Thursday, August 9, 2012

it's not "goodbye"

it's really just "see you soon."  In the spirit of bad things happening in sets of three, the Momvan and my laptop took a puke.  I've been to the garage 4 (expensive) times inside of a week for the dang Momvan and without any computer access since Saturday.  Today I checked in to discover 139 emails including, but not limited to, various editing projects, start of school year, social invitations, tragic news about one of my favorite teachers and baseball equipment drop off dates (which we missed).  My blog reader overfloweth.  I can't even face facebook.  Yet being out of touch for a week hasn't been the worst possible thing in the world--it's oddly liberating. 

Meanwhile, I've seen a couple of great plays, visited girlfriends, gone to the zoo with Team Testosterone, swam (swum?), read, picked tomatoes and booked our family vacation.  The boys have been up to their knees in the creek catching frogs--they've built a frog habitat in an old wheelbarrow covered with a busted window screen.  The trail we've got through the woods has really taken shape.  I've knocked lots of odd jobs off my chore list and we all got new shoes.

And there's the Olympics.  Every night until very late.  It's awesome listening to the boys talk about the athletes--especially the women--with admiration and knowledge.  They know who Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are--and we're all talking about how far, how fast, how strong, how amazing and special they are.  Pretty inspiring stuff.

So, I'll be back next week.  Life is good here, and I hope it's fine in your neck of the world, too.


  1. oh goodness, best of luck on getting things back in shape car and laptop wise. You are right about the liberating part. best of luck with catching up.

  2. The good thing about being off the web is how quickly your muscle memory for real life returns--and you listed all the other, better things that happened while you were "off". The bad thing is how much we all depend on it to communicate: important school stuff, personal news; and the frustration of missing those messages.

    I vote that some of the fruits of your labor (the book!) be earmarked to finance a newer Momvan and a great laptop (A MacBook Pro!--you'll never look back!). Think of it as investment in the family.

  3. Pretty good here.
    We're also watching a lot of Olympic coverage. Mr Sunshine and I are planning a September trip to Nashville.

    I didn't have a computer for the 3 weeks I was at my Mom's, but I had my Kindle Fire, so I could at least read my email and check facebook.

    Have a fun weekend!

  4. Being off the grid can be fun --it's the catching up that's killer :-)

    I hope all the mechanical problems are sorted soon.

  5. Have fun! It's really good to spend time doing other things away from the computer... healthy for the mind and the family too! See you soon.

  6. I am not going to my high school reunion Saturday night, but I am going to the night before party, so that should be fun. 30 years--how is that possible?!

  7. Part of me would really like to be stuck at home off-line. The other part could not keep up with anything without the computer- or at least my phone which has the calendar and e-mail synced just in case...
    Hope you're back up and running again soon!

  8. I sooooo know what you're saying. I've been traveling and getting ready for another BIG trip and writing... it's been crazy and the Olympics - I'm like a moth to a light - keep the light turned off or I'll sit there until the wee hours of the morning - like I've been doing every night watching those superhuman athletic heroes. I can't look away :) have a nice quiet week :D

  9. Yeah. I don't mind it too much when my computer isn't working. Sometimes. ;)
    I hope the get together was a blast. I'm so sorry I missed it. :(
    Glad to hear life is going well. (except for the friggin van!)

  10. I spent the first part of the week completely unplugged, no internet, tv or even phone with my college BFF. I've decided I don't really need to catch up.

    It's been a glorious week. And I'm gonna do it again next week when we head to the beach. It could become a habit.

  11. Where did my lazy summer go?? Things are firing up around here too. Wish I could unplug and finish my book. That said, things are good here. I'll make do with my messy house and the job which--though it drives me nuts--pays bills. I would like to write a book, though. Maybe later.

  12. Busy life. Sometimes much better that way. Keeps you out of trouble.


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