseball games, but can't watch it on tv. Same goes for soccer.
    - I used to want to be a figure skater, now I wish I could play football.
    - Love me some basketball but refuse to watch on tv because I think THEY are all thugs. Professional, anyway. College is better.
    - I need to start running again. I've had far too much time off.


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