Wednesday, September 12, 2012

of gangsters and chickens

I have to confess, if I wasn't already 4 seasons deep (and deeply committed) to Sons of Anarchy, and if last night's season premiere were the very first episode I ever saw, I'd never watch the show again.  Good gravy the body count was high.  At least 3 times I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands.  If I were Jax Teller, I'd be skipping town, losing the leather, changing my name to Dwight Vanderloop and selling appliances somewhere nondescript and quiet.  (Kids!  Don't become gangsters!  Nothing good comes of it!)  I'm still processing all the violence and wondering where this season will bring us. 

Also?  It's jarring to see Katey Sagal as Gemma at night and then catch her as Peg Bundy a few hours later while flipping through the channels to find a weather report.  Speaking of weather, how weird is it that the mold count is through the roof when it's been so dry?

I tossed and turned, sleepless last night from my mind getting boggled.  Did anyone else see the gorgeous crescent moon?  And the buzz of crickets--I shall miss the sounds of summertime.  Barefoot with windows wide open--best kind of season I know.

In other news, Mr. T ran in his 2nd cross country meet and beat his last time while running a greater distance.  According to my on-the-spot reporter (and sports analyst) Mr. D, he dug in deep during the final stretch and beat out a couple other runners.   To all you moms out there worried that your kid won't find their groove, I'm here to tell you that middle school is a great time for some to bloom.

Mr. B has informed me that he'd love nothing better than a chicken for his birthday next month.  He'd like to be a farmer's son, and would feed her seeds and gather her eggs every day.  He plans to use old fencing in our garage to build a coop to keep Jax (the dog, not the motorcycle gangster) away from her, and when the chicken dies, we'll have it for supper.  Mr. D explained to him that this would require a rooster as well. 

Mr. B:  Why?  All I want is one chicken.
Mr. D:  But you can't have eggs with only one chicken.  That's not how it works.  You need a rooster too.
Mr. B:  I don't understand.
Mr.  D:  You need a male and a female to make the eggs.
Mr. B (stunned by this revelation of sexual reproductive systems, and, probably, where eggs come from):  You mean chickens are like humans?    That really stinks.

Spill it, reader.  Did you watch SOA last night?  Were you as stunned and disturbed as me, or am I getting old and prudish?


  1. Hello Melissa:
    For several years we kept chicken. Not quite as straightforward as Mr. B possibly imagines, and rather more work. On a point of something, hens do actually lay eggs without the need of a cockerel to fertilise them.

    As we do not have a television, not a hope of seeing 'Sons of Anarchy' or, indeed, anything else.

  2. What she said above - you don't need a rooster for a hen to lay eggs, but chickens are social creatures, you can't have just one, they need company. They are good fun to watch though. I find ours highly entertaining.

  3. He wants a live chicken for his birthday. That's cool. But I was under the impression (and I'm not a farmer's daughter so I could be mistaken) that you only need a rooster if you want little chicks to come from those eggs.

    I would never make it through 2 minutes of SOA. Last night we watched an episode of Doc Martin in which, uncharacteristically, there was a knife and a gun. It was nearly too much for me, even though the only creatures that died were birds.

  4. "Mr. B (stunned by this revelation of sexual reproductive systems, and, probably, where eggs come from): You mean chickens are like humans? That really stinks."

    I just singed the inside of my nose from snorting coffee while laughing. Must remember to put coffee down before reading your blog.

    I can't wait to share Mr. B's revelation at dinner tonight.

    Congrats to Mr. T on a meet well run. I can't wait to share that at dinner tonight too.

    (Yes, we talk about our Wisconsin peeps down here in the Vee-ay.)

  5. You have a mold count with the weather? We get pollen counts in the spring....

  6. Oh, great. I started watching SOA on Netflix because of you, and now I have this to look forward to? I have to dole it out an episode at a time, with recovery time in between, because it is so gruesome. I guess I still haven't developed enough empathy for that happy little family in their dear little burg to appreciate all that unadulterated violence.

    On a parallel note, my daughter's longing for "happy eggs" has us tossing around the idea of having a couple of hens; I'm sure once we got our overalls broken in she'd up and move back to Chicago and I'd be tied to farm life for the rest of their chickeny lives.

  7. You know, when you now correct Mr. B's and Mr. D's understanding of how you can actually have eggs without a rooster, Mr. B is going to be confused for life :-)

    I'm glad OTHER people have chickens, and I can buy the eggs.

    I'm a wuss when it comes to TV. Emma and I are watching Castle on the nights Rob is teaching --I love Nathan Fillion, and it's not terribly realistic. And the body count is usually quite low.

  8. ~ whew! glad your readers are on the ball. & woohooo! extra vocab points to Jane and Lance Hattatt for cockerel !! Lovesit!!! Yeah man...I think y'all should get a chicken!!! How fun would THAT be!! Plus...some chickens lay green and blue and brown eggs...not just "regular" white ones like at the supermarket...neat-o! Lots of different kinds of hens, too!

  9. I'm a big SoA fan . . . and last night was a bit gruesome. But I'm still glad it's back. And I LOVED the Jimmy Smits addition.

  10. No, Mr. B is in luck! You do not need a rooster to get eggs. You will get more eggs with a rooster, but you'll get eggs either way, they just won't be fertilized eggs without. Which doesn't matter, unless you're planning on hatching out some chicks :-) They taste the same whether they're fertilized or not. I think a chicken is an excellent bday present.

  11. YUM home grown, yard run eggs are so much more flavorfull then store bought pale yolk eggs. Chickens that eat bugs and run around your yard picking up seeds have deep yellow almost orange yolks. They are really better for you and they taste better too.

    yes, Chickens lay eggs without a rooster on site.

    yes, more then 1 chicken would be a good idea. Chickens lay eggs about every 28 hours, so you get about 1 a day. if you all want eggs for breakfast or sunday brunch, you need to have more then 1.

    Araucana chickens lay eggs that are not white or brown, they can be green or blue or pink. then there are the chickens with feathers on their feet, or the ones that are bald.

    They are great on bugs in your yard and leave fertilizer in various places as well as the floor of their chicken house so the kids can have a whole lot of fun cleaning out the chicken house and hauling it to the garden.

    Actually with the size of acreage that you have, chickens would be good. keep them in the chicken house until about 1 in the afternoon. That way they will lay most of the eggs in the house. Let them run in the afternoon and they will be ready to go back in the house in the evening so they can get shut up over night.

    let me know if you are really interested, I kept chickens for many years.

  12. Well all I have to say is if chickens can have eggs without a rooster, then why do we have roosters?

  13. If I didn't live in the city, I would love a couple of chickens.

    I stopped watching SOA halfway through last season...I was having anxiety issues. I am not sure I'll watch this season.

    I believe what you said about middle school.My niece has ADHD. She has never liked school and was a beast in the morning. She just started 6th grade and my SIL says my niece is cheerfully getting up in the morning and really likes school. She has discovered lacrosse.


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