Tuesday, August 28, 2012

she's THAT mom

All day long I squawk at the boys, "FIND SOMETHING TO DO."  I'm forever shooing them away from TV sets and video games all week and offering to help them figure out what to do if they're so bored.  The minute I think I have them settled into an activity, I turn away to try to accomplish something myself (because I, unlike them, have no shortage of THINGS TO DO) and I hear the electronic theme music from the Wii.  And we're back to step one where I'm shouting "TURN OFF THE DAMN SCREEN AND FIND SOMETHING TO DO!"

Because it's summer vacation and for the love of all things holy we live in Wisconsin where you're snowbound for 6 months out of the year with nothing better to do than zone out in front of a screen.


So, last night Mr. T, Mr. B and I rolled in from karate class and found Mr. G (guess where!  You'll never guess ...) in front of the TV.  He'd discovered WWE and was ecstatic.  The holy grail of male entertainment.  Comic book heroes and villains,  and man-on-man violence come to life.  In other words, Nirvana.

The gang starts school next Tuesday, so I had this foggy notion that we'd get to bed kind of early all week in a feeble attempt to put our bodies on a schedule.  After the next commercial break, I told Mr. G (and now Mr. B who sat beside him, breathlessly watching the drama play out on Live Television!) to shut her down. 

Upstairs we went and on went the jammies and in went the toothbrushes.  And then?

Those knucklehead kids started TO PLAY.  In their room.  They dragged out the dusty Brio train set and began laying track.  Mr. G stacked pillows and began practicing the pile drive move he'd learned from Sin Cara.  Together they giggled, talked, stacked, arranged and PLAYED.

Just like I'd been begging them to all day long.

You can imagine my conundrum--remind them that they had all day to goof around and do these things and now it's time for bed OR close the door and let them play it out.  But school starts next Tuesday and I have an obligation to get these goobers on a schedule.  On the other hand, they'll get off schedule over Labor Day weekend when we have plans.  It's so hard being a mom, I tell you. 

You bet I told them good night, shut the door and went to bed.  I think they played until about 10:30 before they dropped.  I guess some battles aren't worth the fight.


  1. Hahaha! Isn't it amazing how they always want to play right at BEDTIME? So crazy.

  2. I have completely given up on the idea of trying to get mine into a bedtime routine until the night before school starts. She does the exact same things Team T does.

  3. I would have done the same damn thing. The first week back to school sucks sleep wise no matter what.

  4. I'd have let them stay up late, but then still dragged their butts out of bed early this morning. They'll be so tired tonight that they can't help but go to sleep. Yes, I am mean like that.

  5. I have exactly your sentiment about the week before school - it should be all about readjusting the sleep schedule. I don't have a team, but only ONE child to get onto the schedule. And I failed miserably. Or perhaps I should say, she failed to get up without being dragged and yelled at by me. I completely sympathize with you making these efforts, for which they should be thanking you. I was NOT thanked for my efforts.

  6. I feel your pain and I'm the mean ol' Grandma telling them to settle, sleep for the morning comes early next week. Ahhhh Grandma, can't we stay up and play just a little while, they say. No, get your hinnies in bed.
    What a drama, these little ones, of summer schedules...that would be...none! I personally cannot wait for school to start again. I've done this 5 times before and soon they will be back with their parents...good luck to them cause Grandma's have earned the right to let them stay up all the night, if they want...but without the TV. Hahahahahahah!!!
    Have a great school year. Good luck getting the lil troopers up.

  7. I so hope mine never discover WWE.

    Brio train tracks are a huge hit around here lately...

  8. I lost that battle many years ago. We all survived!

  9. I have to admit, I decided to forfeit that battle before it started. I figured that when you get up at 9 or 10, it's hard to be sleepy at 8 that evening. But, when you have to get up early for the first day of school, you're ready to go to bed early that night. That's what we did here.

    I'm glad you let them play. That's probably more important than sleep anyway :-)

  10. I am also that mum and had many times when I did just that shut the door and went to the bed and told them not to kill each other or bother me....

  11. I think you are an awesome mama. And maybe playing late last night will inspire them to play, you know, during the day in the coming days. Good luck with this summer-to-school transition!

  12. Track battles . . . sounds like a fun way to spend a night.

  13. i remember battles like that. glad they're over around here. LOL...

  14. Cold turkey is the way to quit summer.

  15. We struggle with the same--not so much the electronics thing since that's pretty tamped down--but the "what should I do?" I am never happier than on the first day of school, I tell you.

    Oh, and the kids TOTALLY start messing around and having fun as soon as we call bedtime. Time to start bedtime at 9 a.m.

  16. We are living parallel lives. This exact scene just played out at my house this week too. And I did what you did, with a sigh, let them play...

    Also, we hit the dells for a gigantic waterpark last weekend too. Weren't the crowds enbelievable??? We went to devils lake the following day to offset. Much more my speed.

    Happy return to school for you!


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