Friday, February 17, 2012

oooh, baby, it's a wild world

I'll never tell which member of the Team asked--confidentiality is a big deal around Chez Green Girl--but they saw the words on a banner ad on my computer while I was reading blogs. They'd come in to ask me about something and the ad was right there: Brazilian Wax! It totally wasn't the blogger's fault--but it was a good reminder of why I'll keep things ad-free in my zone.

What did I tell him? I explained that we're mammals and grow all kinds of hair everywhere, including (how does a mama put this delicately?) "down there." Heh. Yes, I pointed. "So during swimsuit season, people like to remove some of that extra insulation. Waxing is when you pour hot wax on your skin and when it cools, you rip it off and the hair comes with it." (Interesting to note, that's the point during my explanation that totally freaked out the Unnamed Team Member.) "Why 'Brazilian'?" I continued to explain, "in southern climates, people bare more skin. The swimsuits are cut higher, hence the name of a more extensive wax job." This seemed like a satisfactory amount of information and we then discussed some other important stuff, like what I'd put in the oven for dinner and were we doing anything special this weekend.

Unnamed Team Member left the room a few minutes later. I finished drinking my Road Slush (which was incredible, never had one before) that I'd opened before he asked about Brazilian Waxing (and after a whole day with 3rd grade, blesstheirhearts) and yes, dear reader, I did stop after just one delicious oatmeal stout.

Speaking of mammals, it's all about animals around these parts. Team Testosterone is WILD about animals.
This book is permanently on the kitchen table--we read it every day and discuss the fun facts. "Who would win--a mountain lion or a black bear?" (Inevitably I get smart and ask, "Who would win--a hamster or a sparrow?" and things start to get silly.) My kids cannot get enough of this book.

They've always been fans of nonfiction, but to have PREDATORS "versing" each other is the pinnacle of literary awesomeness. (Yes, "vs." is a verb that means "to compete" or "battle", as in "I'll vs. you in Bey Blades.")
The pictures have something to do with this book's awesomeness, I'm sure. All those TEETH.

And every week day at 4:30 we're tuned in to watch:

I kid you not. They watch this as religiously as Mr. D watches the NFL and that's saying something. I confess, it pleases me to see those crazy Kratt brothers back in action. Years ago we loved Zoboomafoo. Team Testosterone absorbs this show and then they even play it out afterwards.

And when Wild Kratts isn't on TV, they switch over to Animal Planet to watch programs about insect infestations, cheetahs, crocodiles, goats and gazelles. They're constantly discussing the plight of tigers, how much gorillas weigh, where you can find a snowy owl and what fire ants eat. My head spins with the glorious facts. "Did you know that a whale's heart beats 10-15 times a minute?" "Did you know that coyotes only killed 13,000 deer last year in Wisconsin, but hunters killed 226,000?"

Wild love, creature fascination, whatever you want to call it, I think it's great to live in a house where the natural world is all the rage.


  1. I guess Brazilian wax probably ranks pretty high up there on things you never expected you'd have to explain.

    Never seen that Wild Kratts show!

  2. One of my kids' favorite books was a pop-up book of poisonous creatures. Interesting bedtime reading!

  3. We have a pet corn snake. When it's time to feed the snake, my den, where it lives, becomes the hottest spot in the entire neighborhood. I'm not sure we've ever actually had a BOY witness this process though, since every last girl in a three block radius and their cousins pack in there, pulling out every stool and ladder they can get their hands on (it's weird how they know where all our ladders are now that I think about it) so that everyone can see and popcorn is always requested for the viewing. Heck, my husband generally has a car full of girls that go along to the pet shop for the purchase of the mouse, because yes, the snake eats live food. It's quite the to-do.

  4. I'll bet your son was thinking how glad he was to be male when you explained that part about pouring hot wax on and then ripping hair out. Personally, even I can't believe people actually do that :-)

    BTW, Firefox with Ad Blocker Plus --totally free, and none of you need to see those ads!

  5. Maybe you could discuss which animals would look best with a Brazilian Wax...

    My Paco loves his "who would win" books, too--one with a sabertooth tiger versus, um, can't remember. Let's say...versus ME. I win. There's also a Star Wars one, pitting various characters against each other.

    But now I want that predator one. Off to amazon. Oh, and Road Slush? Must read up.

  6. Ugh. I'm back. Is that Predator Showdown perhaps a Scholastic book? I'm not seeing it on Amazon. Hey, wait, we have Scholastic online. Hmmm.

  7. Animal Planet has some terrific shows. So does Discovery Channel.
    You did a great job explaining the waxing!
    Have a fun weekend. xo jj

  8. I think maybe I'll just send my girls a link to this post. That ought to cover that whole Brazilian Wax thing.

  9. I love the way you explained the waxing. Nicely done. If it were only that easy to DO. ;)

    And yes, a household where animals are all the rage sounds awesome! :)

  10. Don't men do the Brazilian wax thing also? I mean....

  11. I for one would never have a Brazilian wax I do not like waxing and just thinking about a Brazilian wax makes me shiver although for some strange reason I do like the words Brazilian waxbut then I am

    Hubby loves the Animal Plant channel be I prefer crime shows.........

  12. You are indeed lucky to be surrounded by curious minds and demonstrate foresight to feed them all they can handle of the amazing natural world.

  13. Man...your little Y-chromies are the very best.
    You can also turn "versus" into a wee Latin lesson, ifya want to...Gladiator-speak, y'know...*heehee

    Serio, those are some SMARRRTT kids you got over there!! & good focus!!! I am so glad they're thinking about tigers and deer and not bombs and butchery...(well not ALL the time, right? *ha!)

  14. Road Slush FTW! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hearing good things. My sister just tried it yesterday and said it was delicious. My plans for the weekend include giving it a go.

    I can't fathom explaining a Brazillian wax to my daughters, let alone to a son. It sounds like you handled it perfectly. Way to go!

  15. MVP would have fit right in with your animal-loving boys. I love that stage.

  16. That book looks great. I'm sure my boys would love it. And we LOVE the Kratts at our house, too! LOL @ the whole wax thing. You're braver than I am to even try to explain it.

  17. Men do manscaping, and some women appreciate it. Ahem.
    I think that was a very fine explanation. Don't you think it works best to simply answer the question as concisely as possible?
    Well done.

    As for the predator book, well, sometimes it is painfully obvious that we live with men, isn't it?

  18. So I had to go to the link and..."Road Slush" isn't a very good name for what sounds like a perfectly excellent beer!

  19. Glad to hear your boys like science. Mine still consider science as about as relevant as 1950's baseball trivia. "Why are you teaching me this?" "Because it's... cool?" ;)

  20. The mammal wars book makes me want to have kids :)


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