Monday, July 9, 2012

everywhere I turn, I hear the sound of Darth Vader breathing

The team is into ninjas lately, always sneaking around and jumping out at me.  I feel a bit like Inspector Clouseau, with my own version of Cato lurking around the corner, poised to attack.  This experience is honing my ninja-like reflexes.  I'm constantly listening for strange sounds to tip me off to their location--their mouth-breathing, the creak of the stairs, the footstep.  Conversely, I'm a lousy ninja, my crackling knee joints make sneaking around impossible, so I'm on the defensive all the time.

Speaking of heavy breathing, Mr. G's hyperventilating from excitement as the first of his birthday gifts arrived in the mail.  The kid cannot stand the excitement.  The countdown to his big day continues.  We still don't know when to cram his party into the schedule between games and tournaments, so I'm hyperventilating a little, too.

Early Sunday morning I sat in the library working on Monday's Eco Women post when I heard a steady whooshing noise, like Darth Vader was right above me.  I looked out the window and behold!

I ran outside to get a closer look and heard the whooshing noise right above me--so I craned my neck back and saw another one:

Right above my head like that.

I stood around watching the excitement wearing pajama pants and bed head.  Jax joined me.

They blasted fire into the balloon while it lay on its side, eventually giving it the lift it needed.

And then that balloon floated away. 

Spill it, reader.  What's got you breathing heavy lately?


  1. Hot air balloons in your back yard?! (They look like they are barely clearing the top of that large building.) And ninjas in the house, oh, boy. I would be SO jumpy.

    I love the photos of your kids! I hope your Mr T enjoys scout camp as much as my son did. Mine really loved climbing, which also included rapelling back down the wall. Lots of rope skills involved.

  2. we have light sabers in every room in our house.
    the hot air balloons are so cool, aren't they?!
    have a fun birthday party!!

  3. Love those balloons! I've had ninjas around before. They would jump out and hand candy to unsuspecting bystanders.

  4. Grace gets her cast off on Thursday. That has me breathing pretty heavily since I feel like summer will OFFICIALLY begin then. :)
    Hot air balloons! How fun! I would have been watching in my pjs too. Can't miss that! :)

  5. Not having electricity for a week in 100+ degree temps had me panting heavy. Thankfully, it came back on Friday.

    I'd love to go for a hot air balloon ride - they look so fun.

  6. School starts one month from today. Talk about panic.

  7. This is a week to breathe easy. No deadlines, no appointments, no running around just the dog days of summer slipping from one to another.

  8. Our old house was right in the path for hot air balloons launching on the edge of town (the winds always blew them to a park on the other side of town), so every spring and fall at dawn and dusk, we'd see clumps of hot air balloons several times a week. Here in the new house, we still see them, but more from the side and not directly underneath.

  9. Having EIGHT little kittens in my spare bed room is making me a little slight of breath right now. EIGHT!!!! Just fostering them, so not forever, but still...EIGHT!!!!!

    I love hot air balloons! How cool that they were right there to put on a show for you.

  10. What a cool thing to have happen!

    I'm not breathing heavily, I'm holding my breath--hoping my daughter can manage the maintaining weight/eating on her own.

  11. Cool! It's exciting to get so close to a balloon.

    I'm breathing heavy about the lower temperatures. May they last!

  12. I never tire of hot air balloons or taking a ride in one. I had a nightmare last night that had me breathing heavily and not in a good way.

  13. Ninjas and hot air balloons. Your house rocks. I'm just sayin'.


Spill it, reader.