Monday, March 12, 2012

and speaking of

The clock change made my kids really, really crabby this morning. I'm pretty certain whoever's in charge of daylight savings time does NOT have children. If they did, they'd never, ever screw with the clock in 60 minute increments. Mr. T was positively grumpy like an old man, Mr. G cried and Mr. B refused to speak or eat. Tomorrow has got to be better than today.

The pro-haircut votes were overwhelming, so I've got an appointment with Kristy tomorrow. Just in time for these events:

This Thursday, 10:00 a.m. Atlas Coffee Shop--cafe conversation as part of the Fox Cities Book Festival

This Friday, 2:30 p.m. UWSP Alumni Book Club
What's needed to participate: 1. An email address from Google (gmail). If you don't have one, you can register for gmail on the Google website. It's free! 2. Access to a webcam. Many laptops have built-in cameras. 3. Questions for Melissa about her book.

So, if you're local or not, you can participate--cool, eh?

And speaking of books, Sex With Kings by Eleanor Herman was a fascinating study of mistresses through history. I definitely wouldn't want to be queen or mistress the the king. Sure, the clothes and architecture were gorgeous, but all the disease, backstabbing and bleeding to death after childbirth makes Medieval times seem pretty awful. And the politics. Good grief.

And speaking of politics, I'm trying to find spots for my few remaining campaign signs. My kitchen is clean, I hung laundry outside and I got to babysit the sweetest baby boy on Saturday. No kidding--this little bean sat on my lap and watched Mr. G play basketball without making a single PEEP, then he slept for 2 hours, then he woke up and ate a whole bottle, then he laid there smiling and making cute noises. I never had such an easy baby in my life. I followed up babysitting by nursing a few excellent margaritas at a friend's house--a group of karate gals got together and hashed out all the drama and intrigue at the dojo.

The hot dojo gossip was nothing compared to the heat wave that blew in Saturday night. By midday Team Testosterone had their shirts off. We played basketball, baseball and football. We swung on the swingset, rode bikes, tooled around the field, chased Jax and generally relished the fact that spring has arrived.


  1. "relished the fact that spring has arrived" maybe,
    there is a loooonng bunch of march left. and then april before you can say that spring has arrived. at least here in ND.

    sounds like you had a great time on sunday.

  2. Daylight Saving Time makes ME really crabby, too. That either means that I haven't grown up, or that DST is a really stupid idea. I do suspect that whoever invented it, and whoever continues to make it the law of the land, never had to deal with children, or me, during the week following the time change. I am thinking of storming Congress.

    Okay, now trying to think positively and putting on my happy face for the rest of the day!

  3. Time change hits everyone. Today at Starbucks no one was in line . . . I figured they were all going to be late.

    There's always a line

  4. We got lucky (Rob & I) because this week is our spring break. All I had to do was roll out of bed in time to throw together a lunch for Emma and drop her off at school. She was up and ready to go by the time I got up --not sure why the time change didn't hit her this time.

  5. Have you read The Other Boleyn Girl? Fascinating.

    As for Daylight Saving Time - several kids were late to Virtual Class today. I can only blame the time change. They can attend in their pajamas! Eating breakfast! It shouldn't be difficult.

  6. It was an awesome weather weekend, wasn't it? Loved it. But it has left me (and everyone in my family) feeling pretty tired and cranky. Stupid spring ahead garbage. Bah.

  7. Life is good -- cute babies, juicy gossip, warm weather... Now it's time to change last fall's blog picture. ;)

  8. DST messed with me, too. I wanted to take a nap yesterday and had the hardest time getting up this morning. I felt non-functioning most of the day. Tomorrow has GOT to be better!

  9. I never like this time change. I was surprised how many people complaining about it (mostly on Facebook) because they were the same ones who hated the last time time. I thought everyone liked it staying lighter later? Or maybe it's just the "change" everyone hates. Sounds like an interesting book you read, too.

  10. SO with you in hating the time change. It kicked us all in the rear over here.

    That babysitting job sounds amazing, like a taste of grandparenthood, where you can just enjoy and marvel that kids exist who are so easy...and wonder why you didn't give birth to ones like that...


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