Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's a day of feasting, so let's begin by feasting our eyes on him:

That's Iain Glen, the actor who plays Sir Richard Carlisle on Downton Abbey. Thanks, Crazy Mom Tats!, for the yummy kickoff to Fat Tuesday. He is divine.

And speaking of marvelous Downton things, I want these paper dolls. Check them out.

And this--well, this is hilarious. Mr. D sent it to me last week. Keep the volume down, it's a bit racy.

I had an online author interview over at Elizabeth Caulfield Felt's Blog--deep secrets revealed!

The first election for school board is today--weeding out one candidate before April's election. I wonder if they call me with results or if I wait to read about them in tomorrow's paper? I don't mind waiting, surprises are fun.

Spill it, reader. What's your favorite indulgence lately?


  1. How cool about the interview!

    He reminds me a little bit of Luke Perry in this pic. Do you see any resemblance or is it just me?

  2. My favorite indulgence is getting caught up on Friday Night Lights on Netflix.....I can't get enough...Then I'm moving on to Downtown Abbey :)

  3. My current indulgence -- watching subtitled foreign films on netflix when I am home alone.

  4. Ahahaha---You needed to put a pee your pants warning on that video!

    My soon to be indulgence will be margarita the size of my head on Thursday (will be needed after spending a week alone with the boys ;)).

  5. Oh he is handsome. We love Downton Abbey at our house. I read that the current Countess of Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey is filmed) wrote a book about the earlier countess who really did establish a hospital there during WWI. Cool!
    Current indulgence: for a change of pace we also watch The Walking Dead.

  6. I love that video --I had to share it, and I'm hoping my husband will (the iPhone 4S owner in the family) will watch it.

  7. I was gonna say I've discovered a new fascination with peanut butter but now I'm kinda fixated on Mr. Glen!!! Heeeheehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  8. The video what hilarious loved it I showed hubby but he didn't get it the man has a problem at times how could he not get it........

  9. Hilarious! I LOVE the paper dolls and will have to share them.
    Indulgence for today: the caramelized bacon I made for mardi gras party at work.

  10. Current indulgence: Nyquil. I'm trading up for a glass of Reisling whenever the last vestiges of the Head Cold from Hell finally depart.

  11. Great interview and I'm intrigued by the eco book you guys are working on! Are you living the experience this year?

    Latest indulgence - downloading two Ann Bridge mysteries and reading them over the weekend. Pure escapism.

  12. My congratulations on your entry to the candidate process; best wishes to you throughout the whole time.


Spill it, reader.