Wednesday, May 23, 2012


First, thanks for the encouraging words about living with teenagers.  As I recall, I was a miserable, horrible, wretched morsel of humanity from age 12-20.  Yet when I taught high school, I really enjoyed working with kids that age.  And I still enjoy a lot of teenaged folk, particularly the ball-playing types that Mr. D hires to do all the heavy lifting for me during the summer months.  From my experience being the parent of a teenager seems less gratifying than working with a teenager.  But you've assured me otherwise, so I'm hopeful. 

On to magnificent.  No, I'm not talking Donald Driver here.  I'm referring to Mr. B's BIG PLANS FOR SUMMER VACATION.  He wants to use this as his playbook:

Phenomenal, no?  A kid who dreams of building a go-kart, mastering 8 kinds of knots, installing a pulley system in his bedroom and playing with electricity instead of lounging in front of a video game all summer.  It's like his bible these days, he pores over the pages and is constantly coming up to us excited about something new he's learned. There's a reason I'm particularly fond of that kid. 


  1. Oh, what a wonderful boy!! Knots and pulley, electricity and engines. That's my kind of boy...


  2. I hope you're good at UNtying knots :) We love that book!

  3. We have that book! I think it's cool myself.

    I love working with teens, and devoted my career to it (back when I had one) but I'm terrified of my own kids being teens ;-)

  4. That is all kinds of awesome. And for Summer '13, he could focus on this:

    My girls have both books and have been working on their unisex skills.

  5. Man, I sure do wish you guys were our neighbors. Emma would SO love to have a friend to do those very things with.

  6. Bought the book for L when he was in junior high, it was a big hit. Every home with a boy should have one. I haven't seen the one for girls but I'm going to look it up.

  7. imagination runs the world, and video games are not it.
    congrats on a boy who wants to think.
    teens, can be a pain, I had 6 teen girls in my house at one time ( the youngest turned 13 just before the oldest turned 20), but we survived and now they are all very good friends with each other, in fact they will call one of their sisters when something comes up before they will call me.

  8. I adore Mr. B. :) I can't wait to see the go-kart tooling around the paths. :)

  9. i love it when the kids make PLANS for summer, especially when the plans cost very little money.


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