Friday, September 14, 2012

more goodness

A Packer win.  Against the Bears.  Finally the team seems to find their groove.

Bumble Book Club--left full of good food, wine and conversation.  We read Mudbound.  Great choice.

Chocolate cupcakes.  With chocolate frosting.

A red squirrel hauling acorns across our back yard.  He's so darn fun to watch.

A walk in the woods with Jax.

This path through our property, such an achievement of labor!  Thanks, TB, for helping to make it happen this summer.  No more tripping on tree roots or snagging my cross country skis on rogue branches.

Spill it, reader.  How is life good?


  1. Yay! Yesterday was a good day to be in NE Wisconsin.

  2. Rain and cool, crisp, air! A fleece and a warm kitty.

  3. LOVE that path!

    Yesterday we spent 11 hours at Disney with my 7 and 9 year old nephews and their parents. In 11 hours, not one single whine or complaint or mouthy remark. They are great kids and the one named after my husband is the funniest little character. He cracks us up. He and I dislike the same rides, so we sat out and had some good conversation.

  4. Wow - love that path. Looks so restful and inviting.

    Red squirrels? cool! We just have the gray kind down south.

  5. Another thing to add to my Wisconsin to-do list: Walk on that path in those woods. (And hopefully sight a yeti along the way.)

  6. Peace, quiet and no walking on eggshells at my house. I adore this empty nest. I hope I don't see any of them until Thanksgiving.

  7. A circuit court judge just ruled Walker's Act 10 Union Busting Law unconstitutional - whether the WI constitution or the U.S.

  8. Yes! A Packer win is a good thing! We watched with popcorn in one hand and the rest on the floor with every interception!!!!
    I've been putting the garden in it's place before it gets any colder. It came too close to a hard freeze last night, and we are looking at 2 more nights like this. Brrrr. I want sunshine and lollipops.
    Been tripping over my own feet so would appreciate a walk like yours. It looks great.

  9. Life is good when I see photos of trails, and it's good when I read the happy words of a really good woman.

    It's also good when I'm about to go run a trail race in the morning (see: my aforementioned love of trails), when my tummy is full of pizza, and when the mouse in the basement has been disposed of. Oh, yes, and as Daisy noted: there are smart circuit judges in the world.

  10. Life is good here too !~! I am finishing quilts that have languished for weeks and building new ones like a woman possessed by a creative surge that won't quit. Your property just gleams with love and fun places to explore.

  11. A Wayland Pioneer win!! 26-23. The day was overcast and 61 degrees, a perfect afternoon to sit in the stands and cheer.


Spill it, reader.