Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jane Austen, take me away!

To say that being in the throes of baseball season is akin to being a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest is a bit of an understatement. One guy coaching two teams, two guys playing in league and tournament teams, one playing softball and I'm the "ghost runner" making the schedule flow, ferrying people hither, thither and yon. It's a thankless job. If you know a coach's wife, do me a personal favor and give her a shout-out for all she does behind the scenes. She'll appreciate your recognition.

How frazzled are you, Green Girl?

I'm an episode behind watching that drool-worthy Don Draper.
I've got a big pile of mulch to pitch onto the flower beds.
There's a bit of wind damage to tend to after yesterday.
And of course that laundry pile made taller for the dirty uniforms and practice gear.
Everybody needs to eat, but at different times, so prepping dinner is a bigger chore than usual.
Don't get me started on how poorly that fan form is coming along--last night I kept getting my fingers caught between the blades and dropping it--and the test is next Wednesday.
Plus my desk is covered with manuscript revisions and manuscript editing for a fellow writer.

Obviously the answer to this madness is to escape--into the placid, civilized world of Jane Austen. A world where wit and good manners reign, where one frets about Finding The Perfect Match instead of Finding the Matching Sock/Missing Homework Assignment/Chicken I Swear I Bought For Dinner This Week & Hid Somewhere In The Freezer.

So, my bloggy friend Alyssa Goodnight (is that not the best author name ever?) has provided an escape from the madness of Real Life. It's called Austentatious. There's a clever and original heroine (with a really cool scientific job instead of an artsy-writer-y type of job), a dashing hero (who is literally a rock star) and a supporting cast of eclectic folks who do funky things like sing karaoke and bowl. Trust me, if life's swamping you, this book can take you away for a little while, refresh your batteries with a bit of humor and romance.

Green Girl, how can I score a copy of this book? I'm glad you asked! You can either win a copy here this week or buy your own. (I recommend trying to win a copy before you buy your own.)

To win your copy of Austentatious, you have to enter my Frazzled Contest. Entering is easy--each comment in the comment box is an entry to win. That's all. I'll pick a lucky winner Monday and mail them a copy of Austentatious. It's that easy and that awesome.

Spill it, reader. What's got you frazzled this week?


  1. What's got me frazzled is the worst throat infection! I thought it was just allergies so I kept ignoring it (because who wants to drag 3 kids to the doctor's office with you?). But it got worse, and last night I woke up feeling smothered. My throat was so swollen the uvula (the dangly thingey) was touching the back of my tongue. I got antibiotics now but I'm just begging them to kick in already. misery!

    Anyhow, enough about that nastiness. The book sounds excellent! I love books with an Austen them. Of course :-)

  2. I watched all of the Don Draper shows on Netflix after the seasons were completed... We don't get the cable station that it's on each week, so I have to wait until the season is over and then watch Madmen. Can't wait! Just love that show.

  3. I'm frazzled already because today is my son's birthday and I need to BAKE THE CAKE! But first I have to go to the store! I better get a move on!

  4. I'm frazzled because I have to make a looooong drive at the end of the week. I don't like driving, not at all, no sirree.

  5. The crazy neighbor who wrongly accused my daughter of hitting her car, then threatening to have her arrested and left a two-page note full of batshit crazy on my daughter's windshield (to make she she let us know she IS A CHRISTIAN!!!!! but will get her money one way or another!!!), then calling the cops on my husband when he told her to back off.

    I haven't slept in 3 nights and I'm a little weepy today.

  6. Frazzled...
    Yesterday - 3 classes, one study group, one group project meeting, homework
    Today - 1 class (where I got to take a handful of honey bees off of a stake and walk through a bee swarm - SO COOL!!), financial aid paperwork, group project work, math homework, marketing homework, study for Friday's tests
    Tomorrow - 3 classes, study group, entomology report, study for Friday's tests
    Thursday - 2 classes, study for Friday's tests
    Friday - THREE tests: marketing, math, microeconomics (oh my!)
    Weekend - prep for group project presentation, homework
    Monday - 3 classes, give group project presentation
    Tuesday - internship interview, 1 class, lunch with friend
    Wednesday - collapse
    Thursday - study for finals...

  7. Today I'm frazzled because the neighborhood fox decided to have a good 20 minute meltdown at 3:45 am right outside my bedroom window that then ruined sleep for the rest of the night. I can't think straight, I am super klutzy (which I am on a good day, so this is pure hell) and I'm grumpy on top of all that.

  8. This weather in WI has be frazzled...don't know if I should have my winter parka on one minute or my shorts on the next

  9. Where do I begin? Meetings, interviews, a story to write today, photographs to take, a new camera (for said photographs) barely out of the box since I don't have time to slog through the manual, a 40-50 hour proofreading project to complete in one week for the local university, at least 20 phone calls and 40 e-mails to answer every day, choosing cover art for my novel, rewrites to complete on the novel that will take an entire week or work, getting ready for my Earth Day presentation Saturday, numerous appointments, and to top that off, a rummage sale with my friend next weekend.

