Tuesday, July 10, 2012

sure, it's dry here, but we've got no mosquitoes

I will post pictures of all the awesome stuff going on outside, but I've got a full day ahead and it's not going to rain tomorrow (or the next day or the day after that) so I'll get to it later this week.   Meanwhile, it is mid-summer and life is GOOD here.  Really, really good:

Sent Mr. T off to his first week of camp--in a van filled with fellow Minecrafters.  He spent the entire ride discussing this latest passion and the forecast for his week Up North is pleasant and balmy.

Despite the stress on our lawn, trees and flower beds due to this dry weather, our prairie looks magnificent.  Those plants handle any extreme weather and we've got coneflower, bee balm, black eyed susan, ox eye sunflower and lots of other stuff thriving.  Just a few steps beyond our yard to enjoy a healthy garden.

Seeing Mr. B deepen his faith and dig into his Bible on his own.  

Play dates on the calendar!  For kids of all ages! 

A nest full of baby robins on my potting bench.  They crane their necks and open their beaks at the slightest sound.  Mr. G, Mr. B and I can't get enough of watching them.  If we sit quietly on the hammock for long enough, they forget we're there and we get to watch their mother feed them.

Cooler nights makes for better sleeping and easier weeding in the garden.  Still awfully impressed at the fortitude of these unwanted plants.  And I'm always glad to have my house open again, nothing separating me from the Great Outdoors except a screen (when I absolutely have to be inside).

Swimming laps in the evening when the boys are done splashing.  It's peaceful.  The birds flutter past while I skim through the water, the sky is always clear over head and the colors of sunset add to the serenity of the moment.  Zen in the water.  If I could hook up a "swimming camera" to my head, I would so I could replay the scene over in the winter.

Playing "A my name is Annie, I live in Alaska..." with Team Testosterone and realizing that their knowledge of geography is pretty solid.

S'more pie.  (Probably no photos of that, I bet we finish eating it before I get my camera out.)

Spill it, reader.  What's really, really good in your neck of the woods?


  1. God in all his amazing sunsets, cool nights, very few mosquitoes, bird song, open windows, fresh from the garden veggies, fun friends...

  2. Yes, we have no mosquitoes. Seeing the good? :-)

    After sitting mostly motionless in living rooms for a few days, swimming laps in the hotel pool feels heavenly!

  3. I'm going to Maui in 2 days. And sending J4 to college in 29.

  4. Yesterday I said to J14 "You have to put down Sherlock Holmes and read Tom Sawyer!!"

    He has to read Tom Sawyer before school starts, but he's deep into Sherlock Holmes. Not a bad problem to have!

  5. What's really good is that the temperature no longer hovers around the 100-degree mark!


  6. I'm actually in a foul mood today, so cannot think of anything good at this moment. That said, I'm coming back here later to see everyone else's good things.

  7. There's more good than bad. And that's good. What is S'more Pie? I have to google that because it sounds like something important to know. Maybe you found the camera in time?

  8. That all sounds lovely! There's a nest that I can see out the window while I sit on the couch, in the air conditioning - they're fascinating, aren't they?

  9. No mosquitoes here either....but we have beetles(June Bugs?) something fierce! No itchy bites, but total pain in the behind!!!

  10. An idyllic post :-)

    Really really good is we have power! And water! And it's no longer 100+ degrees out! We're headed to a puppet show at the library today. Hopefully my 3 rowdy ruffians will behave themselves.

  11. S'mores pie sounds like a thing I need to make!

  12. I'm loving this weather, though I do wish we'd get some good rain.
    Grace gets her cast of TOMORROW!!!!!!
    Fresh fruit.
    Tomatoes ripening on my plants.
    My beautiful flowers in my front garden.
    Hydrangeas starting to bloom.
    Blue skies and blue water. :)

  13. It took me a day to think of something really good, which means I'm just in a weird mood. but last night hubby and I sat outside enjoying the stars on a beautiful summer night. WITHOUT mosquitoes! That's very good.

  14. A beautiful nine-pound grandson born yesterday! I drove three hours to get here but he beat me by about ten minutes. I'm here at my daughter's house herding his big brothers (six and two)--they keep me on my toes. It's hot (Sacramento) so we can't play outside except for real early and late, so we may get a bit housebound...but it's all good.

  15. When I get there early, I almost always have the community pool to myself. Love it :)

  16. Lots of free time to spend with the kids doing projects we don't get to do during the year. Traveling to Germany and visiting a city and art galleries I've never seen before (Berlin is wonderful!). Babysitting a friend's puppy with my daughter and bonding over puppy love. Delicious times.


Spill it, reader.