Monday, October 22, 2012

and that's a wrap

After passing his qualification test Saturday afternoon, Mr. B asked me if I could quit karate so he could be the first in our house to earn a 3rd degree black belt and outrank everybody in the house.  I told him I'd consider it, but I'm not getting any younger ... could we test together?  He said that would be acceptable.  You know I'm not about to get into an argument with a 2nd degree black belt.

So there's the middle kid struggling to get out of a choke hold during the self-defense portion of his test:

He had to kick, punch, strike and spin a little, too.

Mr. G (he's on the left) did really well.  His stances were much improved during his open hand forms and he has some wicked spin kicks.

Their run times were fantastic, too.  Mr. G ran his last 3 miles in 23:47 and Mr. B came in behind him with 24:14, beating their times from previous weeks.  They survived a grueling 3 hour test after their run and came out covered in sweat and smiles.  Final belt count around here:  four black, three 2nd degree, one 1st degree.  My favorite part?  We're all in the same class now.  No more after school driving!

Their grandma came to town over the weekend, so we went out for burgers after the test and the boys played video games.  I figured they'd crash when we returned home, but they didn't.  Instead, they played tag and wrestled while we visited and tried to watch some college football.  In fact, they didn't feel sore or tired at all until I asked them to pick up their wet towels...

Mr. B got the grappling hook he requested for his birthday and the boys spent some quality time trying to get up into a tree.  I should've videotaped that because it was really funny to watch.  They wear a helmet because I'm scared the hook will fall on their heads.

In other news, our book club is reading Laurent Benet's novel HHhH this month.  Does anyone know how to pronounce the title?  "Four H?"  "Haaaaaaaah?"  "Aitch Aitch Aitch Aitch?  Perhaps "Big aitch, big aitch, little aitch, big aitch?" The Bumbles are trying to figure it out and it's not out in audio book yet.  Aha!  "Aitch aitch aitch aitch."  Straight from the author's mouth.  Isn't the internet marvelous?

Spill it, reader.  What did you wrap up this weekend?


  1. We wrapped up all our away-from-home Fall activities on my Fall to-do list. The last on the list involve carving pumpkins and drinking cocoa by the fire. I live a hard, hard life. ;)

    Congrats to Mr. B and Mr. G! They are inspiring!

  2. I'm glad you stood your ground re: the black belt testing. That would be like playing a game with your child and letting them win. I think you both compromised nicely. :)

    I've never heard of that book before, I must look it up.

    I am plowing through "Imagine" by Jonah Leher. It's a non-fiction on the creative mind. Interesting - but kind of tough to get through, at least for me, anyway. My book club meets tomorrow and I have a hundred pages left - I will be reading the rest of the day looks like!

  3. You son got a grappling hook for his birthday?! My son will be SOOOO jealous.

  4. Congratulations to your amazing family.

    We wrapped up the TV hunt, thank goodness.

  5. Man...people better never mess with that GG family 'cuz if they do, you can guarantee they're gonna get some butt whamping with all those belts around...YIKES! I'd be afraid to have a little sibling squabble going on in the house ;D

  6. Congrats on all of the beltage your family is sporting now! I love their determination!

    This weekend there really wasn't anything that we Didn't wrap--pictures, paintings, chalkboards...I conquered the dreaded floor to ceiling shelves and cupboards that haven't dared to be opened in the last 10 years. (and today, I'm suffering...feels like I spent the weekend in a cigar bar, but without the fun of spending the weekend in a cigar bar!)

  7. Congrats to B and G!!!

    I'm so excited that you got the grappling hook!

  8. Wow! What a weekend! I want to be a karate family too. Love that Mr. B wants you to drop out for a little while so that he can be highest ranking. Hehe! Love it even more that you didn't drop out and let him. :) So good. What a cool family.

    We saw our nephew play in his high school football playoff game in Germantown and smash the opposing team. That was fun. Then Saturday the boys went up north while Grace and I hung out, went shopping, to church, took my mom out to dinner, and cuddled by the fire. Sunday I went for a long run and ended up getting a migraine. Boo.
    Other than that, it was a good weekend.

  9. There's really a book called HHhH????????? I'm so proud of your little runners/martial artists! I don't think as my kids grow in rank they are expected to run. But I guess we'll see!

  10. I had a lazy ass weekend didn't go anywhere or do anything.......I think it is awesome that you are a katate family....

  11. Your family, are they the ones we see at the football games with the D^^^^ signs?...ha, horray for you all. Our Grandson is in Karate but he lives so far away, his mother never takes him and he is getting behind...grrrr
    Sometimes, I wanna do a choke hold...but not on our GS. He's as sweet as sugar, but tough, confident, kind.
    We finished cleaning up the yard, put stuff away, brought more stuff out, you know, pumpkins, orange decor, scarecrows, skeletons...yadayada. Also made Cake Doughnuts for the first time in over 30-some yrs. From the fryer, sugared, plated, gobbled, gone. Layed low.

  12. I made Jaime Oliver's apple-walnut-gorgonzola risotto after you piqued my interest in that dish a couple of weeks ago and O.M.G. All kinds of deliciousness so thank you very much.


Spill it, reader.