Tuesday, September 4, 2012

conversations with myself.

After spending the last 4 days lounging around, grilling out, drinking beer, golfing, hanging with friends, I feel compelled to spend today swimming while Team Testosterone starts school.  It's hot, muggy, my hair is big, my skin is sweaty and I've got no ambition for anything but reading.

What are you reading, Green Girl?
I've arrived late to The Book Thief party and I'm tempering the violence of the Holocaust with Tina Fey's Bossypants.  Also taking notes on II Timothy for leadership training.

How's your golf game?
Sucktacular.  I took more than my share of mulligans on the course yesterday.  My putting was okay, my driving was decent, my long game put me in almost every sand trap at the course and I lost two balls.  I also found three balls, so in that respect I came out ahead.  I drank a couple of Fat Tire Ales during the 19 holes.

What did you eat?
For years people have talked up this podunk supper club on the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago.  Some friends picked us up Saturday evening to head over there and I could hardly wait.  The place was cute, the service great, I drank that awesome summer shandy by Leinenkugel, the music was live and the view was terrific.  After perusing the expected supper club menu offerings, I convinced Mr. D to split the prime rib and perch for two with me.  Oh, my hopes were high and my mouth watered.  The soup arrived, steaming hot and tasty.  Dinner spiraled down from there.  Worst perch I ever ate.  Terrible prime rib.  In a rare moment I actually gave the dog the doggie bag.

Have you honestly been that lazy for four whole days?
Basically, yes.  I've read a lot, froze several quarts of tomatoes, did a little laundry and sat around drinking beer with Mr. D and various neighbors and friends.  Mostly New Glarus and Capital Brewery beers, though today I'm sticking with coffee and ice water.

What's been the highlight?
From lawn chair to hammock and every spot in between I've enjoyed being unplugged and resting up for the crazy month of September.  But the best was the most darling baby girl our friends are adopting--I got to hold her for quite a while and watch her do cute 11 month old stuff like figure out how to climb up a step and kick her feet in the pool.  She smelled great and her skin was like silk.  I sure appreciate babies more now that I don't have any myself.  I strongly suggest finding one to bounce on your lap for a while if you haven't done so lately.

Spill it, reader.  What was the highlight of your long weekend?


  1. Ours was just a weekend like any other. That's OK with me.

  2. The highlight of my weekend was running a great race with my girls on Saturday. Okay, I ran; they walked/ran. Still, we were there and moving for a good cause.

  3. Laziness was the best feature of our long weekend.

    Wait, you snuck in "froze several quarts of tomatoes" - that ain't lazy, that's work!

  4. My BFF came for a visit! We hadn't seen each other since I went to IL in March, so it was great to spend several days with the person who knows (and understands) me better than anyone else. We went to the farmers' market on Saturday morning and a picnic hosted by a friend of my friends yesterday but otherwise we lazed, talked, watched Big Brother and a couple movies, talked, cooked, and talked. I dropped her off at the airport 3 hours ago and I miss her already.

    The very small downside? I may have to pull an all-nighter tonight to get tomorrow's assignments finished.

  5. My weekend is on my blog--but it was lovely!

  6. Went to Willamette Valley Vineyards - drank more wine than I ever do and actually enjoyed it :D

  7. I had two afternoons mostly without a kid, which was nice. One of those was spent in our pool with a good friend --and no kids!

  8. Sunday was a fantastic day with my in-laws (words I've never before spoken or written). Monday I took Steve and the girls on a "mystery" road trip. The mystery was that I had no plan and no idea where I was going, but I didn't tell Steve that, until we were 5 hours in. I just took a bunch of backroads all through central Wisconsin. We stopped at a couple parks to let the girls run around. Otherwise it was uneventful and relaxing. And for once, Steve didn't have to be the driver!

  9. The GrandLoves are back in school! Yippee! I love them dearly and can't get enough of them but when school starts, I get my free space back. I spent a good share of the weekend with them, recalling the best of the best of summer for their first-day-back-at-school report, and just hung out playing in the yard and at the cabin, took them for a 4-wheel ride and they went swimming and fishing with their Dad while Grams and Gramps stayed at the cabin, read some, played cribbage, drank a cool couple, and genuinely enjoyed the silence. Life is good, no matter what. LovinIt!

  10. I hate it when I go out for a meal and hate the food really pisses me off that I paid good money for food that I could not eat........lol Me if I tried golf I would end up throwing the club and missing the ball.......lol

  11. I want to bounce a baby on my lap for a while. That sounds heavenly. :)
    So does your relaxing 4 day! Good for you. I think that is how summer should be wrapped up. :)

  12. Hello Melissa:
    This sounds to be the perfect lifestyle if, possibly, one forgets about doing a little laundry!! September is, in our view, one of the loveliest of months, still warm but everywhere less crowded.

    Thank you so much for your comment on our recent post and to which we have replied. To see the original, it is necessary to click on 'Load More'.

    We have signed ourselves as Followers and will certainly hope to welcome you again.

  13. That's so depressing that your dinner was awful :-( What a letdown!

    I borrowed a 3 month old last week. Good times! ;-)

  14. This past weekend my town sponsored "Septemberfest". This was the first time we experienced it since we recently moved here. There were 250 crafters, food represented from restaurants all over town, bingo, a carnival, and entertainment throughout the day, with "bigger" bands at night. We live just down the street from where the festival is held, so we were able to walk there and enjoy the festivities. And the best part? We could view the fireworks right from our patio! Does life get any better than that?

    Too bad about your meal. Boy I would have been mad!

  15. We spent the weekend at my parents in law on the lake. Brought in the dock, stored the pontoon boat, cleared some wood, and collected acorns. I wound and felted dryer balls all weekend. I am now officially chemical free where my laundry is concerned!


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