Wednesday, March 28, 2012


No, I'm not referring to this sort of fan, though I am that kind of fangirl.

Nor am I talking about this type of fan. Although you can't beat it for white noise while you're trying to sleep.

I'm referring to this fan--

In karate we're studying fans. Mine has metal blades and black silk decorated with dragons. You'd think holding a fan would make a girl look naturally graceful, but that's not the case for me. They're hard to hold, they're very LOUD when you snap them open, and people are constantly cutting themselves on the sharp edges. It's probably the most dangerous weapon we've taken up--who would've guessed, right? Apparently the fans were used by samurai and geisha--they conceal other weapons, they conceal intentions of warriors, the blades were like daggers and sometimes people stuffed needles or explosives inside the fans to release them--almost like ancient pepper spray or scattershot. Crazy. It's a very complicated weapon.

So, now I'm a fangirl. Fantastic.

Mr. O offered extra credit if we wear a kimono doing the form. Mr. D was in Japan years ago and brought one home for me--no kidding. Challenge accepted. I shall do the fan form wearing an authentic kimono. The toughest part will probably be tying the obi because it's like 8 feet long and incredibly bulky.

Spill it, reader. What challenge have you accepted lately?


  1. This makes me think of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Such a great book! Movie wasn't as great...just so/so. It's cool you're studying fans :-)

  2. I get 2 points because I already knew the thing about the fan!

    My challenge...UGH....I have gained 20 pounds since my neck went all to hell and I stopped exercising last year. I started a diet yesterday and I'm going out for a 2 mile walk in about 1/2 an hour. I am shooting for a pound a week.

  3. That is AWESOME!

    There was a time when I was obsessed with all things geisha. I read numerous books and savored it all.

    You have to share photos.


  4. Girrrrrrrrl, I cannot wait to see photos/video of you with your kimono and deadly fan.

  5. You make it sound like some kind of weapon from a movie or something,

  6. I just got a fan from a student who was in the Philippines--I'm going to have to try working out with it--you definitely make it sounds like a challenge.

  7. My current challenge is the quilt-as-you-go, I'm about to start binding the blocks together and not exactly sure what the measurements should be so there is some trial and error ahead. I think this one will be my favorit so far though. Cool beans on the fan weapon.

  8. That's so cool!!!!!!!

    Challenge? Every. single. day. at work is a challenge that I take on just to pay the bills....

  9. Wow...that's not just fantastic...there's no words ;) I'm blinded by your awesomeness! This week we start phase 2 of our livefit challenge. Adding in cardio plus our 60 min of lifting after 4 weeks of nothing but straight weights. It's been very challenging!!!!!

  10. Cool - fan dance - I'm going to start playing the guitar again. I used to play it as a little girl but gave up as I grew up. Maybe I'm in my second childhood ;)


Spill it, reader.