Sunday, September 16, 2012

signs of fall

I sucked it up, unclenched my grasp on the shreds of summertime and began closing up the pool.    It pained me to stack the chairs, but dagnabbit, I'm leaving the hammock in place for another month!  I also began yanking out the dried out and dead plants from the vegetable garden.  The watermelon that grew never ripened.  I carved open the largest one, slightly bigger than a football, and it was white, full of seeds and tasted weird.  Watermelon FAIL.

I also tore apart the small pumpkin patch, trekked the vines to the fire pit and artistically arranged the pumpkins in my front yard. Everything's tinged with gold around here, and the green is fading fast. 

On a recent trek through the prairie I caught this guy, busy as a bee.  Actually, he IS a bee.  The bees, grasshoppers, flies, dragonflies, beetles and box elder bugs are out in force.  Thanks to the dry weather, the mosquitoes aren't bad at all. We have some gorgeous cranes hanging out on the back forty and I'm seeing more squirrels than ever before.  And the birds!  If you're a birder, you'd love to visit me.

Another sure sign of fall is hunting.  This sign in a yard up the road from us really cracked me up:

A sign of fall and phonetic spelling.


  1. Yikes on the spelling fail. There are NO signs of fall here, but there are clear indications that climate change is real.

  2. we've got deer and deer stands. The guys have been dove hunting, the soybeans are being combined, and even some corn.
    I have to figure out how to get all the tomatoes covered cuz it is going to freeze this week and they are soooooo slow this year. The watermelon are not too bad. could be better, but not too bad and there are still 8 out there. The squash are still going great guns, but will be done when it freezes tomorrow night. The pole beans have really just started, but don't know if covering them will work or not. Have to cover the peppers too. Time to dig the carrots. and the onions.
    how old is the neighbor that made the sign?

  3. It's looking much the same here in Maine, but I'm beyond ready to be done with summer. Hot and humid are not my friends. Bring on chilly nights and gloriously colored leaves!

  4. The dogwoods here started turning early -- last month, but it's a slow process here and they're nowhere near their peak. Other trees will probably start turning in another week or two.

    Our garden was a big fat fail this summer. I've already ripped out everything in the veg/herb section, except for basil, which I'll cut back one final time this week.

    I'm leaving the zinnias, sunflowers, and cosmos in for another couple of weeks.

    We're still getting highs in the 70s, so while I'm happy it's cooler, it's not yet cool enough for me.

  5. Ha! That could be a new country - Treestan.

    Too bad about the watermelon. We are still getting a few tiny cherry tomatoes from our hanging planter, but my flowers are pretty much done.

  6. I have a lot of green tomatoes. So many of my tomatoes split from the heat this summer --now I have this lot of green ones that look great, but I don't know if they'll ripen. Between me and the wasps, we seem to have stamped out that hornworm infestation.

    The only thing that's really making me think of fall yet are the cooler nights. It's so great to have the windows open, and enjoy the softness of a flannel top sheet.

  7. Hubby tried growing watermelons too but like you he failed the didn't rippen he has most luck with tomatoes and carrots and spinich but as I say he won't know if he doesn't try

  8. As was my Saturday, on Sunday I, too, pulled up the garden plants both vegetable and floral. We prepared all the beds and replanted fall color. One of the few times I squat all day and can't walk the next! We are still green as the rain is falling and transforming the brown, which can continue well into December around here. Fall colors are so totally in my color wheel.

  9. "Tree Stans"...OMG.

    Your fading, time-to-go-to-bed garden reminds me of my own; we're expecting our first threat of frost tonight, so we pulled in some fuschia in the hopes of saving it, even having it winter over (!!), but I dread looking at all my still-hanging-on colorful beauties outside tomorrow.

  10. Tree stans? I *heart* the Midwest. I truly do. Because little editor me had to look at that photo twice to figure out what was so funny.

    Sorry about the pool closing and pumpkin fail. You could always get a tree stan to make up for them ...

  11. LOL over tree stans. Bummer on the watermelon. I didn't grow it this year. Went with cantaloupe instead, which the rabbits got to before me.

  12. Gotta love the tree stans.

    Summer has come to an end, has it not? And I know this goes against what a reasonable midwesterner like myself should be hoping for, but with this long dry summer I'm actually wishing for a very snowy winter...

    Remind me that I said that, oh, sometime in January...



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