Monday, May 21, 2012

in the corners

It's amusing to look in the corners at my house.  Team Testosterone leaves a trail of their life all over the place.  Behold:

A Lego space ship near the Sunday comics--suddenly reading the Sunday comics is as trendy as cherry bomb kickball at Chez Green Girl.


 Toy soldiers, tinker toys, a Nerf bullet, magnet toys and a cow from the farm set.  There's always a battle scene set up somewhere, or I'm stepping over the wreckage of one.


 Always, always, always Nerf bullets.


 And the grocery list--they've added to it since our last trip to the store.

 Sometimes I find good things in the corners--like this pair of sandals with orange stitching that goes very nicely with my new Gidget Dress for a casual look.  They were in the corner of my closet.


Speaking of the Gidget Dress, here I am in the corner of Mr. D's boyhood bedroom at my MIL's wearing the Gidget Dress on Saturday night.  Mr. B and Mr. T directed the photo shoot and this was our favorite pose.  We call it "A Study in Empowerment for Super Heroes."

Told you I look good in that dress!

Spill it, reader.  What's in the corners at your place?


  1. Oh girl, you look FABULOUS in that dress!

    In my house, we tend to find books, E's socks, more books, random Legos, and sometimes (but less frequently these days) doll gear.

  2. There is a guitar or strummed instrument in nearly every corner of the house that doesn't have a book case. Luckily there are no more corners to fill, so we are sticking with 4 guitars, a mandolin, and a banjo. Pshew.

    The dress looks fabulous!! Love the stage directions too :-).

  3. You look like Green Wonder Woman in that dress!

    We used to have any number of legos, cars, figures, and fighting equipment scattered all over the house. It does thin out a bit as they get older.

    Legos hurt a LOT when stepped on. But not as bad as Duplo blocks.....

  4. Damn, girl! You look gooooood!

    Also? I thought Team Testoterone has written "beer" on your grocery list. Heh.

  5. I shall call you Power Girl from now on.

  6. Dust bunnies mostly. And golf balls. Love the dress!

  7. I'd say dust bunnies but they're more like dust kangaroos. And dead palmetto bugs.

  8. corners, hmmm, dust bunnies, furniture, filing cabinets, no toys, farmguys newspaper stash, and after the water disaster last week, the corners in my utility/laundry/sewing/front closet area are sparkling clean.

  9. I'm not saying it just because you said it, but MAN! You look good in that dress.


    p.s. Pick up Magic Shell. :-)

  10. Lots of dust rabbits in my corners. Rabbits are bigger than bunnies, right?

    You look fabulous in the Gidget dress!! Love the found casual shoes, too.

    "Beef" in little boy handwriting on the shopping list cracks me up.

  11. Wow-that is SUPER CUTE!!!
    I love this: ...and a cow from the farm set.
    How does a cow get involved in a battle?? Hilarious!

  12. I love the shopping list.

    In my corners there is probably dust and papers from my aunt's house that I need to go through.

    Your pose in the dress is great! It reminds me of a song we do in aerobics class: Girls Run the World (Beyonce?) Go forth and conquer!

  13. Okay I love that dress! But then I always knew you were a superhero - GG!

    I still find those nerf bullets around my house and my boys are (24 and 27) it's that Zombies and Human game going on - I guess we never grow up.

  14. That dress is spiffy. And you look spiffy in that dress.

    Legos on the corner of the table are far preferable to Legos on the floor where one might unwittingly step on them while barefoot.

    I think we just have pet hair in the corners. I kind of wish the assorted furballs would just go bald and be done with it.

  15. I probably got some dust in my corners if I really looked.

  16. My grown daughter lives at home (sights set on Chicago) and is an...accumulator. My coffee table, dining room table, every counter in the house: all feature piles of yarn, crochet hooks, craft glue, beads, paint, brushes, canvasses, books, fabric, thread, Amazon boxes, nail polish, coffee cups, handweights, a yoga goes on and on. She loves to cook but not to clean. She's fun and great company (I'll miss her fiercely when she leaves) but have settled for the fact that if I want neatness, I must neaten. There are baskets everywhere to corral it all, but they overflow. Yet I'm careful what I wish for: do I want a silent, tidy home and nobody to watch Downton Abbey with for the seventieth time? Nah.

  17. You look great, but I'd bet you look darn good in most things --something about all the playing around with swords and sticks, and spinning and kicking :-)

    We also often have complex scenes in our corners, although not for battles. At the moment, one table has been taken over for a "puff-ball monster" salon, thanks to a new Klutz book.

  18. My youngest son is 19 and I STILL find air soft pellets in the corner every now and then.

    You rocked the dress!

  19. you're the walkin' talkin' BOMB in the dress.
    Go clubbing in it.
    Don't forget to wear some huge sunglasses when you go outside in it.
    (that is: To Die For)

    I just looked again. Also: rock a sixties bag with that f*%ker!!! orange patent-leather shoes. Damn that dress almost walks itself! Good score!

  20. Books. Art projects. Polly pockets. Stray canning jars.

  21. You do look good in the dress now I am jealous.............boys they have a lovely habit of leaving things laying around and in pockets gotta love them


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