Friday, March 9, 2012

if you used a pensieve on me today...

here's what you'd find in my mind:

Having an ice and water dispenser in the door of one's refrigerator is a marvelous thing.

I do wish the Colts well--I am nurturing a fantasy where Peyton becomes either a TV sportscaster or a coach. It will seem so odd seeing him play for any other team. And if he plays for the Seahawks, well, that would open a new can of worms for this particular NFL fan. If he must keep playing, I'd prefer he play for a team I already pay attention to.

A robin outside my window! Sweet springtime is here!

After delivering campaign signs hither, thither and yon today, I should really bake a treat for Team Testosterone and their pals who are spending the night. Especially since dinner will be a boring meal of grilled cheese sandwiches because it is Lent and 3/7 of the people at the table are Catholic.

Level Up is one of the shows Team Testosterone watches together--I sat on my bed last night and for the first time watched it with them. It was more intelligent than I expected and I kind of liked it. Sometimes when they talk to each other, it's tough to understand, so I have to keep up with this sort of stuff.

Sarah sent me a link for leprechaun traps. The boys have decided to make all of the traps. I need to figure out how to make wee green hats for the "leprechauns" to leave behind...

Hangover II was perfectly dreadful. If you must watch it, rent it.

Yesterday somebody told me that I'd get a lot of votes for school board since I'm a woman. I replied that should be my slogan, "Vote for Estrogen and Experience!" Actually, if I lived in a more liberal community, I think it would play well. (Although the women in this town are more progressive than they seem at first glance--especially the older ones.)

Next week I have 2 book events and I'm torn between getting a haircut and waiting until after the events to get a haircut. I'm getting long and shaggy--it's not out of hand, nothing a little effort can't make look presentable--but a fresh cut might make me look better. The conundrums a not-so-very-famous-writer faces.


  1. I say get your hair cut. When presenting yourself into the eye of the public, trust me... they will notice... just a suggestion. I haven't seen your hair, just saying that a fresh cut is a really good thing. :-)

  2. My pensieve:
    *Disney on Ice tomorrow! Hooray!
    *What's with my nerves lately??? Nervous all the time...
    *I saw a robin too...AND the Pteradactyls are back at KHS! The true sign of spring!
    *Clean the basement or scrub the kitchen floors first??
    *patting myself on the shopping done for the week done by 8:30 am today! I love a random day off! :)

  3. My great-nephew is going to visit today and he plans to make a leprechaun trap. And cookies. The day is full.

  4. I followed your link to the leprechaun trap; it is cute. I wonder if it works.

  5. Get a hair cut before, it makes you feel more confident. Not that you should feel any lack of confidence; you have two book events! Also, your book is sitting on my night stand...

    Feeling a little better myself, as long as I don't eat.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. just dropping by to say hi and hope all is well....... and good luck with the book events and the election.

  7. are going to be the most famous person I know!!! Book tours AND nominated for president!!!

    I agree - Hangover II was horrible. I don't think I laughed once during it. Thankfully, I was streaming it from some site which may or may not be breaking a law by allowing me to stream it for free. But either way, I wasn't out any money, but did lose 90 min of my life...

  8. Nobody wants to know what is in my head today (no, really) so I'll just comment on a couple of your thoughts...

    I agree with you about the water/ice dispenser. When The Ex and I moved into the only house I have ever "owned", the first thing I would tell people is, "it has an ice maker!"

    Get the hair cut but don't change the style. Having a fresh cut will make you feel more confident and put together but changing your hairstyle could be risky.

  9. This is the third blog in a row I have been to where there was talk about hair is blogger trying to tell me that it is time for a hair I would love to a have a fridge with water/ice dispenser

  10. Maybe Peyton will become a regular on SNL. ;) He is pretty funny.

    Yeah for spring! I LOVE this weather!!!

    I am feeling the same way about my hair. It is the longest it has been in a long time. I feel like chopping it all off, but then I remember that I don't necessarily like short hair on me. Hmmm. What to do. I think I may just wait until August when the salon I go to has a huge Locks of Love thing going on.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. i'd vote for you.

    i'd get my haircut. i got mine colored the weekend before my interview. decided it would give me confidence. i guess it worked.

  12. My son is on his way home for spring break, as I type. We went down to visit four weeks ago and he has experienced some pivotal personal growth in that time. My mind is full of successfully debriefing and easing in some wisdom he will listen to and use. Hope you do well in the election and you look fresh and sassy for your book events.

  13. Get the haircut. You'll feel so much more groomed and pulled together.

  14. It's so important to watch what they are watching, play their video games, read their books... from time to time! Having said that, I don't have time to do any of those things these days :)

    And, I haven't had time to even LOOK at your book yet. The only reading I've done is bedtime stories. Sigh! However, I am productively GETTING STUFF DONE today and had a lovely time doing some shopping for you. So much fun!

    Totally get the haircut. It will give you Style Power!

  15. I feel like taking a drive through Freedom just to see your signs!

  16. Great post! We had a beautiful weekend also, but I have yet to see a robin at our house still.

  17. Hangover 2 was dreadful. Who do I talk to about getting those 2 hours back?

  18. Level Up and leprechaun traps. I come here for tips I can use in my daily life with The Son I Have.


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