  10. What can I say? I'm not frazzled at all, but I'd still like to win the book. It looks like a good read.


  11. ooohhhhh a free book. my favorite kind. actually your description sounds good. I still have your book on my reading pile, but it got shuffled to the bottom due to "life interrupted" so will get back to it soonest.

  12. We're on the third week of chickenpoxed children and I just came down with a cold, (achoo!) yet have to work while keeping itchy hands busy. Yikes.

    Hope the season settles down and unfrazzles a bit!

  13. Potty training twins. A cookbook that I haven't worked on in two weeks. A huge vegetable garden that needs to be tilled. A crop of dandelions calling for attention. Laundry. Did I mention potty training twins?

  14. Hey Green Girl!

    Thanks for the mention and the giveaway--although you don't need to enter me... ;) I'm so flattered!

    I am frazzled by what is ahead of me at the end of this week. I'm walking 26 miles on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday for the Avon Walk, and I'm not sure my feet are going to make it. Training has been rough!
    And I'm always frazzled by dinner preparation. :)

    Good luck to all!

  15. Oh my goodness, where do I begin?? Just let me start by saying that when I received YOUR excellent book it was just perfect for retreating to a few bubble baths with, and when I reached the end I was all "OH NOOOOO WHAT DO I READ IN THE BATH NOW???!!!" So I could really use another.

    I am frazzled from working a stressful (but awesome) job full-time, being single mother to three boys (who, as you know, CAN be awesome), and I have a writing deadline (magazine article, awesome) which I am technically supposed to be working on at this precise moment but I am procrastinating by catching up on my awesome bloggy peeps.

    Reading everyone's comments, it sounds like we ALL need a good book to un-frazzle us! :)

  16. I'm a wee bit frazzled. My oldest son hurt his knee badly Sat night, and I've been ferrying him around to the ER, the pharmacy, the doctor, etc. Plus working and doing the taxes.

  17. I'm frazzled by the clutter in my house. I just heaved three years' worth of my husband's magazines into the recycling bin.

  18. I totally understand, I'm a coach's wife too. He coaches high school freshmen and our oldest son's team.

  19. Frazzled? I just took on the responsibility for writing a grant. It's due April 30. On top of that, we're migrating our web sites and my blogs to the new URLs, working on a proposal for Educating PJ, and... well, teaching full time. Yep. Like I need another project? But it's grant money, and I can never resist. It's almost like chocolate. Almost.

  20. I'm frazzled by your schedule. :)

    Big T has his first double earache, my grad school reading schedule is over the top crazy full, the girls are constantly screaming at each other, and I found out today that my eye surgery failed after only 6 years and I have to get bifocals. Seriously, bifocals. I'm 32 and had Lasik to avoid this. But bifocals it is.

  21. You know I'm frazzled! Taking care of Ron and starting a new job... all rank right up there to define "frazzled" for sure!

    your schedule is definitely "frazzling" for the average woman but - hey - you are wonder woman!

  22. Frazzled? Who, me? Alumnus from a school I attended is moving to town but has no job or place to stay. A friend saw her posting on an alumni site and practically volunteered me to host her for an indefinite amount of time. Yikes! Clean house, bathe children, change sheets, corral not-yet-housebroken puppy, and plan a week's worth of meals for a stranger. But I'm cool. Really.

  23. Oh, Green Girl! I will match anyone in frazzled these days. Brand-new full-time job including curriculum change in the part that was my PART-time job. Got asked to consult on a project and they loved me. They want more. Daughter in an eating disorder clinic and husband gone half the month.

    I remember the days you are describing well--hang in there!

  24. What hasn't got me frazzled? I have spent the last week decluttering our house for the realtor's photographer who was coming yesterday to take pictures (inside and out) of our house to market it online (we are moving this summer). Monday, we had the house power washed and after the power washers left (the house, deck, and walk look fabulous!), I noticed a couple of loose shingles on the roof. We couldn't get a roofer out until this morning and the weather forcasters had been calling for rain last night and today. Fixing a leak is the last thing we need right now, so we've been praying a lot for no rain until the shingles are back in place. We have rescheduled the photographer for Friday. Add to that tween drama for my elder daughter and sheer exhaustion, and a very frazzled me you have. :)

  25. My lack of love for my job lately has me frazzled. I feel unproductive, unappreciated and unloved.
    HOWEVER - I'm foster parenting again this weekend and that leaves me feeling VERY fulfilled and so it's like my day job is just what I do while I bide my time for the part of life where I'm actually making a difference. Sad...my work life takes up way too much time.
    Sounds like a good book, and yes-that's the best author name EVER!!!

  26. Social media! I just launched a website and I'm tweeting, Facebooking, emailing, pinning, blogging and preparing for a video shoot so I can load it up on youtube. Frazzled doesn't describe it. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get people to LIKE a Facebook page?! It's cRaZy.


Spill it, reader.