Friday, March 30, 2012

pleasant little things

* "Wisconsin Life" on the radio every weekday morning. These little narratives about people and traditions in my state are always fascinating.
* Seeing Mr. D's team start the baseball season 2-0.
* Even more daffodils in full bloom outside.
* Finding the perfect sized bench for a tight laundry room space.
* Two riveting books on my nightstand--one about Haiti and one about Tuscany.
* Driving through town and seeing my campaign signs all over the place.
* Boys who still want to read story books out loud before bedtime.
* The promise of beautiful weather this weekend.

Spill it, reader. Pleasant little things.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Pleasant little things:
    - My freshly painted toenails
    - The good news I just received from the doctor's office
    - Rainbows in my craft room
    - Only and inch of snow so far?

    Happy weekend!

  3. Love that your boys still want to read books out loud before bedtime :-)

  4. I an with Dutch Girl--just had a pedi--love looking at my Ching Ching Cherry Toes

    Hearing my boy say he had fun at baseball--hadn't heard that in a while

  5. My daughter has asked me out on a lunch and shopping date today.

  6. -a foggy morning
    -wisteria in full bloom

  7. -I did my own water marble manicure and it turned out good.
    - I was able to go to my son's 4th grade lumberjack breakfast
    - Going to see Hunger Games tonight
    - Shopping trip with the girlfriends tomorrow.

  8. Have you thought about making this post a meme/link up? I'm going to write a "pleasant little things" post and share a link this post. I think this is delightful, especially on a rainy day.

    P.S. What radio station carries Wisconsin Life?

  9. My son having no cavities at his pre-braces teeth cleaning. What a relief!

  10. It's just a beautiful Ozark day here with talks of temps hittin' ninety this weekend. Waaaaaay above the norms.

    This was a fun post sweetie.

    God bless and have yourself a delightful weekend my friend!!!

  11. I love the story books. I hope my kids never outgrow those.

    BTW, Melissa -- I tagged you for an award on my blog today. :)

  12. - Easter egg hunt with my preschooler and her friends
    - Kids' playdates with awesome friends
    - My kids' first races (1/4 mi. for one, 1 mi. for the other) tomorrow
    - The weekend before spring break
    - Seeing the yard in full bloom
    - Lovely, warm spring weather

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Sunshine, summer temperatures, and the lovely scent from those trees with the small, white blossoms.

    Also, karaoke with friends tonight after a long, very stressful week.

  14. Spring weather. Spring clothes. Spring break (starting now).

  15. Hugs.
    Honest coworkers who value a laugh.

  16. Friday Forum with the ladies at work.
    Cute shoes for $10.
    Spring flowers.
    Painted toes.
    A good cup of joe (hazelnut is my favorite).

  17. - The just right mix of rain and sun to turn everything nice and green
    - The end of track season
    - Celebrating the mister's and my 18th Wedding Anniversary
    - Naps
    - Unexpectedly running into old friends
    - Laughing until my sides hurt

  18. High Five on the list-- You made me smile with the daffodils-- We don't have them in Southern California and they are a sign of Spring I miss.
    Have a great weekend, xo jj

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  20. What books are you reading?? :) :)

  21. Those ARE all pleasant things. Makes me smile!
    And now we must know what you're reading!

  22. We have a similar show on public radio here. The host has the most terrific accent and always has the most interesting guests on to talk about the history of the state.


Spill it, reader.