Monday, March 19, 2012

muttonchop monday

It's been too long since the last Muttonchop Monday. Today let's focus on a man whose musical chops and muttonchops have made me feel weak in the knees and short of breath for decades.
He's comfortable blue jeans, broken in.
Did I mention the guitar?
Or the gravel-edged voice?
The way his butt looks in those Levis?

How he makes me sing at the top of my lungs every December when I hear him on the radio--Santa Claus is Comin' To Town.
How he makes me want to straddle a motorcycle and ride through a desolate landscape with wind raking my hair and his voice urging in my ear, Baby, we were born to run.

He makes my heart ache with melancholy.
He makes me proud to be Born in the USA.
He's leather.
He's sweat.

He's soul.
He's working class.
He's heroic.
He's gentle.
He's tough.
He's rock and roll.
He's rebel.
He. Is. The. Boss.

Sixty-two and still rocking my world with his talent and that face.
True story: when he sings Secret Garden to me it makes me feel beautiful. If you haven't heard him sing it to you, reader, you really should.

Raising my coffee cup to The Boss, this morning. One bad-ass rock star with muttonchops and heart.


  1. He's never done it for me, but for you, I'll go listen to some of his music today.

  2. You're a Springsteen fan?!? So am I. So am I. We must meet...

  3. My brother used to see him live in Boston, then drive to New Jersey to see him live the next night.
    One of my favorite songs is Streets Of Philadelphia.
    He looks like he could be a character on SOA!

  4. I have a date with the Boss on April 26th!!!!!!!

  5. Born to Run, best pump up song of all time. When John and Nick play in football tournaments we play that song full blast all the way up to Green Bay and back. It's great on the I-pod for running 5Ks too.

  6. Yeah! I'm with you on this one, though I haven't had time to hear the new album. Do they call them albums any more?

  7. Such a great tribute to the best of the best. I love him too!

  8. The new album is fabulous! My husband just made me a copy, and along with the great music, what he has to say is (as usual) fantastic. Now . . . if only the GOP candidates and Wall Street robber barons would listen and care.

  9. He's very handsome in that first photo. I'm glad you've resurrected Muttonchop Monday!

  10. Gets hotter with age. And I agree with Little Miss Sunshine....he definitely could be riding a hog on SOA! He'd rival Jax for hottest Club member. :)

  11. Don't know about this...I only have eyes for my hubby - maybe that's why we've been together for over 3 decades ;)

  12. I think I'll avoid the perils of raising my cup, but Born in the USA was one of the first tapes I owned. I remember just playing it over and over again.

  13. Oh, man. Oh man oh man oh man.

    I loooooooove The Boss. Love him. For every reason you mention.

    Also? Can we just agree that the sax solo in Jungleland is pretty much The Reason why the sax was invented?

  14. Your post makes me want to strap my arms 'cross his engines!

  15. I love him! I love his messages and Born in the USA holds a lot of memories for me. As does Born to Run. His music was the soundtrack of my young adulthood and I love it still. Thanks for this tribute to him.


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