Thursday, September 27, 2012


That's what the computer guy said it was.  It took him hours to diagnose and fix, but things run much better ever since.  I'm relieved I didn't lose anything either.

When a girl's offline she's got time to take long walks in the woods and reflect on important stuff.

Like how two men can look at a ball and see two different outcomes to a football game...

and how Opie could give himself up for Jax just like that.  (I couldn't watch.  I knew what was happening and that was enough.)

When you're not staring at a screen, you have time to look up

and down

and all around.
Let me tell you, the view here is good.  Team Testosterone is headed to Sunday's game together (Mr. G's first time at Lambeau!).  I'm waiting on word about a manuscript submission.  My Tuesday night Cubbies are a great group of rugrats and my team of leaders is unbelievably solid.  The house is clean, the leaves are turning gold, we have a bushel of crisp apples and I made a pie.

Life is good.

Do me a favor, will you, reader?  Head over to my pal Jen's and give her a cyber hug.  Thanks. 


  1. I love to unplug at least once a week. It feels good not to have my face in front of the screen. I'm glad you enjoyed your time!

  2. It's a different world when one is forced to look away from the monitor.



  3. It's funny how amazing the world looks when the screens are turned off--part of the reason I've been so vacant from my own little blog! Mmmmm Pie!

  4. For a gal who doesn't love Fall, you sure are great at enjoying it! We've spent a lot of time in the house recently, because of an ugly cold the girls and I have. Yesterday, they begged to go outside, despite the ever-running noses and my wicked body aches. After two hours of saying, "no," I gave in. A walk to the park, some time to play, and a walk home that included watching a cement truck unloading, was just what we needed. The day turned around and we were all happier in the afternoon.

  5. Beautiful pics. And I LOVE your new banner.

  6. I love the photo of "looking up" into the leaves. And I love the thought of homemade apple pie.

  7. At first, I thought the last photo included a black bear cub. Perhaps I should get my glasses tweaked.

    I can't wait to hear about Sunday's football outing.

  8. Good luck on your manuscript!!

    Glad you didn't lose anything!

  9. Fall is in the air indeed. And, I love your Halloween deco on the front porch. Nice!
    Sometimes I wish I didn't have a computer, but since I do, well it's my fate to be addicted to a little box with little keys that make little thoughts for others to read. Just me.

  10. Best thing about Sunday football? NO REPLACEMENT REFS!

  11. A nice walk sure clears the head! Beautiful photos! Glad your computer could be fixed - AND that you didn't lose anything!


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