Monday, July 30, 2012

hoo boy, do I owe you pictures

of that vigorously blooming prairie, baseball players, wetland restoration projects and other fun stuff.  But I'm busy with Olympic viewing, 3 busy boys, the grand finale of the baseball season and keeping the pantry stocked.  Life is overwhelmingly full right now, but here are some highlights:

*  Watching Mr. G crush a triple during his baseball tournament AND snag a fly ball in the outfield.  I'm totally bragging here, but I can't help it.  My boy can play.
*  Running with Mr. T, who is a natural.  He pushes me now.  I've no hope of keeping up with his stride.
*  The neighbor lady bringing back "extras" from the baking she entered in the county fair.
*  A pool full of kids, a yard full of kids, a house full of kids.
*  A party with the other baseball families from Mr. G's tournament team--just a great group of people, we're awfully lucky to count them as friends.  They're great sports, full of good humor, generous, kind, thoughtful and cheer everybody on.
*  Just the best group of coaches--for all the boys this summer.  Each one of them taught my sons something, each one of them was encouraging, supportive and taught good sportsmanship.  And Mr. G was particularly blessed with all of his coaches having a great sense of FUN during practices and games.
*  All the extra ways people pitch in to make a parish festival run well--from grooming diamonds to painting faces to selling 50/50 tickets.  Don't tell the Republicans, but community organizing is healthy in Happyland, Wisconsin!  They got volunteers out in force on many fronts for the weekend.
*  Oh!  Those Olympics!
*  3 boys wanting to know how to do "those strokes" and practicing together in the pool.
*  The first tomato from our garden.
*  Rain.

Spill it, reader--share the goodness in your life.


  1. fresh out of the garden corn on the cob, the pickled beets I made tonight, another grandbaby on the way, camping this weekend with my BFF and our guys. A chance to visit other grandkids and children this past weekend who live 90 miles away. having a good time with my oldest as we chatted and shopped a flea market.

  2. For us it's rain, a garden that survived the hail yesterday, two years olds who beg for more broccoli, the approaching football season, and potty training success.

  3. Life here is quiet with the mini-me at camp. We got exactly one letter the first week she was away - with not one "I miss you." Clearly she's having a blast.
    Meanwhile, on the homefront we've had beer & nachos for dinner more than one night, we watched all of Game of Thrones in just over a week (the Olympics sort of interuppted us) and after a year and a half of knitting here & there, I finally am ready to put together the sweater I've been working on for my better half and finish up. He may have it by Christmas yet.

  4. Rain. Green grass! Swimming. Making beads and jewelry with the kid. A new refrigerator!

  5. Lemon cucumbers fresh every day from the garden-unbeatable flavor and crispness. Kisses from nearly-three-year-old who loves unabashedly. Watching best friend make it thru chemo with all intact-even her dignity.

  6. Yay for Mr. G! I wonder if you will have a future Cross Country runner in Mr. T?
    The good stuff? Riding along with Middle Child listening to her chat on the practice drives. Skater Girl's successes at the Worlds competition. We are completely blessed with awesome coaches who partner with us to build up our athletes, too.

  7. Spending time yesterday with my former next-door neighbor. Met my son for lunch and watched him do a private KungFu class for a very promising 5 yr old. Cucumbers and corn from the farm stand. FLYING HOME TOMORROW after 3 weeks away from my daughter and husband!

  8. I love your brand of summer. It's just not the same when you work full-time. I did enjoy sipping alcoholic Arnold Palmers poolside with friends on Saturday--so it's not all work and no play!

  9. That sure makes for a great season when your son ends up on a fun team with great families and coaches. My younger son just had his team party Sunday night and we played kick ball kids vs. parents.


Spill it, reader.