Wednesday, August 22, 2012

of course

Every week I buy bananas and place them on the counter beside the fridge.  Every week.  Today I moved the bananas across the room to the counter space by the phone.  On his way to work this morning, Mr. D said, "Bananas!  When did you get these?" as he helped himself to a couple.

I've spent hours wrapping up a MS and am finally ready to print it and send it to a potential publisher.  The printer ran low on ink about 2/3 of the way through the job.

After rescheduling tickets to a show, no one wants to or can go with me. 

Those bins where I helpfully put all the boys' sporting gear (cleats, team t-shirts, pants, socks, belts, shin guards & gloves)?  Cleaned them out today since it's the end of the season.  They were stuffed full of dirty clothes.  The dirty laundry baskets are 3 feet away from these bins.

My urgency to get this project printed and mail is coupled with Team Testosterone's increased sense of boredom and need to fight.  At a wicked loud volume. 

Thank God there is beer in the fridge.


  1. I am saying 'Oy vey' for you. Have another beer. What else can one do? Hope school starts soon for your boys. I would be tempted to put those dirty clothes in their breakfast cereal.

  2. This qualifies as One of Those Days. Fortunately, they don't come around often.

    Enjoy the beer!

  3. Well I sure hope today is going better than yesterday did. You need a break. What kind of beer do you drink? Just curious. Also, I love the labels on this post. Such perfection!

  4. Yay for beer!
    Too funny about the bananas. Sounds like my hubby. Yesterday he was all ticked off that we didn't have any soft soap to refill our pump in the bathroom. I looked in the closet (where it has been kept every day since moving to this house 3 years ago) and there was a brand new huge bottle. Duh.
    Boys are crazy. But we lub 'em. :)

  5. I hope it's good beer! New Glarus, perhaps, or a Stone Arch from the Stone Cellar brewpub.

  6. Men just aren't equipped with our Uterine GPS Systems. If I don't put things in exactly the same place every time, my husband doesn't see them.

  7. when does school start? we started classes in our area yesterday. Sorry about the ink cartridge.
    Good luck with the publisher.

  8. Of course. Sounds like a day at my house only replace Team T with a gang of squealing 10 year old girls. No one at my house can get clothes in the dirty hamper either. And don't even think of suggesting anyone actually put their own clean clothes away.

  9. This would call for something stronger...say a margarita!!! Cha-cha-cha

  10. Good luck with the manuscript. I bought ink for L, already headed south to Austin, the 3 pack from sam's $67 (eek!) but, hey, you can't be runnin' out of ink!


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