Thursday, June 7, 2012


Well, the only person to say a word to me about the election results was Mr. D.  And I didn't even hole up at home all day.  It pleased me that civility rules the day up in this part of Wisconsin.

We're moving a compost pile because snakes are inclined to live in the current location and our neighbor lady is terrified of snakes.  Digging out the compost revealed a few interesting things:
1.  We have a TON of worms, busily digesting all of our waste and they do great work.
2.  We have a LOT of really nice compost.  Thanks, worms.
3.  Mr. G really loves worms--he made sure they all got transplanted safe and sound to their new compost pile spot.
4.  Mr. B really hates to work too hard.  He mostly wandered around while his brothers and I put our backs into this project.
5.  Someone threw out a kitchen spoon.  I'd suspected we were short a couple spoons for a while now, so it was nice to find one in the pile.
6.  Those "biodegradable" compost bags?  Are. Not. Biodegradable.  Not by my definition of the word, anyway.

We also moved the sandbox out of the back yard.  Team Testosterone refused to pull out the weeds, so I pulled out the sand and now I have a nice frame filled in with those extra pumpkin seedlings I enthusiastically planted.

Standing in the grocery store the other day with Mr. B I learned that all my "eco-awesomeness" isn't all that effective: 
GG:  Buddy, what are you hungry for this week?  Whatever you want for dinner or lunch, let's grab it.

Mr. B: No, they don't have anything I like to eat here.

GG:  What do you mean?

Mr. B:  I like gas station food.

GG:  Gas station food?

Mr. B:  Yeah.  The stuff you can buy at gas stations.

GG: Dude!  That's like all sugar and chemicals.  That's not FOOD.

Mr. B: Well, I can put it in my mouth and chew it, so it IS food.

GG: All right, then I'm feeding you grass for dinner.  You can put that in your mouth and chew it. 

T-4 days until I leave for Baltimore for the 2012 Screw Iowa Writers Workshop. 


  1. What a job! You deserve a break and Baltimore sounds like the ticket, but why is the Iowa workshop in Baltimore. Oh, because it's the Screw workshop - your smaller group right? Regardless, it sounds like fun.

  2. I've tried those biodegradable bags too. Yuck. Didn't work. Bought myself a compost pail instead.

    Have fun in Baltimore. Such a great city.

  3. Am my house, it's the forks that keep disappearing.

  4. That was a hilarious conversation! I'm sure our kids feel the same way about gas station food, though I hear more about sugar. The 4 year old over here keeps evangelizing about the beauty of candy, urging me to "just try it Mommy, you'll like it".

    Have a great time in Baltimore, enjoy the seafood and company!

  5. Ha ha, gas station food! I'll have to try to remember not to let my boys ever get a taste of it. Sounds like it may be addictive! ;-)

  6. We've decided it's best not to talk about the election either. Too frustrating, and who wants to feel that way in such nice weather?

    I've been using those not-biodegradable compost bags too. I'm going to stop and just use the pail I have. I have to wash the pail out anyway, and those bags are taking way too long to disappear.

    I hope you have a nice break at your workshop!

  7. I thought of you yesterday as the results were showing up online.

    Skater Girl and I frequently have conversations about what is or is not food. She is firmly in favor of all sorts of packaged junk. Much of her likes could probably be found in a gas station. Ick.

  8. You have to love Kids! We keep a pretty strict diet going on in our house. We usually let the kids pick what they would like for their birthday breakfast...pancakes, the good scrambled eggs..biscuits and gravy..whatever their little hearts desire: this year, Jamie chose frosted flakes! (WTH?!?)

  9. Oy! the Wisconsin election.

    You rock the compost project. I was never very successful.

    I love overhearing kid/parent conversations in stores. I heard a small girl on the phone with her dad. She said "Oh Daddy, you're working today so mommy can buy me more pretty dresses?"

  10. Worms. Ugh. {{{shudder}}} But that's funny about the gas station food comment. :)

  11. successful compost means lots of worms. way to go.
    good use on the repurposed sand box,
    and hilarious convo with MrB.
    I have seen the Screw Iowa badge in your side bar and often wondered what??? maybe my brain doesn't function like yours, but that name just sounds bad. any explanation would be appreciated,

    have a great time at the workshop

  12. Very disappointing. All those annoying phone calls and nothing to show for it. And frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it, I am not even allowed to vote. Darn it!

    I want a compost pile too but I have no room at the moment. I cannot keep my pumpkins and zucchinis alive. There must be something in our soil so I am glad you've found a spot in the box formerly known as sandbox. The only two plants that are doing reasonably well are the zucchinis I put in hanging baskets. A local nursery has cucumbers in hanging baskets and I figured I'd try it myself.

  13. Did you find any of my spoons in your compost pile? I have lost a couple, too. I live alone. How does this happen - are spoons the cutlery version of socks?

  14. My youngest son loves gas station food too. If he don't like what I have here he always threatens to walk to Kwik Trip.

  15. The recent events in Wisconsin will ripple across the country. I called my folks to chat about all the hoopla. They, too, are ready for healing to begin.

    I shipped my boy back to Austin for the first summer session. I'm feeling a bit adrift, but he'll be home in July.

  16. The election. Sigh. The Supreme Court has really screwed up our electoral system.

  17. It was so, so quiet at work. We're all weary, and we're all worried. Seriously worried.

    Enjoy Baltimore! Now, don't you come back a Ravens fan.

  18. Grass - I love that! My kid would be so annoyed with me if I said that... I will definitely have to keep that one in my back pocket. ;-)

  19. That is a hilarious conversation with Mr. B! Gas station food, indeed!

    I assume you mean Baltimore, Maryland, my childhood hometown. Baltimorons started the phrase, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." Have fun!

  20. P.S. Don't call them Baltimorons to their face.

  21. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for moving the compost pile. Snakes ((shudder))... Gah.

    Where is it now? I"ll avoid that part of your yard. :)

  22. Here in Charlottesville, the best sandwich shop in town is a gas station. Most of our gas stations now have really good food, so if he was here, you wouldn't question his taste at all.

  23. "Well, I can put it in my mouth and chew it, so it IS food."... = O lordy


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