Tuesday, May 8, 2012

facelift and face project

We have this wonderful back porch where we keep the windows open all summer to enjoy the sound of birds and crickets.  The screens keep the breezes in and the mosquitoes out.  It's a great room, but I've always hated the concrete floor.  It's practical, but ugly and hard to keep clean.


 I finally got around to staining it yesterday and WOW what a difference a little color made!  The facelift this room needed.  Now the room looks warmer, finished and the stain sealed the floor enough that it should be much easier to keep clean.  I can hardly wait until Thursday when I can put the furniture back in and enjoy morning coffee there again!

Speaking of faces, fellow Derfs know about Mrs. G's Face Project over at The Manor, an effort similar to Jen's SMILE challenge.  In short, real women take real pictures of themselves without apology.  This morning I'm uploading porch photos off my camera and pre-shower, pre-teeth brushing I snapped this photo of myself.  It's about as "just rolled out of bed" as you can get, I guess.  Green Girl, without airbrushing or cosmetic improvements, just au naturale the way God made me:

And this is just lovely, all the bright green of springtime during last week's rain.  Look at that pile of dirt I have to lug over to the potager--you bet I'm waiting for it to dry out before I start digging around in it again.  I want to plant this week, so I better face it sooner than later.

As evidenced in these photos, we are at the tail end of dandelion season.  We don't spray here, which I'm sure makes our neighbors positively ITCHY, but that's a chemical battle hardly worth waging.  Let's face the facts on the dandelion issue, it only lasts for 2 weeks of spring and it's inevitable, whether you wage chemical warfare or not, those dandelions are going to invade your lawn. For a week our lawn is yellow, then for another week our lawn is white and floaty--all kinds of dandelion wishes ready to take flight at the faintest puff of a breeze.  And then the dandelions are mostly gone and our yard looks pretty much like everybody else's until the clover begins to bloom, which is about the best smell of summertime next to charcoal grills and phlox.


In other news, I'm going to vote today--big primary faceoff in our fair state.  Frankly, I'd be happy with either Falk or Barrett, but even Mr. G (at age 7, freckled, funny and sassy) would make less of a clusterf*ck of things than the Current Administration. 

Spill it, reader.  What are you facing in your neck of the woods?


  1. 1. Still thinking about Adam Yauch. (see your email)

    2. A lawn! jelly, jelly, jelly...when I moved in at Casa Encantada, I had a lush back yard...now, it's patchy with a big brown corner. Uunnhh...all the lawns of my life haven't taken much care...what's its deal?! I'll post pictures.

    3. I found out why my body makes kidney stones!...and it is something I can easily fix with more fluids and a low-oxalalate diet! wippity! I can avoid *ever* having another stone.

    4. That is my "real face" in my avatar, with just doodles around it. I don't wear foundation and all that extra unless I'm going out clubbing.

  2. Wow, dandelion season has an end? The only time our lawn looks good is right after the lawn mower glides over it. But that's okay with me. I won't put stuff on it that kills ANYTHING. At least not on purpose :)

    Love your porch room, and the floor looks great!

  3. You've been so busy!

    We don't spray the dandelions either. I just don't like to spray if it isn't absolutely necessary.

  4. Your porch/room is so great. I've always wanted a room like that, especially for coffee time.

    You look great in your photo! Who needs makeup anyway?

  5. I think you look great!

    Staining the floor was a great idea. Our next door neighbors stained the concrete floor in their basement and the effect is incredible.

  6. I'm just thankful the bradford pears have quit blooming. I love dandelions, by the way.
    I'm grateful that my yard has a bunch of trees (although I am VERY jealous of your land) because SC summers are HOT. And summer is here.

  7. Oh, let's see. Facing recall voting, because if the election goes the wrong way... I don't want to think about it. As for the dandelions? My pet bunny loves them. Absolutely loves them.

  8. Love the porch! You look just lovely first thing in the morning! :)

    I'm facing pizza delivery! I intended to try a new recipe for chicken and white bean soup but the chicken was bad! :(

  9. I'm so happy for you!!!! Your "new" porch will be great!!

  10. A morning meeting with the principal of my daughter's high school who has "reservations" about a student who is on contract because she is being treated for an illness attending senior events such as prom and graduation.

    I'm sure you can imagine how this will turn out-why she even opened her mouth to voice such an ill-considered, discriminatory thought is beyond me.

  11. Staining the floor is indeed a wonder and looks great. I voted early but we don't have any big issues at hand. Going to pick up L from school this next weekend, he'll be home for 3 weeks than back for a first session internship. Summer is gonna go fast.

  12. The floor looks great! I wish I looked that good straight out of bed. I need at least a hair brush and a can of Tab to be semi-presentable.

  13. Love the floor looks much better now it has been stained.......bet you are happy that dandelion season has come to an end..........

  14. We have a stained concrete floor in our basement and love the way it looks. Your porch looks terrific!

    ... but not as terrific as you! Love your smiley happy face!!!!

  15. We are in the midst of transplanting the hostas from the north face of the house to the east face of the garage. Looks much better already. Also, we are transforming the potting shed into a green house. The windows are in and framed. We just need to finish the roof.

    And we are on the look out for a riding lawn mower. So far, no luck.

  16. The floor looks great. Our porch had such a transformation when I added an indoor/outdoor rug. It made it seem like a real room rather than just a screened in porch. I finally finished the book I was making myself finish before I start yours. I can't wait to crack it open. :)


Spill it, reader.