Saturday, September 1, 2012

on the domestic front

This week Mr. T began cross country.  It's a new sport for him, a fresh attempt at finding his niche.  His first meet yesterday went fairly well--he came in among the first half of the runners, a bit better than most of his team, but by no means the fastest.  We noted his time and remarked that now he can work to beat that at his next meet.  He seemed pleased with how things went and enjoyed the experience.  The rest of Team Testosterone was chuffed that there wasn't a clearly marked concessions stand--what's the point of going to a sporting event if you can't bleed your mom's wallet dry? 

I've got BUSHELS of tomatoes.  I offered some to TB, who laughed and said his mom had asked if I wanted any of HERS.  In particular, I have scads of these wonderful heirloom Roma tomatoes.  Fortunately, I also worked out a scratch sauce recipe everyone will eat without complaint.

We schlepped all the supplies to school and I went on my usual tirade about why a teacher might possibly require 20 boxes of gallon-sized plastic baggies, 20 boxes of sandwich-sized plastic baggies and 20 boxes of quart-sized plastic baggies.  I also ranted about the damn sanitizing wipes.  It might have gone a bit like this: Back when I taught high school I had 5 sections of 25 students trek through my classroom EVERY SINGLE DAY and do you want to know how sick and filthy the desks got?  They didn't.  Back in my day we were TOUGH and built up a RESISTANCE to germs and bacteria.  Y'all are WEAK I tell you.  WEAK and CODDLED.
That said, it does seem unbelievable that half of what I spend on "School Supplies" is technically categorized as "Food Storage" and "Cleaning." 

Cleaned another closet, hauled another pile of stuff to the basement.  I honestly didn't expect to bring a van-load to the thrift shop anytime soon, but there you have it.

The empty chair jokes on the internet slay me.

I'm kind of looking forward to watching TV soon because I have a healthy stack of sewing/mending projects to attack.  We're shuffling karate pants because Team Testosterone keeps getting longer legs.  Mr. G's an excellent seam ripper, but I have to re-stitch all the stars to the new pants. He's asking for more stars to rip off clothes, says it was a fun job. 

Finally, my book is at a library--how cool is that?


  1. AAACCCCKKKKK!!!! That is SO EXCITING that your book is at the library! Seriously! SO EXCITING!!! On my last trip to our local library (maybe last week?) I looked for your book. That is so awesome! And the pick of the month to yet! Woot woot! Congratulations! :)
    What the heck do they need all the bags for? My kids go to a parochial school too, so I assumed our supply lists would be similar (they seem to need more supplies than public schools) but we didn't need to bring in ANY bags or sanitizing wipes. Most of it was typical markers, pens, pencils, folders, notebooks with paper towels, hand sanitizer, and kleenex thrown in too.
    Good luck to Mr. T in cross country! I think one of the toughest parts of growing up is finding what you are passionate about and good at. Finding that niche. Once that happens the self esteem always seems to follow in loads.

  2. To used the British form of "chuffed":

    I'm chuffed that "Whipped" is at your library!

    I'm also chuffed that Mr. T is doing cross-country. My girls are fencing this year, but I'm hoping that one or both will consider track in the spring.

    I wish I could help you unload some of those tomatoes to my kitchen, as we got ZERO from our garden this yera.

  3. Totally cool! Congrats.

    I hear you can freeze tomatoes whole - plop them in a bag in the freezer, when you take them out, run them under hot water, the skin pops off and voila, you're ready to go. I haven't tried that myself, but I bought two large boxes of tomatoes at the farmers market this morning and am already slightly over the canning process, so I may try it.

    1. YES, I have done that and it's true! Dump the frozen tomatoes in hot water, and the skins just slide off. They work really well for cooking.

  4. Ernest is back to his usual schedule of cross country in the fall, cycling the rest of the year. Hooray to the awesome taste of your library.

  5. That is Super Cool that your book is featured at the library! It is in my private library here at home (of which I am the librarian) and I recommend it highly. I enjoyed it immensely!

    Does EVERY parent contribute 60 boxes of plastic bags? because that's alottalotta bags.

  6. I started refusing to buy anything "anti-bacterial" regardless of what the school asks for. I'm not going to contribute to the growth of super-bugs. We had to get two rolls of duct tape this time. No baggies, but SIX rolls of paper towels from each kid!

    That must be such an awesome thing, to have your book at the library AND the pick of the month. Awesome!

  7. Congrats on the book at the library. Any gal who works the word chuffed into her blogging certainly deserves it!

    Can you share your sauce recipe? I have canned tomatoes so many times, but I've never been satisfied with the recipes I've tried.

  8. I love the look of your book on that library shelf, am jealous of your tomatoes, and am mystified by this school supply baggie order. That's a thing???

  9. Congratulations! It's a great read! P.S. If you haven't already watched this, do:

  10. How fun (and well-deserved) is that library pick!

  11. Can't wait for your book to be in my own personal library!!! Congrats!!

  12. In the library and a pick of the month, that's super!

  13. My copy of your book is in Illinois right now with my Sister in law.

    Tomatoes - I wish I weren't so busy with school starting. I'm chomping at the bit to make salsa and sauce. I have too many for salads, but not enough for canning. Yet.

  14. Tomatoes! We gave up mid-summer as did many around us, no tomatoes here. Congrats on seeing your book at the library, it's a great feeling. Good luck on the start of school!


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