Monday, February 20, 2012

she'd talk your ear off if you let her

It's Monday and if we were sitting on the rug in Kindergarten this morning having sharing time, I would totally monopolize the conversation.

"I finally watched Bridesmaids this weekend! SO funny!"
"We grilled steaks and drank beer on the patio, it was so warm!"
"Tuesday is the primary election! I think it will be so weird to vote for myself, don't you?"
"We went to the PS auction night and I talked to Bill Jartz and Mr. D finally won a football helmet--after bidding himself up on it."
"My friend Alice is exactly like the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey. I can totally picture her saying the same lines--like when Sir Richard bids her farewell and says 'We'll never see each other again' and she replies, 'You promise?' Mr. Bates broke my heart, I predict next season will be ALL ABOUT Edith and Daisy--who's with me? I liked the storybook ending for Matthew and Mary, but I fear the writers wrap up too much too quickly and they'll pace themselves into dumb plot lines at this rate. And I shall ever more quote Lady Crawley by saying 'I'll be part of the bucking up bridgade.' Oh--and Daisy and William's dad--who else was deeply touched by those scenes?"
"I finally settled on what to serve for Bumble Book Club on Thursday night--inspired by Mardi Gras, I'm kicking it Cajun-style."
"It's President's Day, but we don't have the day off of school here. I've been thinking about Presidents--you know how everyone's ga-ga over Lincoln? Yeah, not me. He's great, not like JFK who I think was overrated because he was young and martyred, but he's no Washington who, let's face it, was a rock star. FDR strikes me as one of the better ones, much like Clinton in terms of getting stuff done for the people, only he kept his cigars chomped firmly between his teeth--amIright? I'm intrigued by John Adams, LBJ strikes me as exceedingly capable, Hayes was a man of integrity and Wilson deserves a nod. But my personal favorite is Thomas Jefferson. I think it's the whole intellectual appeal--he accomplished SO MUCH in terms of establishing America as a powerhouse nation--he literally DOUBLED our nation's land holdings, really embraced expansion, had so many interests, scientific, political and so forth. He was about people's individual RIGHTS, which is still so very relevant. I wonder what he'd say and write about America in light of that today. Yep, my vote's for Jefferson as most impressive and accomplished president."
"When left to their own devices, Team Testosterone voluntarily shut off the TV and Wii this weekend and actually went outside to start a bonfire and play basketball and shoot Nerf guns at each other. I think we did the right thing not setting up any play dates."

Okay reader, your turn to share.


  1. When I was in grade school Thomas Jefferson was my favorite. I read all the president's biographies and by far Jefferson was the greatest. In reality, it has been Clinton. I don't care what they say about him.

  2. Skater Girl still had a 6:00 a.m. practice session, though, so it doesn't feel like much of a holiday even though there's no school. The mister has the day off, though.
    Lincoln's life and presidency both inspire the urge to give him a posthumous pat on the back and a, "There, there, dear..." Washington was absolutely a rock star.

  3. Yaaaaay Downton! "Do you promise?" LOVE HER. I was also very touched by the scenes w/William's father & Daisy. And I'm so glad that conniving fake maid was exposed!

  4. finally got to watch Downton Abbey last night. I can see why people like to watch it. I loved the Dowager's comment " you promise" hilarious. I missed about 20 min of the middle, as the eldest daughter called. so didn't know the fake maid was exposed until the comment above by Ashley. I was glad to see some of the back story illuminated during the 2nd hour. helped me catch up a bit. I will be waiting for the rest of the story.

    good luck in the election, you will be great on the board.

  5. I'm all about the food -- what are you making Cajun-style?

  6. We did have the day off school today. Not really for President's Day, but Staff Development. It was a 4-day weekend we had off Friday too. I took the boys out to the mall for lunch and some shopping. I made a coffee cup scrapbook for my parents' birthdays coming up in March. I found the free download for it on Pintrest. That site is so addictive.

  7. Ok as I read your take on Americian presidents my mind went to Bobby Hill who said Jed Bartlet was the best president and yeah I know he wasn't really but hell I liked that show ok I like both shows........

    I never got around to watching Downton Abbey although I wanted to just never seem to find the time............

  8. OK, I'm officially pissed. While I can watch "Upstairs Downstairs" twenty times a day I can't find "Downton Abbey"!!!!

  9. I would totally be there with you. And talking just as much.
    I want to live in Dowton Abbey - but only if I"m among the Upstairs....
    And LOVE the little kitchen maid- daisy?- and William's Dad. What a sweet way to help her get over her guilt.

    Karen and Murph, go to, you might be able to watch it from there.

    And being from Virginia (more or less), we hold Mr. Jefferson in high esteem. General Washington is above reproach, but we have a special place in our hearts for Mr. Jefferson. ;)

  10. OMG. I can totally hear you babbling all this at the fastest rate ever!


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