Friday, April 20, 2012

frazzled contest--deadline drawing near!

Forgetting stuff makes me feel frazzled and I did that very thing just yesterday. On Sunday last summer's Manny (Speedy) came by to ask a favor--could I write him a letter of recommendation for college scholarships? Of course! I took down all the pertinent information and slapped that post-it note on my pile.

And buried it.

I'd told him I'd have the letter ready Thursday, a day before he needed it.

My week has been full of ball schedules, every interruption conceivable thrown at a dinner schedule, unscheduled meetings, manuscript editing, weather delays/disruptions, homework hassles and a robin in a pear tree. (Partridges don't live in Wisconsin, but I really do have a robin in one of our pear trees.) So when, at 7:00, after I barely fed children, cajoled and threatened them through most of their homework, completed a Very Important Meeting, had to skip karate because of a general lack of cooperation, managed to make brownies without adequate cocoa powder (chocolate chips, people) and did all the other various necessary tasks that women do in the evening while their husbands sit their asses in armchairs while reading newspapers/watching TV/doing sudoku/not acting particularly helpful or useful (bitter? Moi?), you can imagine how thrilled I felt when Mr. G said, "Mom! Somebody's here!"

"What do you mean?" I glanced at the calendar--nothing was scheduled except for the karate class we missed and the meeting I'd wrapped up 2 hours ago.

"There's a car coming down our driveway!"

Sure enough, I looked out and saw the lights and went to the door. There stood Speedy and I gasped. His letter! I'd totally forgotten about it. My palms became clammy, my heart raced, my skin flushed and I considered hiding in a closet until he left. Instead I behaved like a woman, opened the door and began apologizing. Happily, Manny needed something besides his letter and I was able to proofread his application essay and make some helpful suggestions. My next stop this morning is Happyland High where I'll hand deliver that promised letter of recommendation.

It doesn't do a girl a lick of good to write stuff down if she's going to hide the note. Duh.

Frazzled indeed. What I need is a Fairy Godmother to interfere, remind me of what's important and rearrange my schedule for me--kind of like Nic has in Austentatious. Only Nic's Fairy Godmother is Jane Austen. Which turns out to be as awesome as it sounds. Can you imagine having Jane Austen sorting through the bits and bobs of your life? Arranging your relationship status, pointing you in the right direction?

This book is the running theme all week here at Chez Green Girl. I'm giving away a copy of
Austentatious to one lucky winner. Entering my Frazzled Contest is easy--each comment in the comment box is an entry to win. That's all. I'll pick a lucky winner Monday and mail them a copy of Austentatious. It's that easy and that awesome.

Spill it, reader. If Jane Austen were your personal Fairy Godmother, what would you ask her to fix in your life right now?

P.S. I have to add that when I came out of Happyland High, I realized I locked my keys in the Momvan. This week is ALMOST over, right???


  1. I have this book in my "wish list" box on Amazon. Right now, I am just hoping that in the next 20 school days J4 will be able to make the 4 classes in which he is sporting a grade hanging in the 60's into passing so we won't have to recall all the graduation invitations. Because while I have joked for years that he'll be attending The University of My Basement.....please, please....don't let it be true.

  2. I keep hearing the most awesome things about this :o)

    If Jane Austen was my fairy godmother, I would totally have her help me out in the "witty banter" department -- normally I'm fine, but there's a special case right now that needs the right touch to get things progressing, and I think I need a little Austen-channeling, haha... ;o)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    ::fingers crossed::

  3. My fairy godmother would be a busy girl. She needs to train my cat. She is not intimidated by my clapping or loud "NO NO" or squirts from the water bottle.

    Baby kitten is now a 5 month old toddler kitty who has gotten big enough to climb onto the kitchen and bathroom counters.
    She drags and hides oven mitts and sunglasses all over the house. She pulls opens my daughter's underwear drawer and drags bras into the living room. She steals golf balls out of a bowl and hides them under the sofa.
    She steals all the ponytail holders out of the bathroom...the other day we found 11 of them scattered all over the place.

  4. My Jane Austin Fairy Godmother would come to my house in Iowa and make it feel like "home". We moved our family of 7 here last August and desperately need to feel like we are home.

  5. Dear fairy Jane, I have two things to ask of you. First, I want a third child, but need a bigger house otherwise I will go insane with so much stuff in my house. My second wish would be that my DH would find a less stressful job!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    jakki36(at) yahoo(dot) com

  6. I KNOW what great letters of recommendation you write (they are phenomenal, people!) so I am sure it was worth the wait!!

  7. Whew boy I wouldn't know where to start. Truthfully, it's been a really rough 6 months. I have several very serious family situations that are beyond my control. But if I could only pick one of those problems to disappear, I'd heal a loved one with cancer.

  8. If I had a wish it would be that my daughter is able to conceive when she tries again for a baby; her son was born at 17 weeks; way too small to survive.

  9. If only Jane Austen could help me simplify my life, grant a weekend in derbyshire or bath to catch up on much needed rest. After the weeks events at the ER, hiding souds great, but I am sure Jane would have me face everything courageously.

  10. Oh gosh, I hate forgetting important stuff like that, but at least you were able to get it done in time. Did you really leave the keys in the car? Argh. I've done it myself a few times I'm afraid. The thing is after you do it so many times, double checking for them gets reinforced. My son always gets mad at me for making the horn beep when I lock the car. I've tried explaining to him that it's a matter of Pavlovian reinforcement.

  11. Mama said there'd be days (weeks) like this. Mine was last week. I swear, everything I touched broke down!!!

    Shoot sweetie, we're all so stinkin' busy know wonder we 'forget' some things. I often laugh and say I need a wife or and Alice. (Brady Bunch)

    Jane could take my place on the Ponderosa for a few days while I lock myself in a Hotel room to veg out on bubble baths, books, movies and room service baby!!!! Heeehehehehe!

    God bless ya an have yourself a wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  12. I would like the Fairy Godmother to simplify the tax code, find a cure for Parkinson's Disease, and motivate Youngest Daughter to manage her own hygiene. I think that will keep F.G. busy enough, so I will not add Peace in the Middle East. Next week, maybe.

  13. Frazzled - it was Frazzle time at work again. In between attacking the gradebook and explaining to the kid that no, he couldn't finish early due to DPI regs on virtual school, creating an enrichment project for the aforesaid kid, creating a rubric for grading said project -- and... planning ahead for next week's lessons, next week's field trip... in between those, I worked on the grant application that's due by the 30th.

    And then I went home.

  14. I would make Jane into my own diet coach, exersize guru, and personal chef. In between that, she'd make sure the house was tidy and neat when i got home from work. Needing to exersize (I'm sick of not wearing shorts in the muggy WI heat) and slim down a bit, along with keeping a house with three littles in it tidy, is running me ragged. Not to mention everything else that goes on here that I handle......the laundry! My God! The Laundry!

    That would leave me time for my grad work and my crafting that I so want to do but am too tired to do so.

  15. I know you are are not a smartphone user, but I would not be able to live my life without Google calendar alerts--for everything, including letter writing.

  16. Oh honey. I get it. I have also stooped to the letter of recommendation TEMPLATE that I alter a bit for each student! Hope the weekend erased all of this.

  17. Dear Fairy Jane - I'm not sure what you are able to do, so I'm asking to be lucky enough to win Austentacious!

  18. Books are the best escape. I'm not sure what Jane would fix for me, the list is a bit long. Ha


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