Friday, August 17, 2012

bucket list item #2 for summer 2012

We drove 2 hours north the other day and Team Testosterone chattered nonstop the entire way.  Thanks to the oddly hot summer, Lake Michigan was a balmy 72 degrees when we visited.  I was quickly reminded of the soothing effect of hearing the surf.  That rhythmic sound just unravels my nerves like magic.

We saw dogs, dudes wearing Speedos (ew!), seagulls and lots of people reading books.  Everyone agreed it was the perfect day for playing in the waves and playing in the sand.  Mr. T opened the trail mix, took a fistful and wandered to the water's edge.  Behind him a seagull swooped in and began helping himself.

Some of the sandcastles were magnificent.  Ours were pretty standard.

We buried Mr. G.

That's one way to keep a brother out of your hair.

Later, after we dried off and grabbed cheeseburgers we headed up the coast to see a lighthouse.  We arrived 20 minutes too late to tour the inside, but we found plenty to explore on the grounds.

We didn't want to leave.

So we lingered for over an hour and watched the sun move lower in the sky.  Then we pulled out to find ice cream cones.

Do you like my new sunglasses?  My old pair was crooked and Mr. D said they made me look drunk.  These make me look sober and they're super-comfy. 

We reached a consensus during the drive home:  we need to take more trips to the lake.


  1. Very nice sun glasses! We stuck our toes in Lake Superior this weekend. Let me tell you, that lake is not nearly as warm as Lake Michigan. Brrr....

    There is nothing like spending time on the beach, is there? I miss the sound of the surf. It's so soothing to fall asleep to.

    Happy weekend!

  2. What a lovely day! I completely agree about the sound of surf. When asked what my favorite sound is, I always say the sound of water. It's soothing and uplifting.

  3. Anywhere near the water is my happy place.
    Looks like a fun day! I love how your boys like to hang out together.

  4. Jackie O there in the sunglasses! Nope, you don't look crooked at all.

  5. I love Lake Michigan. The last two summers, we spent lots of time at Whitefish Dunes. This summer, we "discovered" Nashota Beach. I'm still trying to figure out how my family has been in Green Bay for 4 decades and we just now realized how amazing Nashota is!

  6. Trips anywhere are fun...well, almost. I love lakes, rivers, the ocean :)

    GLG: Glasses Look Good

  7. Ah, yes, sober sunglasses are a must have.

  8. Looks like a great day - and those sunglasses look amazing.

  9. It's funny--my sunglasses look like that and my son says it looks like I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm faded.

    A day at the beach with the kids is always fun.

  10. That is so awesome. I'm so glad y'all had such a wonderful trip. As you know, I am obsessed with our lake. We are so lucky to have it right here, and yes, the temperature of the water has been crazy warm. So nice.

    I DO like your sunglasses! Very nice! :)

  11. What a fabulous day! And, I'm sure everyone slept well that night.

  12. You look great in your sunglasses! It looks like a lovely trip to the beach.

  13. drunk..? *haha! well THESE shades are TDF. Totally Jackie O, Movie-star, I-could-be-anyone-behind-these-so-leave-me-alone other words, the best kind!! & you're looking very svelte in that!

    ...Lighthouses are so cool, aren't they?


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