Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Sunday 9:00 a.m. CST
Green Girl is ready for church; teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, dressed and combed.  She's even got her shoes on.  She's stacking Bibles, grabbing her purse and calling Team Testosterone down to load into the Momvan.  After service she's volunteered to help at church and she's got a book to grab from the info booth.

The phone rings.

It's a friend asking Green Girl to join her for a fun morning of paintball. 


Green Girl has ALWAYS wanted to play paintball--ever since she first heard of it while in college anyway (which is quite a long time in both people years and dog years).  She's got very few friends who'd classify paintball as "fun," however.  Heck, she can't even rally her girlfriends for a rousing evening of laser tag and that's the safe, clean, painless version of shooting each other up.  

She's been free to play paintball practically her whole life and would be free by 11:00 a.m. CST.  She could schedule in paintball on a zillion other days, in a quazillion other time slots.  But no.  Her one and only invitation and she had to pass it up.

Damn it.


  1. Oh bummer. I've also always wanted to play paintball but don't know a soul who does. Of course, nowadays I'd probably need to bring a walker. Ha. I'd do it anyway.

  2. Big bummer. I've never been invited, but would love to play. My 14 year old was just invited for the first time for next weekend. I'm thinking of tying my son up, dressing in his clothes, and going in his place. We're the same height. It could work. Right? Too bad Wisconsin isn't closer to Indy.

  3. But . . . but . . . Church is there *every* Sunday! I seriously think God would have understood. Husband and kids? Not so sure :-)

  4. My boys are going to play paintball in a couple of weeks for a friend's b-day party. The place is almost an hour away so they need some parents to drive and its all dads going. I think they're going to play too.

  5. Doesn't it suck sometimes being the responsible adult?!? Sure, you could have gone, but then what backing would you have in a couple of years when team T wants to do the same thing? blah!

  6. Aw, mannnnn! That totally sucks golfballs.

    I would play paintball with you - I've always wanted to do it, too! Although as a slow-moving target I would probably be dead inside of a minute.

  7. I've still never played paintball. Am I missing something and I don't know it?

  8. Good for you, major "get to heaven" points. Putting God first can only be a good thing.

  9. I hope you get another opportunity soon.

  10. Oh no!
    You got major points from God on this one. Church over paintball. Very impressive.

    WHY don't we live closer? Seriously. I would LOVE to play paintball. Or laser tag! How awesome is that???? I don't have many girlfriends around here up for that either. I can't get a group of girls together to do the Dirty Girl either. BAH!

  11. I have Never wanted to play paintball. My kids have asked me numerous times but I've seen the welts on their skin when they come home and I KNOW who the new target would be. That is one target that's not going to make an appearance for them, moving or otherwise.

  12. For some odd reason I've really not given much thought to playing paintball. Which I don't know why cuz it seems like it would be fun shooting neon blobs of paint. But, if I were to make an attempt at it doubdt I'd brake a hip or two.
    Don't give up on your dream, lol!

    Sweet wishes,

  13. Here's hoping you get to soon:)


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