Thursday, February 9, 2012


* Mr. D switched our TV set to split-screen during the last quarter of the Super Bowl so I could watch Downton Abbey. With sound.
* Mr. B and I woke up early this morning and admired the moon. It made us both think of Star Wars.

* Last night I couldn't sleep, so I took to the couch and read a book. While I was reading, Mr. G woke up with a nightmare and stumbled downstairs clutching a teddy bear and his soft blankey. "I had a bad dream." I asked him to tell me about it. "A bear," said the boy wearing bear jammy pants and clutching a large stuffed bear. "I see. I think you should lay down by me." We slept the rest of the night together in the living room, Mr. G comforted by me being near while I occasionally looked down at his peaceful face as he slept.
* Quiet evenings since Mr. D's been engrossed in good books. I love no TV at night.
* Meeting the PS librarian, who made it a point to tell me how much she enjoys my sons.
* Receiving a letter in the mail. A written letter.
* Going to a basketball game and the boys saw Speedy (last summer's "Manny") across the gym. They waved and waved and finally Speedy spotted us and came right over to watch the rest of the game with us. The boys were over the moon (because Speedy is so cool) and I thought it was so kind of him to join my sons in the bleachers and chat with us.
* Finding the perfect project to embark upon during this dry, snow-less, soulless winter. More on this tomorrow.

Spill it, reader. What has made life sweeter for you lately?


  1. YES! The HUGE orange moon last night. So beautiful.

    - My boy saying he had "the best birthday ever!"

    - The hubby making me a cup of coffee this morning.

    - Not having to rush Ben off to school this morning as they are going on a field trip at 9:30.

    - Getting a full night of sleep.

    - Not having any solid plans or appointments or meetings for the next few days.

  2. One of my girls spent her own money on a magazine that she thought I'd enjoy.

    Middle school teachers who care.

    My friends, always.

    My husband, who steps in when he knows I'm not feeling well.

  3. No TV and a hand-written letter - what a nice step back in time :)
    Making life sweeter - my kids gathering items to give away to charity - and making a little space in their rooms.

  4. Last night I made something from a recipe and I was fussing because it tasted rather bland. My elder son said, Don't worry mom, you're a great cook. Awww.

  5. The sweet little 3-pound kitten who takes at least 2 naps a day as close to me as she can put herself. This is after she climbs up my chest to lick my nose a few times.
    Right now, she is up on the back of my chair, head near my ear and her front paws on my shoulder.

    You didn't tell Mr G about the bear drill at the school here? I hope I didn't cause any "bear on the playground" nightmares!

  6. My sweetness:
    *my husband taking the girls with him to get us pizza for dinner after an unfortunate incident last night
    *Veronica waking up early from her nap yesterday and wanting nothing other than to sit on the couch, snuggled up next to me
    *time to bake muffins, bread, cookies and more; being able to share my treats with friends and family
    *two out of the blue social invitations
    *sweet comments from lovely readers of my blog

    Have you thought about making this a weekly link up? If so, I'd totally join in and write a post to link up each week. I think this is a delightful way think about the good things in life.

  7. the thought of having a kitchen where i can actually put things and be able to use them is making things sweeter for me.

  8. Simple pleasure: being able to walk to work, even in winter. My goal is 1 or 2 days a week in winter, to increase again in spring.

    Another simple pleasure: going to Fleet Farm to buy bunny supplies and finding a cute pair of boots that fit and are on clearance mega-sale! I adore Fleet Farm.

  9. My son settling into college life and enjoying himself. (Funny how many sweet moments involve our children. Gotta love being a momma.)

  10. You enjoy your family so much--I feel like I'm getting to live through those stages again vicariously through you.

    I got 6 of my students job interviews. Hell, ya!

  11. Hanging out with Lola in my craft room/office. I was sorting out paperwork while she painted red, white, and pink hearts everywhere.

  12. Wow, you were probably the only person who got to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday. Your husband is sweet.

    It's sweet when my son wants to cook dinner.


Spill it, reader.