Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It started Monday night while at karate class--the pain gripping my skull, twisting behind my ears, down my neck, across my forehead and even through my teeth made me want to vomit.  I shuttled the gang home early, skipping our 2nd degree lesson in a traditional Japanese-style open hand form which I shall phonetically spell as "Nung-duck-dong."  Or was it "Muck-luck-wong?"  I can't remember. 

Anyway, I woke up yesterday a snot-gobbling, aching, feverish wreck. Since the vise squeezing my head entitled me to a sick day on the couch, I contemplated what slothful vices to pursue.

Television seemed easiest, but did you know that even with 60-odd channels, there's not a damn thing interesting to watch in the morning? 

I thumbed through books, but the whole focusing on print made my stomach woozy.

My biggest vice is playing mah-jong on Mr. T's ipod touch, but Mr. D hid it from me (good call, he is wise indeed) and Mr. T changed his user password (another good move--these dudes don't stage interventions when I've got a gaming addiction, they just cut me off cold turkey).  No mah-jong for this mama.

Internet surfing?  Again with the focusing of the eyes and the stabbing painpainpain of the ol' noggin.  (Besides, is it just me or have people stopped posting much lately?)

I lay against my pillows too hepped up on cold medication to nap.  Perhaps a movie would entertain and relax my addled mind.  Something light and refreshing, no hard-edged drama, no kung-fu, no car chases, no deep reflection on the human condition. 

This is when I realized I have a weakness never before detected  Here's a list of the movies I considered watching:

Notting Hill
Love, Actually
Sense and Sensibility
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones:  The Edge of Reason
American Dreamz

That last film aside, do you see the trend? 

'Tis true.  I've got the Hugh Grant Film Collection in my DVD library.  (Except for Four Weddings and a Funeral, that's VHS, yo.)

Admit it, Green Girl, you have a thing for thing for foppish British fellows like me who blink excessively, stammer and run their hands through their thick brown hair.

Guess I do.  Who knew?

I blew my nose, adjusted the heating pad and indulged.  (Though it must be said that Rowan Atkinson totally steals scenes in Four Weddings.  And is it just me or was Andie MacDowell just flat and weird in that part?)  I prefer him best as Daniel Cleaver or William Thacker, how about you reader?

Thankfully I rallied by evening and was able to stay awake for my other, more disturbing vice, Sons of Anarchy.  (Loved how Opie returned to Jax's side.)  Today I'm running at 80% and thankful the pressure's off my head.

Spill it, reader.  What vices do you turn to when you take a sick day?



  1. Love Hugh Grant. Meow!

    And Mr Darcy.....

  2. You missed About a Boy, one of my Hugh Grant favorites.

    My favorite sick day watch is Victor/Victoria. Every time. It never fails to pick me up.

  3. I just stay in my stinky jammies, flop onto the couch and flip TV channels until I fall asleep. Sort of like a sloth.

    Hope you are doing better. It stinks to be sick.

  4. Hugh Grant is a good choice for when you need some lighthearted entertainment. Say, I see Opie is on Sons of Anarchy (I don't watch it). Did sweet little Opie from the Andy Griffith show grow up to be in a gang? If you read my recent post on my blog, you know my choice: The Andy Griffith show, and I bought the first season last month.

  5. Oh, definitely About A Boy! It also has Toni Collette, if you need even more incentive. (Go ahead and watch In Her Shoes while you're thinking about Toni.) And get well soon!

  6. Lime sherbert. Only time I eat it is when sick. Strangest thing. Hope you feel better!

  7. Those movies are all on my list of favorites as well --I just revisited The Englishman Who Climbed Up A Hill and Came Down A Mountain (I think I've got that right) with Emma. Four Weddings and a Funeral is one of my very favorite movies (Andie McDowell is totally flat in it) because not only does it have Hugh Grant, but also John Hannah, who is fabulous in that movie --when he reads that poem?! Marvelous! I also love Notting Hill because of the supporting cast of Hugh Grant's family and friends. I need to buy Notting Hill so I can watch it with Emma :-)

  8. I am very heavy on Hugh Grant in my Ironing Board Theatre collection as well. I think I have never laughed so hard, though, as I did after seeing Hugh and Colin Firth interviewed about it, when I watch their girly fight in the second Bridget Jones movie. It is hilarious after seeing the two of them joke about what big cissies they were.

    Feel better soon!

  9. I've caught some sort of funk too. Thankfully my throat is feeling better, but the headache!!! Gag...think I'll go upstairs right now and try the floppy british remedy (sounds much better than the apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper one that I was about to concoct).

  10. It never occurs to me to watch a DVD when I'm sick. I usually just lie around and nap.

    I hope you'll perk up soon because the world needs your energy to keep spinning properly.

  11. I hope you feel 100% better soon.

    I haven't had a lot of success in entertaining myself when I'm sick. I can barely figure out how the TV works (which remote do I start with?) so I would be stuck.

    Do I glean from the comments that there is a movie with both Hugh Grant AND Colin Firth in it? I am not a big movie person, but I think I will have to see this Bridget Jones movie.

  12. William Thacker, hands down. Notting Hill is one of my very, very favorite movies ("After all, I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.") And it is one of my go-to sick day movies, along with Sex and the City. If I had the Friends series on DVD, that's what I would watch.

    Another vote here for About a Boy. It's a lovely movie. I also love Hugh in Words and Music with Drew Barrymore. He's so very Hugh and she is so very Drew. Mad crush all the way around.

    IMO, there is not much redeeming about Andie McDowell's acting. Ever. I love Groundhog Day, too, and she is flat and weird in that part as well. She does have gorgeous hair, though.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  13. Strictly Ballroom. I watch that when I'm blue, when I can't sleep, when I'm sick. Possibly my all-time favorite movie. I love me some wacky aussie hijinks.

  14. Rice pudding. It always helps.
    I love Hugh Grant too.
    Feel better and get well soon!

  15. I get in bed and stay there until the evil illness leaves my body.

    I watched the first episode of SOA. A lot of it was with my hands over my eyes....ohhhhh poor Tig. But Ooohhhhhhh Jimmy Smits.
    Tim got me caught up to date on what I missed last season, so I'll keep up with it this year.

  16. I'm with Smalltown Mom--loved both the book and the film, About A Boy.

  17. "I think David Cassidy said it best in his Partridge Family years, I think I love you".

    I curl up on the floor in the fetal position and wait to finish dying. No cable is rough when you're out for the count, but when I start feeling more human, I watch the lovely PBS channel "Create" all day long.

  18. Love all those movies. Love them. And for some odd reason I love Hugh Grant too. Although only in movies and not at all in real life. Strange, usually I have to like the person in real life to like them in a movie, but not with him.
    I hope you are fully recouped now. My Ben has a today (for the past few days actually) and he is quite the trooper. I never realize how good my kiddos are when they are sick until I come down with the same thing and feel AWFUL. ;)

  19. Laura
    Hmmm, I just had a similar day and watched Gilmore Girls all day. But I love Hugh Grant and yes Andie McDowell is weird in that part. Yes, people have stopped posting. I found you looking for new blogs to read!

  20. Laura
    I just had a similar day and watched Gilmore Girls all day. I love Hugh Grant and yes, Andie McDowell is weird in that part. Yes, people have stopped posting. I found you looking for new blogs to read!


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