Wednesday, July 25, 2012

we're real loud over here this summer

Boys in the pool yell, shout, splash and belly flop.  Monday night we had 15 in there at once. 

Crickets.  My favorite summer sound.  Their constant chirp is so friendly.

The heavy earth-moving machinery behind us is not so friendly.  Crashing, grinding, growling, slamming, dumping all day long, all week long.  About 60 acres behind our property is getting made over from cropland to wetland as part of a wetland mitigation project.  I've never seen such PILES of dirt--imagine 60 acres--the fill they're moving and bringing in all day long.  The HUGE bridge they made over our creek to get their mega-trucks over.  It's jaw dropping.  I should take pictures over the weekend when the workers aren't there.

The wind rifling through the dry, dry leaves.

The chafing, crisp sound of our feet crossing the burnt-out lawn.

The buzz, constant buzz of wasps.  Such a year for wasps and yellow jackets, hornets and bees.

TB (AKA Tall Boy--the summer help) and I taking out a fresh batch of wasps' nests, armed with long sticks and cans of wasp killer.  We sound like one of those shows on Animal Planet.  "Did you get that one?"   "Whoa!  Look out!"  "That was close!"  "I got it!  I got it!"  "Okay, you get that one over there, I'll cover you."  "Just try and poke it and then we'll nail it with the spray."  "That was close.  There's another one right there."
(Punctuated by the occasional, "Mr. G!  I said to stay by the house until we kill them all!")   TB and I deliver the same dialogue as Turtleman without any rehearsal.  It's all real drama, going down all over the property as we discover new nests.

 The thump of baseball hitting the palm of a leather glove.  The sweet ping of an aluminum bat connecting with the sweet spot of a ball.

Crack-bam!  Crack-bam!  Crack-bam!  Another Nerf skirmish ensues and foam bullets soar past my head.


  1. The bees are awful this year. They swarm the girls' baby pool every time we fill it up. So far we've only had one sting (knock on wood).

  2. ahhh, the sounds of a summer filled with boys! I'd only add one thing..the inevitable whine...the geneva conv. has nothing on the rules of nerf and God forbid someone move the raft while the others are racing to see who can run across them to get to the other side of the pool the fastest!

  3. Sounds like a ton of fun! I like how it's not all about vacations and crazy trips and events. Just the gleefully loud sounds of home. Rock on!

  4. I'll add the sound of a chainsaw, as we are having a leaning tree taken down today.

  5. We have a huge hornets nest up north. We sprayed it twice and they're still flying around. My son wants to keep the nest. Its under the back stairs so I'm not sure how he's going to get that down in one piece.

  6. LOL - I just got caught up on your blog... poor you on the softball team. I can totally relate. My first season of team bowling was much like that. I did improve over time but I never forgot that first year with ladies that I really wanted to be friends with.

    OUCH on the wasps! I'm allergic to stings so I would have been somewhere else while you got rid of them.

  7. Flying bugs freak me out a little because one never knows quite where the things are going. Flying bugs that sting bring on an entirely different level of Yikes!

  8. We have a neighbor currently obsessed with his wood chipper. Your summer sounds are more romantic than mine. Careful with those wasps.

  9. I. love. this. The sounds!

    Photos of how to turn cropland into wetland would be fascinating...

  10. My summer sound is the constant buzz of the washer and dryer as I try to keep up with the laundry.

  11. I miss the pool in the summer. Putting in a pool is on my list of things to do once the college tuition is paid--I want to teach grandbabies how to swim!


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