Friday, April 13, 2012

pleasant little things

* The Fox Cities Book Festival (which I'll be participating in as a presenter this year at 2:30 at the Neenah Public Library this Saturday)
* Muppets
* Still daffodils
* The smell of shredded bark
* Trying new recipe that was healthy, easy to make and yummy to eat
* Mr. T hitting the ball in his softball game--both times at bat!
* Mr. D's baseball team is now 6-1 for their season
* Figuring out a few fixes for my current writing project
* Sunshine (taking the edge off these chilly temps)
* A fun weekend with my family
* The smell of sheets off the clothesline
* A clever Easter Bunny who hid eggs in all sorts of interesting spots while we were out of town

Spill it, reader. Pleasant little things.


  1. grown-up sons who keep the fire going on a rainy day

  2. Gotta love a sneaky Easter Bunny! LOL

  3. That's a LOT of pleasant things going on at your place!

    Last night was so nice out that the 3 of us sat on the porch until 10pm chatting about all kinds of things.
    My daughter is currently blasting some music and scrubbing the tub.
    After she finishes we're going to get manicures.
    Her Sorority Big Sister is coming to visit this weekend.
    Our kitten has started licking our chin if we ask for "kitty kisses"

  4. I need an E.B. like that!

    This peaceful morning I spent fertilizing out in the garden before the rain we're supposed to get later. I love my gardens :-)

  5. Naptime. :)

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend!

  6. Indian Taco Day.
    Short thunderstorms on a spring day.
    Compliments from friends.
    So many things, I could go on and on and on...

  7. Tilling up my garden beds. Planting tomatoes tomorrow.
    Getting rain on our parched land. Major storms this week, yeah!
    My son made the semifinal round in a scholarship app. If he gets it he won't be home this summer. Mixed feelings about this. :/
    Final touches on a baby quilt. Going to try my hand at machine quilting...eek!

  8. Today? Butterflies. Wildflowers. Raindrops.

  9. -playing in the dirt - well, the rock garden
    -my new gardening hat, courtesy of daughter
    -an incredible concert by Chanticleer
    -reminiscing with old friends from college before and after the aforementioned concert

    It was a very emotional weekend, but in a very good way.

  10. Lucky you for still having daffodils. My peonies are preparing to bloom and I'm so excited. I so love peonies.

    My pleasant little things:
    - the fluttering of my daughter's lashes as she nears sleep
    - the public library book sale ($.50 books!)
    - fresh strawberries at the Farmers' Market


  11. A night with nothing to do and nowhere to go! Glorious.

  12. Mr. T's 6 month photo shoot today. Handsome dude!

    the girls matching summer dresses...i love dressing them in matching clothes. They'll hate me someday for it.

  13. I love your pleasant little things! Especially the presenting at the book fest and the Muppets. Boy, do I love Muppets!


Spill it, reader.