Monday, July 2, 2012

While our East Coast friends got battered by wind, rain and power outages, it was all sunshine and good times here in the Dairy State.  A shout-out to my pals without power (who obviously cannot read this without power)--in this heat I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it becomes after a couple of days.  And to the Colorado folks--choked by smoke.  The dry weather here doesn't bear complaining about when I look at the big picture.

Our weekend began with some baseball, of course.  Mr. G came home after playing 3 games and practiced hitting baseballs.  There's no evident limit on how much baseball that kid can take.

Then we got ready for company.  There was lemonade, but people drank much more beer and Squirt.  All the kids played together wonderfully--from age 7 to age 15.  We're so lucky to have fun friends.  At one point I was doubled over laughing.

Our favorite dessert this summer is Susan's Lemon Cake.  It's from The Cake Doctor Cookbook which I cannot recommend highly enough.  Served up on a proper cake stand with the cake cover from my Grandma, of course.

Aside from tasting tart and sweet, it also looks pretty because it's a Bundt Cake and turns out looking perfect every single time.

Well, now that I wrote "Bundt" this seems necessary:

It's daisy season. 

On a happy note, my Sunday morning Preschool students at church are doing much better.  Oh! The! Stories! I could tell you.  Our classroom stats are much improved from a couple weeks ago:
0 tears shed
4 climbers on tables
4 meltdowns
1 request for bathroom assistance
2 refusals to participate
3 wanderers
16 chalk pictures of happy faces on the sidewalk outside
1 story about a unicorn named "Twilight Sparkle" (???)
I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon playing Cribbage with Mr. T. before swimming laps. 

Life is so good.   Spill it, reader.  What were your weekend highlights?


  1. Seldom seen company because of the distance between us. It was much appreciated.

  2. I can help you out with Twilight Sparkle, she's a little pony from the very popular with little girls TV show "My Little Pony." Lola loves her too. All unicorns really. And ponies. And horses.

    We played in the yard a bit (weeding!), went fishing, and floated on the lake at my parents-in-law's house. Just lovely.

  3. Our weekend highlights were low in numbers, given all that's going on here in Virginia. But, we did have a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon, that included a lunch of fresh baguettes and some Virginia cheeses.

  4. Yesterday was very exciting. I watched everyone else nap.

  5. One of my weekend highlights was banana cake, which might be my new favorite (lemon scores highly, too).
    Would love to hear more about Sunday preschool...sounds wild!

  6. A road trip with my hub (we really love riding in the car together), a bit of historical sightseeing, Strawberry Daiquiries and Grilled Shrimp and Scallops at a seaside cafe, friends I hadn't seen in 4 years, sunset on the beach. Perfect Sunday.

  7. Summer "drop-in" choir sang my favorite arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the Republic (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has several videos of this version on YouTube) at church yesterday and then a quick lunch with my family of local friends.

    I was laughing before I clicked on the video link! Probably the highlight of my Monday. HEE!!

  8. Is Cribbage a northern game? People down here don't seem to know it but my son and I play a lot. My grandmother played with me to help me improve my math skills.

    We cut down a dead pine and took a road trip to a small town that has EXCELLENT jerky.

  9. Farmers' Market as usual, guitar lesson for Amigo. He is taking to the guitar like Michael Phelps to a pool. We heard him playing last night for two hours in his bedroom!

  10. One of my highlights is reading about you playing cribbage with Mr. T, that's for sure, along with pondering the idea of swimming laps (because it's 12:26 a.m. here and I'm still sweltering).

  11. I am reminded of a baseball story a dad used to tell about one of my son's friends.

    "Dylan used to spend most of each day throwing the baseball up to the roof and then catching it in his glove when it rolled down. Then he turned three." He pitches for Concordia University now.

    My son and I just were just talking about this--when they were 8 my son was the only kid on the team who could catch for him. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Spill it, reader.