Monday, March 26, 2012


The sun is out, the grass is green, the wind is cold and it feels like a proper Wisconsin spring again.
I want this dress for summertime. The fact that it's the "Gidget Dress" makes me want it more.
Mad Men is back and Peggy is still my favorite character. Joan's evolution as a mother surprises me. I knew they'd jump ahead in time with the first episode of the season, so much about the show's writing is satisfying. And Megan? Could grow on me...
Mr. B has a stye in his eye, poor boy. But his dad brought him shopping for a new baseball glove and bought him all kinds of other things to spoil him--new shirts, cleats, a Gatorade. It's a special thing to be spoiled for no particular reason.
Mr. G had playdates galore this weekend. He has also cleverly hidden his school pants in an act of protest. If he has nothing to wear, then he can return to Happyland Elementary or be home schooled, right? Right.
Mr. T has struck an ingenious deal with us. He's grounded from his i-device (for grades), but we want him to play CYO softball (for his social development--it's a 6-week season and he can play the sport as well as anyone else on the team). He'll play softball if he can have his i-device one day out of each week. Our boy can be so smart when motivated...
At Sunday school Mr. T's class discussed sibling rivalry. Awesome topic. On the drive home I asked him about it and it was gratifying to hear Team Testosterone agree that sibling rivalry isn't something they struggle with. I also think they do incredibly well on this count, but to hear it from their own lips was nice.
Spill it, reader. Is sibling rivalry an issue in your house?


  1. Super cool dress, and thanks for the introduction to Title Nine, I've never heard of them before!

  2. It wasn't ever an issue with one boy and one girl. He attended her dance recitals and she attended his KungFu tournaments. We kind of pushed that issue and they agreed that it was a good thing to support your sibling's activities.
    Their issues were more of personality differences. They can only tolerate each other in small doses!

    The dress is cute.

  3. I don't want the dress, but I do want the experience! It looks so peaceful . . . no interruptions, no where to be, no one to make lunch for . . . ahhh.

    Sibling rivalry was a big part of my childhood, and my husband's. Perhaps this is why we only have one child? :-)

  4. I do want the dress! Love it!!

    I only had one daughter so the sibling rivalry was not an issue. I on the other hand grew up with siblings and I think the rivalry was normal and healthy between us.

  5. That is a cute dress.
    We have some sibling rivalry in our house. With the two oldest kids away at school, the two younger ones are suddenly more aware of each other and able to make comparisons about their perceived lack of attention/treats from me.

  6. I'm an Athleta fan, similar look to Title Nine. Dress is very cute! My girls just spent a weekend alone together ON PURPOSE so on the rivalry front I'd say "no"!

  7. That dress would look fabulous on you!

    My two now-adult children are so, so different. They get along famously. It amazes me.

  8. Cute dress!

    Poor B with a stye. So painful. I hope it goes away soon.

    G is so clever. So did you find his school pants?

    Sibling rivalry isn't a problem in my house, which is a relief because it was a big problem with my sister and me back in the day and we fought viciously until I went off to college.

  9. Far too much sibling rivalry in our house I am afraid. As for the dress.... cute. I got my Athleta catalog today. Thinking a dress might be in order as well.

  10. Ah, sibling rivalry. Not too awful for my own children, or so it seems. They seem to genuinely enjoy each others' company, mostly. And for my brothers and me, if there was any, we have put it behind us. But the previous generation (especially among the females) - look out! Big-time sibling rivalry!

    I am impressed to hear that it was a topic at Sunday school class.

  11. Love the "Gidget Dress" so cool wouldn't look good on a short fat woman but still looks good......

    Sibling rivalry was something we had in spades when my girls where young mostly between Kathy & Jessica, now that they are grown and mothers themselves it isn't so bad but still hasn't gone completely......

  12. Not any more, but back in the day . . . the younger two were so close in age that I think that had a lot to do with it.

  13. I WANT THAT DRESS, TOO. Oh. my. god. I've actually stopped looking at Title IX because it breaks my mental bank. But that dress!

    How lovely that your boys could articulate something so heartwarming! I wonder if girls run more towards sibling rivalry than boys? We got lucky with one of each, so they don't know how to be rivals; they're just too different to try to match up against each other.


Spill it, reader.