Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the weirdest thing I saw yesterday

Yesterday's bizarre discovery began with a request from Mr. T for a coffee cake. This led to digging through the tried-and-tested cookbooks, Betty Crocker, The Walker Methodist Church Ladies, The Heritage Cookbook, and finally The Cake Doctor. I've yet to find a Cake Doctor recipe that didn't taste great. Seriously, if you're going to buy one more cookbook in this lifetime, The Cake Doctor Cookbook is the one you want. Every recipe begins with a cake mix and builds from there. Foolproof and delicious every single time. I've probably made half of the cakes in the cookbook, but yesterday was my first attempt at Sock-It-To-Me Cake.

It was the closest to a coffee cake recipe I could find in all those dang cookbooks, which sort of surprised me. (For the record, I was in the mood for Rice Krispie Treats, but some scavenging children had eaten all the marshmallows in the pantry.) But I had all of the required ingredients to make it, so Sock-It-To-Me, baby.

After putting the cake in the oven (in a bundt pan), I read the fine print at the end of the recipe.
Do you see that, reader?

In what world does one FREEZE a CAKE for SIX MONTHS?
I mean, I get making a double-batch of chili and freezing it. Freezer jam. The random frozen casserole. But a CAKE? Who on earth would go to the trouble to bake a cake and then freeze it for six months and then take it out to defrost overnight before eating it?

Furthermore, who bakes a cake like this and then tests the freezing method for six months before eating it? In my world you bake a cake to eat cake. Immediately. Like, while it's still a bit warm and melting on your tongue with all kinds of golden buttery goodness. With a cup of coffee and a little chit-chat before the homework shift begins. Can you imagine baking a cake, filling your house with the smell of baked cake and then wrapping it tightly in foil to FREEZE? To this I can only say: WTF, Cake Doctor?

The cake you see in the photo above is the actual Sock-It-To-Me Cake I baked yesterday. As of this morning it is 2/3 GONE. Cakes have an average lifespan of 48 hours at Chez Green Girl. Team Testosterone's Verdict: Sock-It-To-Me Cake is a winner.


  1. The only cake I ever froze was the top layer of my wedding cake.

    When there's cake in my house it gets eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Lasts 3 days at the most. Do you know how happy I am that they make Sugar-free cake mixes now?

  2. I'm suspicious of anything that starts with a box of cake mix. Who doesn't have flour and sugar? Anyway what are the magic ingredients that turn it into sock-it-to-me cake? If you were old like me and watched "Laugh-In", you'd have the same mental picture I do.

    I too, don't have freezer space to waste on a frozen cake, for crying out loud. Eat that thang! Ack! I'm visiting my pregnant daughter who got rid of her coffeemaker so she wouldn't drink coffee (she's rather dramatic) so all I want right now is a hot cup of coffee and some sock-it-to-me cake.

  3. I agree--we would never bake a cake and then freeze it. That takes "make ahead" in a direction I am uncomfortable with. (She said ungrammatically.)

  4. I love the Cake Doctor. I've never made this one before. I've frozen cakes before. I have one of those mini bundt 6 pans where it makes 6 mini cakes and I'll freeze them to use as gifts or whatever. Also. Ahem. I happen to know they don't really have to be totally defrosted to taste good...

  5. I have been known to get sick of eating a cake and stick a wedge of leftover in the freezer for one of those days when I'm feeling like cake but don't want to bake one. I've also been known to make several pies at a time and stick all but one in the freezer, to enjoy at a later date. But a whole cake? Never.
    Admittedly, most of the cake bits in my freezer are leftover birthday cakes from the birthday extravaganzas we had. There are probably a dozen cupcakes in there too - but again, I made 6 dozen of those babies and three cakes in a week. You'd stick leftovers in the freezer too.

  6. I have that book, and have never tried anything from it. I see a cake-mix coming home from the store on the next trip :-)

  7. 48 hours...I barely get it out of the oven :)

  8. Anytime I see the word "bundt" I flash back to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
    "It's a bundt cake."
    "Boont cake?"
    "No, BUNdt cake."
    "BOOnt cake."


    The cake looks delish. FYI, there is a good boxed coffee cake mix available. Betty Crocker, I think.

  9. I freeze all kinds of baked goods, but that's because there is a constant over-abundance of them in my house. I made pie yesterday and three kinds of cookies today. That means I put well over 100 cookies in the freezer today. You may think this is because I'm in the midst of writing a cookbook, but today is more typical than not for me.

  10. I am now in the mood for cake and it's almost 10pm. I would want a cup of that fine coffee with it and at 10pm that makes it a definate no. . . but I'd still like a piece of cake.

  11. Well, I definitely want to bake a cake now. I have a recipe I have to give you; it starts with a mix and it is amazing. Actually, it's known among my friends as "better than orgasm" cake.

  12. Sock it To Me cake was a staple when I was growing up. I am a little teary and can even conjure the smell. Thank you for such a great memory. I will find a recipe and make one this week.

  13. Hey.. having a frozen cake to pull out and defrost in the future sounds like a great idea to me. Isn't that what people do with the top of their wedding cake, freeze and eat on their first anniversary? We did and it was still quite good. :-))

  14. I can't see baking one and freezing it but I can see baking two and freezing one for later. It would stay there for 6 months though. :)

  15. OMG sock. it. TO. MEEEE! ! ! ! *hahaha

    the only reasoning I can think of for letting this cake sit (which, I know, is a foreign concept to me as well!) is that in days of olde, perhaps folks wanted the coffee cake to be a tad bit dry, so the could,uh...y'know...dunk a piece in their COFFEE...if'n they wanted to...?

    Still, dude, I would never go like, SIX MONTHS! !!! just, ew. *hahaha!

    We had Aunt Jemima coffe cake mix in a bag, and all you had to do was crack an egg into it, and then squeeze the mix around in the bag with your hands (fun! squishy!) and then squeeze the goopy, lumpy mix into the little tin pan (included) sprinkle the cinnamon-like mixture on top & VOILA!! ! 1970s deliciousness!

  16. Your cake looks amazing. Actually come to think of it I have never frozen anything I have baked. It doesn't last that long.

  17. You crack me up. Seriously, we do freeze cakes and other goodies here for several reasons. When baking cakes to decorate, it chews up time to bake multiple tiers- especially when there's a big cake to be frosted and made pretty. It spreads out the prep time to bake ahead and freeze. It's also a plus for those with allergies to eggs or wheat to be able to bake a batch of cupcakes or muffins, freeze them, and pull out a serving or two as needed. (One of the BFF's does this for her daughter when going to birthday parties since the cakes served are usually not egg-free.) Plus, sometimes I don't have overly ripe bananas when I want banana bread, so it's nice to keep a loaf in the freezer from each batch.


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