Thursday, April 5, 2012

fresh & tidy

As you can see above, I've finally invested in a proper header--you dig? That, friends, is the work of The Blue Ridge Gal, divine goddess of design and proprietor of two of the sweetest pups you'd ever want to meet. Diane's one of the fun bloggy people, if you haven't met her yet, you should. She puts a bit of perk and punch in your day.

Speaking of fresh & tidy, check out my laundry room! Two years ago I painted it, but ran out of paint (and patience). Can you believe I'd be so lazy? It's true. To fully appreciate how bad it was, behold:

Like most neglected spaces, I did what any self-respecting slob would do, I kept tossing more junk into the room:

And it got dirtier and messier and more horrible.

This project's sat on my "to-do" list for TWO YEARS, but I finally got after it this week and I'm so pleased. Fully coated, scrubbed down (even below/behind my washer & dryer, where I found a missing hammer, several Nerf bullets, a book and some stray socks) this room is now a thing of beauty.

We got rid of several old/outgrown pairs of shoes, tossed out a bunch of crap and I even bought a bench.

Here it is, all lived in and useful once more.

It feels good to cross that chore off my list.

Speaking of crossing stuff off, here's Mr. B who passed his first TnT handbook at Awana Tuesday night. I could not be prouder, nor could he. He worked pretty darn hard memorizing a BUNCH of verses and working through the sections. Plus he's cute, so why not post a picture of him, right?

Spill it, reader. What have you felt proud of lately? And more importantly, do you know The Blue Ridge Gal, Diane?


  1. Ah, he looks so cute.
    It feels so good to get areas that harbor "stuff" cleaned up. For me, I can go "finally." It looks great!

  2. Thanks for the sweet mention and I hope you are happy with your header. I think it looks great!

    My laundry room is a mess too. It was pretty perky looking until Hubby started using it as his room for tools and work boots... icly stuff... Definitely not perky and girl looking in there anymore, but I think my only solution would be to add real cabinets with doors instead of the open shelving I now have. It could use a good scrubbing too! Yours looks great!!!

  3. I'm glad the boots are still in the header.

  4. My daughter makes my heart burst. She only has 2 more things to check off on her graduation checklist for December. She is currently student teaching Special Needs Middle School students. She thought she would only get certified for K-4. Now she thinks she might also certify for 5-8.

    She has a great attitude towards these kids that had previously fallen through the cracks of the educational system. Many are in the class because of behavior problems that other teachers refuse to deal with. She treats the kids with dignity and they respond with great behavior and working hard for her.

    I'm also glad to see the boots are still in your header!

  5. Love the picture!

    Pride? That's harder to come by in my (quasi-relapse) stage. However, I'm proud of my daughter for finding a job and becoming somewhat independent. I'm proud of my son for his skill in public speaking. He takes it for granted, not realizing that a lot of people can't do it well. As for me - I'm proud of my progress in the new job.

  6. Your laundry room looks great. I don't really have a laundry room. My laundry room is the entire unfinished half of the basement. That's a big space so it can get messy. We returned the rental hockey equipment last week. Brought new baseball shoes this week. I cleaned out the front closet and we're taking the old baseball shoes to Play it Again this afternoon.

  7. Love the new header! I do know Diane - we've met in person, as she and I don't live that far from one another :-) She's super friendly and fun in person too!

    Your place looks great! Congrats to Mr. B.

  8. I love the header! Super cute!!!

    I love the laundry room too! I don't have a laundry room... although I am sure that if I did, I would have just one more mess.

  9. I like the header and I like the laundry room! (I don't have a laundry room. Sigh.) I couldn't think of anything I am proud of, unless I can count cooking a 5 pound hunk of meat today.

  10. Wow such a clean place for dirty things :)

  11. Great new header, your laundry looks a lot neater then mine which is small and grambed and somewhat messy.................

  12. I like your new header, although the old one was quite nice too. LOL about the half-finished paint job--that's exactly the sort of thing that I would do.

  13. Over the last few months, you've basically give your home an entire makeover! Congratulations on all that hard work!

  14. what a cute little (not so little) guy. your room looks great, too.

    love the header. my blog needs some work but it's on my to-do list somewhere.

  15. Your laundry room is so neat. So organized. So like one of those successful episodes of home show programming... the ones that I watch while avoiding my own laundry room.


Spill it, reader.