Sunday, July 15, 2012

oh boy

Mr. G, you are all boy--the stinky, sticky, loud, rowdy, active, always-hungry, silly, curious, rambunctious kind of boy.  And now you are EIGHT, smack in the middle of boyhood.

You're my boy who never quits, from sun up (always the first one in the morning, raring to go) to when you crash, exhausted at night.  You've got one speed and it's full-throttle all day long.  You quit napping at age 2, but when you are done, you are DONE and you find a spot to fall asleep no matter what.  You'll even crash sound asleep if you are tired in the middle of a party.  Live hard, sleep hard seems to be your motto.

You've got so much to share.  Your brothers Some folks might call you an attention whore or a show-off, but your mama knows you just enjoy sharing everything wonderful that you can do.  It's never dull when you take the stage.

You're loud, too.  You are the loudest kid around here.  You're always full of ideas and thoughts, too.  Like the other day when you told me, "Mom, I know how to make a dinosaur not eat you.  You either stay really still or get pee on you."  I asked how you knew that and you told me, "I just thought about it."  Such a smart kid--always thinking. 

But you really are a smart kid--even if the report cards didn't tell me so, I'd know because I've seen you read and do math and soak up stuff your brothers learned in school, too.  Typical youngest, you pick it up the fastest because you're constantly watching everyone ahead of you and copying them.

Might be that you're competitive.  You're a kid who people follow, but you rise or fall to the occasion.  That's why we're always keen to push you a little harder, farther than normal.  We know you'll step up and want to be better than the best.  Hopefully you'll figure out how to be a good leader because it's expected of you.

Even when you're busy competing for first place, you're adoring your brothers.  Your heart is huge.  You love people, from the neighbors you've adopted as your grandparents to your classmates, God has given you a tender heart towards others and I thank Him for making you thoughtful, generous and kind.

Did I mention how active you are?  Always on the move, jumping, running, diving, shooting, throwing.  You've only recently become interested in building things and you've never had much patience for TV.  About the only television you tolerate for any length of time is Wild Kratts and the animal shows on TV like Gator Boys.

We feel so blessed--you're a healthy, happy, hearty specimen of a boy.

And a bit of a ham.

And dedicated, too.  You've taught yourself how to do a kip-up, mastered a 2nd degree weapons form in karate (sais--no one else here knows how to do that), and you practice baseball nonstop.  Even today, after playing 2 games in a baseball tournament in the heat you wanted dad to play catch with you.  

Mr. G, you're one heck of a special kid and I feel very lucky to have you in my world.  You complete our family and we all love you so much.  Happy Birthday, buddy!


  1. Happy birthday to your boy, full on boys are such a hand full and such a joy and give us so much love that we don't know how we existed before they came into our life......

  2. Wait. How could he POSSIBLY be eight already? Now I feel all verklempt, as if he were my boy. :-)

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday Mr. G!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Mr. G!

    Greenie, your birthday odes to your boys warm my heart. Your love, appreciation, and amusement of your boys shines through every word.

  4. Oh my goodness.. what great photos of Mr. G. you posted. Happy birthday big guy!

  5. Happy B-day Mr. G!!!! And what a boatload of beautiful photos to look back on.

  6. There's two kinds of youngest kids--doormats and steamrollers. I do adore the steamrollers!

    Happy Birthday to both of you!

  7. Happy Birthday Mr G! Youngest boys are always loud, they have to be. Enjoy 8!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mr G! I hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Birthday to Mr G! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. G! You are a great kid!

  11. Oh! I have a bit of a crush - happy, happy birthday, Mr. G.!

  12. happy happy day Mr. G! We all adore you up here...especially your two little girl-friends! :)


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