Tuesday, February 7, 2012

of giants

I felt like one all day yesterday--the PS called me in to cover 3rd grade and I was the tallest person in the room--looming over the students. I've never taught 3rd grade before. About 15 minutes into it, I'd had it up to my neck (what is that? about 4'8" off the ground?) with the tattling. Good golly they like to narc each other out. I live with all boys and they don't tell on each other very often. So I laid out the Law of Ms. W #1: Unless there is blood or police involvement, don't tell me about it.

All told, they were a funny bunch of goobers, more energy than a case of Red Bull and sincerely concerned about every detail of the day. (Mrs. X doesn't do it like that!) I'm convinced that 3rd grade alone keeps most of the pencil eraser industry afloat. They erase often in their commitment to precision.

Those other Giants won--wasn't that nice? The game action started out good, lagged a bit toward the middle, but a satisfying ending for everyone at Chez Green Girl. And now we lay to rest the NFL season until the end of August.

We also rented Real Steel over the weekend. Boxing, robots, Hugh Jackman, the redemption of a father/son relationship--what's not to love? And what kid would NOT want a remote-controlled boxing robot? I knew the gang would enjoy it, I got a huge whiff of sweat, mud and testosterone when I opened the DVD case and extracted the disc.

All this movie needed was a chase scene with monster trucks and it would have been epic. It was rated PG-13, which kind of confused me--clearly this movie is marketed towards boys younger than 13. I found very little in the film disturbing enough to merit that rating. Perhaps the language in a few scenes and the violence of the robots boxing--I don't see why the filmmakers couldn't have toned it down to get that PG rating.

But if the PG-13 rating gives you pause, I need to steer you towards my family's favorite giant movie of all-time:

The Iron Giant.

Written and directed by Brad Bird of Pixar fame (in the days before he made it HUGE with movies like The Incredibles and Up, this movie is layered, charming and lovely. It's a smart movie, not the brain-dead crap served up by Cartoon Network. The characters get fleshed out, the setting is during the Cold War, and the story is engrossing. A boy find a giant robot from outer space and they become best friends. A government agent wants to destroy the "alien life form" and the boy and robot team up to protect each other and their town.

Plus, the ending totally makes me tear up--I full-on cried the first time we watched it.

Haven't seen it yet? Get thee to a video store and rent it. Or "Netflix it." Or whatever the cool kids are doing these days.


  1. I've not seen Iron Giant.

    Lol on the 3rd graders. Next time, bring erasers! ;-)

  2. I think my hubby would like that movie.

    I would think third graders would be better than middle schoolers....maybe.

  3. Oh, the tattling. I remember it well in first and second graders. "He said a bad word." "She touched my book." "He looked at me!"

  4. Ohhh I just can't stand tattling. But even worse is when they try to yell at each other sot hat you will hear it, but they won't actually have to directly tattle. My daughter did that just about 5 minutes ago. From the top of her lungs, I heard, "WHY DID YOU JUST PUSH ME?"


  5. Actually, I wouldn't mind having my own remote control giant boxer either.
    3rd grade - what is that, 8-year olds? That's a pretty good age really, but I'm like you and can't stand the tattling.

  6. those age limits are so weird... sometimes i get a 15 for my boys, as chas is 14 now, and usually they are pretty tame. you can usually tell just by looking at the preview. but the other day i got 'cowboys and aliens', thinking 'total boy winner' and it was really scary for max, who is ten. why did they not make it a pg13 and tone down the scariness? the older boys were picking holes in the plot and not that impressed. weird.

  7. I really enjoyed that description of third graders :-) I think the tattling stuff is much worse with girls too. Boys just throw a punch and everything's fine. Girls are so sneaky and mean to each other. Really, I've oftened wondered how teachers of younger elementary grades manage to stay on the job for an entire year!

  8. Sorority Girl is student teaching 3rd grade this 1/2 semester. She says they tire her out WAY more than the little K munchkins. She thinks the tattling is more of a bossiness issue...they want things done THEIR way.

    Can't wait to hear how your Grade 5-8 gig went.

  9. This cool kid is going to jump on the Downton Abbey bandwagon this weekend.

    I. Cannot. Tolerate. Tattling.

  10. Iron Giant was a show my kids watched more than a few times :)

  11. From football to movies, I am ill equipped to comment on your day(s), as I've not seen any of those. However, I live with a third grader and, thus, deeply enjoyed your insights. He's no tattler, but we've nary an eraser in the house.

  12. Loved The Iron Giant. Skater Girl is all about Things That Go Boom, and we frequently give in on the PG-13 rating (after determing what it has been given for) because most of the movies with banging and clanging seem to garner it.

    My solutions to kiddie disputes are designed to be unsatisfactory to all parties but me. That seems to discourage tattling.

  13. Just bawled my way through the ending of Real Steel...gotta love a good father/son movie (and Hugh Jackman doesn't hurt either...that man makes my ovaries quiver)


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