Thursday, March 8, 2012

a palate-cleansing list of delightful things

The weather was positively glorious and then it rained. I've missed rain. This was a cleansing, drumming down on the rooftops-rinsing the cars-sluicing off the roads and driveways-55 degree RAIN. It sounded good and even smelled kind of nice.

I wrapped up a big writing project and that felt lovely. My desk is bare-nekkid right now and I kind of like it.

Writing-wise I need to pick out which manuscript I'll work on for my summer Screw Iowa Writers Workshop. People keep asking for a sequel to Whipped, Not Beaten, but starting a brand new book is kind of hard. I've got 3 works-in-progress (WIPs, for those of you writer types out there) to choose from. It will be good for my soul to get one of them DONE and sent out.

Mr. B is on a mission to build 25 leprechaun traps by St. Patrick's Day. Long-time readers know our history with that around here. He's declared he wants to get a leprechaun HAT this year.

One of the kids in my Cubbies room Tuesday nights is the cutest little blonde girl who talks with a bit of a lisp. She's so darn adorable. We were talking about sharing and they made puppets and had to act out a skit where the puppets shared something--time, talent, stuff, could be anything. Her puppets shared "ithe cream, lemonade, macaroni and cheethe, and a map." It was the most fathinating list of things to share. She also has three dogs that she talks about "RileyBosthecoeandMulligan." I ask her to repeat the names just to hear her say them again in her piping little voice.

The water heater people are FINALLY finished hanging out at my house. So it was kind of funny to leave my cafeteria shift yesterday and meet them in the parking lot. I totally expected to run into one of them at Target later on that afternoon. It's been quite unproductive, just hanging around waiting for the water heater guys to pop upstairs with a question or to talk to me. I never really know what to do--do I lurk nearby? Go about my normal routine? I cannot function as usual with people in my house, so I've read a lot of online stuff & newspapers, cooked more than usual and got the laundry all caught up. I think it would be kind of weird if they came upstairs and caught me doing yoga in the middle of the living room, don't you? These guys were professional and nice, but I'm glad to be home alone once again.

Smokehouse almonds. I could eat pounds of them.

Spill it, reader. What's delighting you this week?


  1. I have been sick since Monday. Some sort of stomach bug. Nothing delightful about it.

    I am very curious about your leprechaun traps. Can't wait to see them. Hope they work!

  2. The weather...70's, sunshine,low humidity.
    I made a kick-ass sugar-free low-fat lemon pudding cake.
    I'm reading and enjoying The Wilder Life.

  3. As I sit here right now, greek yogurt with muesli is a delightful breakfast.

  4. Last night we were doing some chores outside in the evening, and you could smell the rain coming. I always forget how you don't smell anything outside in the winter, and when it finally warms up the world smells so good.

    Plus, we had sauteed asparagus for dinner, which taste just like spring.

  5. The story of the little girl reminds me of a cutie that was in my daughter's class. Her father was a grad student studying at the nearby university and they were from India. Deepta did not know one word of English when she started kindergarten, but that did not stop her from talking to my daughter nonstop at lunch. She was the cutest little thing, with an adorable accent. She picked up the language fairly quickly, and I loved, LOVED to ask her about her country (which she did not remember at all, as they had been here since she was an infant) and she always answered with that little lilt "My father says that in my country...". They moved back to India 2 years ago and we miss her and her cute little accent.

  6. The car passed inspection! The slow leak in the tire is fixed!

  7. It's raining here and I'm not happy. The rain makes me neurotic in that I always expect something to go wrong, but so far so good.

  8. I just had a good parent-teacher conference for my oldest boy. My vacation is getting super close now!

  9. I hear you on the worker-types in the house. You just can't do your usual "no one is watching" stuff. I always feel like I have to look like whatever I'm doing has a purpose, or the world will find out I am lazy.

  10. Good weather is thrilling me. Also, nearing the completion of that aforementioned writing project.

  11. I hope you post pics of the 25 leprechauns that you catch ;-)


Spill it, reader.