Wednesday, August 1, 2012

got those pictures

and then the camera battery died, so I can't upload them yet!

Meanwhile, for those of you Wisconsin bloggers game for a meet-up, the official date is August 7th, noon, my place.  Email me at for driving directions.  Bring a dish to pass, you kids, suits & towels--I'll provide the rest.

In other news, after spending half our summer surrounded by wasps, it rained and the wasps magically disappeared.  The strangest thing.  Naturally, about three hours after I remarked on this phenomenon, I got stung twice right beneath my right arm. 


  1. Can't believe you have had rain.. 40 miles west of Happyland has had NOTHING--

  2. this has been a year for wasps.
    hope they leave you alone from now on.
    have fun at the get together.

  3. Ouch! That's for the stings, that is.

    Have fun at the get-together. I'll be en route from Minneapolis to Denver on that day. I'll be at your place in spirit!

  4. Sorry to hear about the wasp stings. I hate those sort of ironies of life. But good thing there is the get-together to look forward to! Have fun!

  5. After spending most of my life not being eaten by bugs, my legs are covered in bug bites this summer. I think they are all from the chicken house yard - shouldn't they be eating them?


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